Adjustable and Standing Desks

Working from home writing blogs means that you sit in front of a monitor most of the day.

Sure you can get up and stretch once in awhile but then you go back to your chair and same position again for hours.

That is where there is no better work from home tool than a height adjustable standing desk to help you through your day.

Try a standing desk

Health Benefits

The height-adjustable desk allows you to have a different position other than the usual desk sitting position during your work day.

Some say that the change in position and standing during the workday can provide some positive health benefits that include lowering your the risk of weight gain and obesity.  It may also decrease your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The most obvious benefit to most is to help with lowering or avoiding pain in your back, increase energy and alertness.

Various Designs

There are many sizes and types of the desk you can get. Here are the 3 main categories of adjustable desks. All of these adjustable desks may use electric or maunal force to adjust.

Ok, the multi-monitor one may be a little over the top, but it can be converted as a workstation where you can adjust your sitting and monitor position.

Which One To Get?

The type and size to get depend on your office layout and budget. Below you will see a list of the different types with some pros and cons on the different types of adjustable height standing desks.

Set On Top

varideskThe Set On Top of Desk type is generally cheaper than the full adjustable desk or all in one multi-monitor types.

Most people already have a desk when they decide to get a standing type of desk. So if you are limited by budget and like to keep the current desk that yo have then the set on the top type of adjustable desk may be the way to go.

Another advantage of the set on the top type of adjustable desk is the option to put it on top of any desk you decide to get down the line, lighter to move and could be set up on your dining room table if you wanted.

  • Cheaper
  • Lighter
  • Easy to relocate or adapt to office layout
  • Usually, comes pre-assembled -varies by brand
  • Easy and fast adjustments with spring or hydraulic mechanisms
  • Depending on current desk height, may not raise high enough
  • Limited space and allowable weight
  • It may not be as sturdy as full adjustable desks

Prices Start at approximately CDN$169

Examples and pricing for the Set On Top adjustable standing desk can be found at Amazon. Click Here to go to Amazon


Fully Adjustable Standing Desk

Full Adjustable Standing DeskThe full desk with the standing desk adjustments can be a great alternative to set on top type. One of the main advantages of the desk includes a larger workspace and ability to manage more weight on the work surface.

Some disadvantages include the weight of the desk itself and some of the structural components may be in your way when sitting down.

  • Larger work surface
  • Higher weight limits
  • Option to add multiple attachments or monitors
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Higher Cost
  • Heavier to move
  • Under the desk crossbar may get in the way when sitting
  • Height adjustments can be slow

Prices Start at approximately CDN$239

Examples and pricing for the Full-Size Desk  adjustable standing desk can be found at Amazon. Click Here to go to Amazon

Multi-Monitor with Adjustable Monitor and Seating

Gaming or work multi monitor setup

Ok, Ok this one may just be a reason for me to get a really cool gaming, I mean really good workstation in my office.

Seriously though these type of captains chair or cockpit type of setups do come in  various designs. Although the one in the image above is more geared to driving games, there are some that are made for serious work. They would have a keyboard and mouse tray instead of a steering wheel and gear shift, then instead of a gas and brake pedal, it would have an adjustable foot rest.

The advantage of such a setup is that you can adjust the chair in various positions and it does provide increased ergonmic support to the whole body as some do have dentist chair type seating. Others have massage and heating and cooling systems, imagination is the only limit with these so called gaming cockpit seating setups.

  • Fully adjustable seat, monitors, keyboard/mouse tray and foot rest
  • Increased support to various areas of the body
  • Ability to add increased amount of monitors to the rugged frame
  • Higher overall price
  • Limited keyboard and mouse space
  • Heavier
  • Requires a dedicated space
  • All the gamers in the house will want to use it…all the time!

Prices Start at approximately CDN$670

Multi-Monitor with Adjustable Monitor and Seating can also be found at Amazon. Click Here to go to Amazon

The options above will give you some ideas to consider when setting up your online work from home business. It is important to take care of yourself first when setting up an online business. There will be no more business if you are not able to manage the typing and monitoring your online business from your computer.

I ended starting my online business by accident, but I have worked from my home office for years. You can read my story here.

If you have any comments or questions don’t hesitate to ask by placing them below.



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6 comments on “Adjustable and Standing Desks
  1. James says:

    About two years ago, I converted my regular desk to a stand up desk by purchasing an adjustable height monitor stand and a WorkEZ keyboard tray. Then I got a Wobble Stool…just in case I would want to lean on something from time to time. It took about a week or so for my back to adjust, but then everything was fine. However, recently I began to miss sitting down and converted back. It was a good experience… who knows, I may go back to standing one day.

    • Paul says:

      Hey James,
      It is great to hear from someone who has also had the experience in using a stand-up desk. I don’t think I would be able to stand full-time. I prefer to change it from standing to sitting throughout the day. That is where I found that a full-size table works the best. That way you whole workspace adjusts with you, not just the monitor and keyboard.

      I would still like to try out that cockpit type…if it doesn’t work out as a workstation I could always convert it to a gaming station. 😉

  2. Kevin McNamara says:

    Hey Paul and Brenda!

    Great post. I have just gone back to working in an office as a casual for a while and I am so glad they have the adjustable desks.

    I am 6ft 5 so sitting and slouching all day is not good for me at all.

    Now I can stand and work and it is so much better, when the back gets a bit sore I just lower and sit down.

    The ones you reviewed look good too. I love the games one. Could get lost in that for sure.

    Which one do you guys prefer?



    • Paul says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Although I’m not as tall as you I am 6 ft 2, so sitting and slouching not good for me either. I too like the the ability to change positions during the day, from sitting to standing. Then you can always go to the point of getting treadmills or stair gliders as some people do.

      We prefer the full-table type of adjustable height desk. That way the work station stays the same if you are sitting or standing. With the top of desk type, I find it hard to find a spot to put my notepad for writing as I do need to take quick short hand type of notes when I do my regular day job and I am on the phone with people.



  3. Jason Olson says:

    When you are choosing a standing desk this is really a good idea. Standing and adjustable height desk are very helpful for your overall health. An adjustable height desk will make you fitter, more energetic, and can even reduce your risk of major diseases.

    • admin says:

      An adjustable height desk can certainly help in reducing the risk of a long-term injury by avoiding extended periods sitting in one position.

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