17 Awesome Reasons I Love Working From Home!

I only noticed today that I have a website fully dedicated to helping people find ways to work from home, but I never made an explicit list of the actual life benefits. I did write some blogs about how it can save money, save the environment, make life easier and some challenges you may encounter but no accurate list of all the reasons I feel it is the best way to make a living.

17 Awesome Reasons to Work from Home

When I started preparing this blog I thought I would have a short list of some great reasons I enjoy working from home, but it didn’t take long before I had a list almost 30 points long…way too long for an excellent blog. I realized that it was no longer a list but a description of my daily routine.

It turns out, the reasons I find working from home so great is because of the minute by minute I spend my daily life working from home is so AWESOME!

Am I bragging about my current work situation? Darn tooting I am!

I get to…

  1. Sleep in longer in the morning, even if I get back into the routine of a morning workout still get more sleep than when I worked in town.
  2. Not figure out what to wear for work -yes this affects us guys too-maybe PJs today
  3. Spend time with Brenda and the kids in the morning, no rushing or running around making lunches
  4. Take the time to have a  healthy breakfast-usually a fruit and vegetable smoothie
  5. Have the time to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the news or if the weather  is nice sitting on the deck listening to the birds
  6. Give my daily farewells to the kids and Brenda
  7. Pour another fresh cup of coffee before strolling down the hall to my office
  8. Start and finish my 8hr/day job, but use my lunch hour to take a walk or sit on the deck to eat lunch reading.
  9. Log out from work on time, stand up and stroll down the hall to the kitchen to see the kids who are just getting back from school and having a snack, chat with them a little or join them in playing some video games or watch some youtube videos for a bit.
  10. Have lots of  time to make supper, no rush
  11. Eat together as a family for dinner, although right now Brenda gets home later so need to work on getting her to work from home too
  12. Have enough time to start an online business  writing blogs and affiliate marketing
  13. Drive kids to their activities
  14. Spend time with Brenda, chat and/or watch a Netflix series at night
  15. Say goodnight to Brenda and the kids
  16. Work some more on my online business so much fun to learn new stuff in regards to online business
  17. Go to bed with a stress level of “ZERO” knowing I can still get a full night sleep

Yup…that pretty sums up my work week and then I have the weekend Woohoo!

Awesome Reasons for Working From HomeNow I didn’t make this list as to upset those not currently working from home. I only wanted to show you the reason I started this site. To show you why I felt it was important to dedicate a whole website to how somebody, just like me or you can work from home. That anybody can do it and live the benefits as listed above. Not all those working from home will have the same, but they can be similar.

Now that said I’m not stopping there. I really would like to be my own boss. Although the work I do is gratifying it still has its boundaries. I hate boundaries! That is where I started looking for ways to start an online business. You can read my story on how I came to find the answer in my post called ”

You can read my story on how I came to find the answer in my post called “How to Earn Extra Money“. You will see that I am now a member of a web-hosting site that also provides you with all the training you need to create and manage a website just like this one. It will teach you how to bring people to your site just like you found this site.

Now it hasn’t been easy getting to this point. It does take work, don’t be fooled by sites that say you can make $$$ in little time with little effort. You know the saying…if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you would like to check out the web-hosting site that I member just click here. You can sign up as a free member to check it out for yourself, no credit card required.

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you, put them down in the box at the bottom of this page.


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