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My Ideas On How To Write a Blog

The other day someone asked me, “Paul, you have a full-time day job, you’re married with two boys involved in extra-curricular activities, where do you find time to write your blogs? I would

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Need More Vacation Time

I recently wrote about how working from home has its challenges. Well, I may have just found another challenge of sorts, that is coming back from holidays.

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Working From Home Challenges

It’s one thing to say you would like to start an online business and work from home, but have you actually stopped to think how your life will change? I’ve been working from home almost full-time,

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How To Start Blogging From Scratch!

The funny thing is I wasn’t even thinking about becoming a blogger. I sure didn’t know how to write a blog. If I did know how, what would I write about. This is where I was a few months ago.

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Is Work Life Balance A Myth?

Ever wonder if work-life balance actually exists…?  I mean,  you hear about it every day at work, via Health and Wellness committees, on the television, on social media….it’s out there,

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How To Choose A Website Name

Cool!  You want to start a blog website but how to choose a website name? Aren’t all the good ones taken? People, ready to become a blogger, ask me, “How can I buy a domain name that the search

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