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Hair Stylist Home Service

Beautiful Woman with Luxury MakeupHair Stylist, Hairdressing or Barbers have a long history of having roots as home-based type services. It was common for people to gather and socialize at home while getting their hair cut and styled.

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What Causes Carbon Footprint Reduction?

Working from home is one of the ways to lower your carbon footprint.  What does carbon footprint mean? What does it mean to be green?

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What Do I Need to Know to Start an Online Business?

Stay in one lane!

Starting up online business? This can be an exciting adventure. If you are new to learning steps to building online business and you sign  up to great web building sites like Wealthy Affiliate (WA), 

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Start Woodworking Business from Home

old woodworking toolsWhat is needed to start woodworking business in home? Do I start with used woodworking tools? Do I get electric woodworking tools or hand woodworking tools?

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How to Write Content for Your Website

typewriter-801921_1920All the best website building sites will tell you to add loads of content to your website. To learn how to write page for a website as quickly as possible.

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How Many People Used the Internet in 2015?

What are the odds of winning the lottery? Not as good as the best affiliate marketing blogs can earn online?

Check out the infographic below with stats taken from 2015 to give you the big picture.

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How Affiliate Marketing Works – Infographic

Family and friends always ask me how it is we earn extra money online? Without getting into too much detail, I provide them with the basic points as I described in the infographic below.

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How to Write a Request for Proposal

working-791175_1920Now that you realize that you can do your job from a home based office, it is now time to bring that idea to realization.

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Work at Home Business Opportunity MLM

Ever wonder how you can start your very own business venture so you can achieve financial freedom, not having to rely on working for someone else?  

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Is Network Marketing for Me?

Ever wonder how to go about making a sale or recruit new prospects?

Congratulations!  If you reading this, you have probably embarked on an adventure of owning your very own network marketing business.  

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Paul And Brenda from PBworkfromhomeHello from Paul and Brenda

Combined, we have over 14 years of experience working in home based jobs and businesses. Our site will provide you with many work-from-home options. You will learn what is needed to start a home-based job or business, including how to build a website like this one.

We learned everything we needed to know about starting an online business by following the courses at Wealthy Affiliate