3 Ways to Replace Oil Sands Jobs Alberta

opendooralberta2If you are one of the thousands affected by the Alberta oil crash, then you may want to read this blog. Alberta oil field or oil sand jobs have declined drastically over the past year, but you probably knew that already. You likely already know that Canada does not have many other oil rig jobs or oil sand jobs anywhere else other than in the western regions such as in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

So what now? I hope that I can suggest an option here that you may not have thought of before. An option where you don’t have to sell your home below the price you bought it or sell your truck, but still having to do payments once it is gone.

I am suggesting a business opportunity that you can setup and run from anywhere in the world. I am not talking about a get rich quick scheme. I am not trying to get you to buy into some type of business scam.unemployed

Before I go on, I truly understand what it is like to lose a job and then having to figure out what to do next, and when I read in the newspapers or see reports on CBC news that
thousands of people are loosing jobs in Alberta, I can’t help but think about the friends I have out there and hope that they are not affected by all this negative change.

This opportunity of activity will take work, maybe not the same kind of labor you are accustomed to doing, but work and time nonetheless.

What if I told you that you can earn an income by creating an online business!

I know, it may sound impossible, I thought the same thing when someone showed me the idea of Affiliate Marketing.

What the in the world is Affiliate Marketing? How can I do this online thing?  I never even heard of affiliate marketing before today. I do not know anything about how the internet works, how can I start an online business? These are typical questions I am asked on a daily basis.

Well, I’ll tell you this, the day I was introduced to this method of earning an income online changed my life and it can change your life the same way! If your employment was affected by the Oil prices, this may the best time to take charge and make a change in your life.

Your time has come to start your own business that you control and not rely on ONE industry.

The business process is so straightforward; I kick myself every day wondering why I didn’t start looking into this sooner.

I promised 3 ways that you can replace your job.  I’ll start with a summary here, but I hope you will look at my #1 recommended website and try it free for yourself.  They have shown and supported me on every step for building my website to getting the whole business up and running.

How it works:

You build your Website, write about something you know or enjoy talking about, refer your readers to the site that will help them in their quest or purchase, the referred site pays you for sending the new customer at no extra cost to the client.

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The 3 ways to make an income online

1-You can refer customers to sites like Amazon or eBay, when they buy something, those sites pay you a % commission on everything they purchase. Sites like Amazon will pay up to 8.5% of all purchases, so if you send a customer that buys the average $50 purchase, you get $4.25. Doesn’t sound like much does it, but what if you refer 10 or maybe 100 people per day, you can make $42.50 or $425.00 per day. Are you starting to see the bigger picture now? Sound impossible to get that many people to refer per day? Keep in mind there are over 3 BILLION people online every day, many looking one last time for more information online before buying something.  If you follow the teaching of My #1 Recommended site you will be well on your way at that volume within 6 to 12 moebook2nths.

2- You can create your own content, course, resource, book you name the options are only limited to your imagination, then you sell through your website. The best product would be something that people are willing to pay a monthly fee to receive this item.

3-Not wanting to create your own product to sell for a monthly fee? Then why not direct people to sites where they have created a solid product, one that you can confidently refer people to get the help they wanted. The site you referred your customer  will pay you a portion of the monthly fee that client is paying. The reason they pay you, is that the site you referred now has a new customer they may not have had without your help, they don’t need to pay any advertising fees, so they give you a portion of the monthly fee instead and the client gets the help they wanted, it is a win/win/win for all.

I hope this is an option that you can take advantage of today. Although this is not an instant resolution that you may need in the present economic environment, it can be something you start today to cushion future blows that the economy constantly throws at us all no matter what trade or industry we work in.

You can start your free website right from this tool below, try it out for FREE.

Pricing for My #1 Recommended Site, $0 for as long as you want!

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you, put them down in the box at the bottom of this page.



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