The 4 Steps To Affiliate Marketing

You may be asking, “What is Affiliate Marketing? ”

You would not be alone in asking that question. It turns out I was wondering the same thing for years, except I didn’t know what it was called.

Let me explain what I mean.

I knew that people were making money online. I knew that bloggers were making a decent income by putting content on their websites. I just wasn’t sure how they were getting paid.

“How do bloggers get paid?”, I wondered.

I have read many blogs and watched many YouTube videos, but I never paid anything to read or watch their information.

So how do bloggers earn an income?

I searched for years here and there but not getting any clear answer. The best I came up with was Adsense, but that only pays pennies per view. That could not get them that much income unless you have the massive millions per day volume they had.

How can someone like me, not knowing anything about online marketing ever get that much traffic to a website?

Then I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate.

That was probably one of my biggest “OMG!” moments ever.

I finally found the answer of how bloggers earn an income online, and I want to share that information with you.

I want to share this information FREE of charge just like all the other bloggers out there.

Once you learn how Affiliate Marketing works, you will understand why we write blogs to help people…FREE OF CHARGE.

Beware of blogs or sites that want to charge you for information on how affiliate marketing works. There is no reason why someone should charge you on the basic principles of affiliate marketing. You should not have to pay upfront for them to reveal the “secrets” of Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing can be broken down into 4 main steps.

Wait…Hold on…Before you continue, I want to emphasize the fact that although it can be explained in 4 steps, we do not suggest that it is quick and easy! I’ll give further details later on about what type of work and time is required for an Affiliate Marketer to be successful. 

The 4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing

Can you hear the drum role?

  1. Choose an Interest
  2. Build your Niche Website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue

The 4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Breakdown

I will use this current website you are viewing as an example

1-Choose an Interest

We all have an interest or may have a massive amount of knowledge on a subject where you get excited to talk about. You know, the type of subject that when you get together with friends or family you are eager to have your turn at explaining your interest with ease and detail.

That, my friend, is your NICHE!

In the case of this website, my niche is about working from home.

My wife and I are fortunate to have had several successful experiences with home based businesses and jobs.

So you would think it was an easy decision to choose that topic as our niche.  It ended up being harder than we thought. I have some other interests where I can get passionate from electronics, 3D printing, and renovations to name a few.

Only after trying a few other of the mentioned options above did we realize that the working from home niche was the niche that had the best fit for the two of us.

Your interest may be something entirely different. You may like to play guitar, darts or poker. You may be a collector of stamps coins or toys. You may enjoy fishing, bowling or golfing.

You will be surprised at how many interests you have when you start listing them.

The key to online affiliate marketing success for a beginner is to start with ONLY ONE niche.

This is a do as I say, not as I do sort of lesson.

I made the newbie error thinking that this blogging thing is a cinch. I can create a bunch of sites and multiply my profits.  That was a big no-no and set me back months from creating a successful niche site.

So choose the niche that you are the most passionate and the most knowledgeable.

Stick to that niche for at least 6 months or when you have at least 60 posts with a ton of reader comments.

Gain the experience and knowledge of how to build your site and adding content before changing or adding another site.  You will thank me later!

Now you don’t need to worry that there may not be enough people interested in your niche. There are over 3.2 Billion people online, that is a Billion with a big B.

Heck…you can talk about Belly Button Lint or Toenail Clippings and still have a following. Just take a look at the trends on these 2 topics below provided by Google trends over the past 5 years.  If you were passionate about the 2 niches and didn’t know which one to choose, the Belly Button Lint niche would be the one with the most interest and potentially higher traffic.

[tcb-script type=”text/javascript” src=””][/tcb-script] [tcb-script type=”text/javascript”] trends.embed.renderExploreWidget(“TIMESERIES”, {“comparisonItem”:[{“keyword”:”belly button lint”,”geo”:””,”time”:”today 12-m”},{“keyword”:”toenail clippings”,”geo”:””,”time”:”today 12-m”}],”category”:0,”property”:””}, {“exploreQuery”:”q=belly%20button%20lint,toenail%20clippings&date=today 12-m,today 12-m”,”guestPath”:””}); [/tcb-script]

What happened during the week of August 6 and the sudden interest Belly Button Lint!?

So any niche that you choose will have people that are interested.  Even if you only have 1% of online people interested in your niche. That is still 32 Million potential customers from whom you can earn a commission.

Oh, oh I may already be jumping to Step 4 there.

The main thing to remember is to choose a niche that you can have the same passion and FUN talking about. There is enough interest out there for any niche.

2-Build your Niche Website

Did you know that building a website can take as little as 30 seconds?

Once you have chosen your niche, you can get a domain name to match your niche, choose the design from thousands of available themes and have your business foundation in place.

Today’s website templates are available in thousands of configurations to provide the layout needed to make an attractive site for any niche.

In no time at all, you will have your website published on the world wide web for anybody on the internet to view.

Having your own website puts you in control of the content, unlike writing things on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit where you don’t own any of the content you put there.

Meaning, you have no control how social media companies run their sites.

You may have created a huge following with awesome looking fan pages or communities over the years, only to have the site owners say, “Sorry for the inconvenience but we are no longer supporting these pages and will be closing them today, Bye.”

The best way to control your content is by creating your own website. (did I mention how easy it is to create your own website these days, right?)

You control your content.

You can still use social media with huge followings but now using your website as the main foundation of your affiliate marketing program which brings us to Step 3.

3-Attract Visitors

It’s all fine and dandy having a beautiful website but what good is it if nobody sees it?

This is a crucial part of Affiliate Marketing business. Getting the right people to come and see your website out of thousands of other sites out there.

You will want to get your site to show up on the first page on a Google or Bing Search.

Below is a screen shot example of one my blog that shows up on the first page of a Google search.

Winning that first-page, 1st place spot above 1.3 million other websites…yoohoo…I still get goosebumps when I see my blogs show up on the first page.

SEO front Page of Google

Getting to the front page of a search engine like Google or Bing takes some education and work. Fortunately, my friends at Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I needed to know to get there.

Another example of getting to the front page of an extremely competitive topic is by using social media.  The example below shows the power of using social media like Google + to get your post on the front page. Here I searched about opening a tattoo shop. I made it to the front page TWICE, beating about  5.14 Million other sites with that topic.  This is a fairly new post so the Google search engine so it probably hasn’t even recognized that post as a reliable source of information, yet it can be seen on the first page…yoohoo.

Now I can’t be too excited here as this result can only be seen by people that follow me on Google +

You can test it out for yourself.

Click Here for Google and do a search with the same words as shown in the example” How to Start a Tattoo Shop.” see if my post shows up with the G+ title. (it may show up as my ranking may be higher since this post)

Then come back here, click this G+ link here, click on the “FOLLOW” button.  Then go back to Google Search and try that same search again. You should get a similar view as shown below.

Getting your blog on first page of Google

These are typical results after much hard work and following the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ll talk more about Kyle, Carson and the Wealthy Affiliate team’s training a little later.

4-Earn Revenue

Hey, you made it to the earn revenue point!

I am so excited as the purpose of this post was a bit of a test…I’m a bit sneaky that way!

I wanted to see if you have what it takes to be an Affiliate Marketer.

Congrats!  You passed 😉

Remember when I said that it takes hard work and time to make your online business successful?

I wasn’t kidding.

Most people would not take the time to read a blog or post to this point thinking this all sounds like too much work.

They will continue to roam the internet looking and looking but will not start anything.

Trust me I’ve been there done that for many years…until one day I had enough and took action!

I followed the 3 steps and made it to the Earn Revenue step!

Step 1 -Niche -Work From Home -Check

Step 2- Build a Website -Done

Step 3- Attract Visitors- Hello Visitor, that’s right, we made you find us 😉

Step 4- Earn Revenue -wait…you didn’t pay me anything…and you won’t be paying me anything.

Not directly anyways. In the case of this of this blog, the way I would earn a revenue is through an affiliate program.

You probably noticed that I had links to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) throughout this blog like this one ==> Click here to Visit Wealthy Affiliate

Now don’t get worried or paranoid, I am really not going to charge you anything. You can go ahead and sign up to WA for free without any obligation to pay for anything. You can sign up for free and stay free forever, no need to cancel before a specific date as you do not need to provide any credit card or payment information at all to sign up, get the starter training and build 2 free websites.

But…here is the but, if after you try it out for free and see how good their program and web-hosting services work and decide to pay for a Premium Membership, then and only then do I earn a commission.

That is how Affiliate Marketing works. I also have affiliate accounts with Amazon and to name a couple where I can earn a commission should you use one of my links to their sites at No additional Cost to You the customer.

Pretty much every company out there use affiliate links to drive traffic and customers to their sites. They account that traffic as part of their advertising cost. They don’t mind paying bloggers like ME or my WIFE, or any affiliate marketer, as they know traffic coming from us have better results than TV or Magazine commercials. They get a better  ROI (Return on Investment). It is free to sign up to affiliate programs but you will need a website to be accepted as an affiliate.

Although this website is not specifically aimed at Amazon products, searching Amazon site with the term “Work From Home” turns up over 430 000 products. You have a choice to promote books, music, and work from home tools to name a few.

I wrote a couple of blogs to promote some products that I recommend to set up a work from home office. One for a SAD light and another for Adjustable Desks.

I can also write about at home business options like the “Starting a Tattoo Shop at Home” blog, where I have links to Tattoo equipment and supplies available at Amazon, along with links to Wealthy Affiliate and Wix to create a website to promote their tattoo shop.

The number of opportunities to promote products are virtually endless.

Let’s do a little recap on what you learned today!

  1. You have a passion where you can teach others, share stories or review products.
  2. You can build a website that you own and manage, not having to fear that someone decides to close it down or change the rules
  3. You can learn how to get traffic to your website, even if it is only more or less than 1% of those online…but I’m aiming for 100%  😉
  4. You can earn revenue online as an Affiliate Marketer – we only spoke of blogging as an option, other methods exist.


Do you need Wealthy Affiliate?

The simple answer is NO.

You can build a beautiful website easily elsewhere at web-hosting sites like Wix.

I will still recommend Wealthy Affiliate (WA) over any other web-hosting site!

You can learn why by reading my full Wealthy Affiliate review here

In short, WA offers so much more than any other web-hosting site.

WA have been helping people create online affiliate business for over 10 years and have over 600 000 members to date. They provide a place to host your website, you can buy your domain names directly from their site, you get 2 free websites, you have access to full affiliate certification training and affiliate Bootcamp training, they provide free SSL certificate for every website hosted…having free SSL is unmeasurable in the online marketing business.

Access to thousands of hours of webinars for up to date information about everything internet business. You have the 24/7 support of the members just like me to help you along your journey.

All you have to do is Click here, sign-up and I will see you on the other side to support you along the way.

…and remember this

You don’t need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great!

How bout we look at some Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories


Nathaniell success story at Wealthy Affiliate

Nathaniel joined in 2010 and has a number of websites where he earns revenue.

He doesn’t need to hide his successes as WA teaches everyone or anybody willing to learn how to be just as successful by building a website and promoting an affiliate product.

Just this past December he wrote how he was able to earn an extra $2000 from one of his websites. He explains how he managed to get a site from not earning anything at the beginning but with work and time was able to make a decent income from a new website he started adding content January 2016.

Remember when I said I wasn’t kidding about the time and work part. Sure some people or sites have faster results, but in general, the progression is how Nathaniell explains in his blog here ==> 3 Steps to $2,000 Extra


Andrew Successful with online business

Andrew is not new to affiliate marketing but he was having difficulty figuring out how to promote affiliate products successfully. He had fallen into the trap of trying to do it all on his own, only to fall into money pit scams that are too often found all over the internet promising quick and easy money making schemes.

He finally stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate in 2015 and he too is not scared to show his success and how he managed to get there using the training and resources available at WA.

He shares some of his earnings on a blog he wrote here ==>Proof of Earnings


Wealthy Affiliate Success Story Steve

Steve started his own website called “I’ve Tried That” back in 2007 after falling for an online scam. He discovered Wealthy Affiliate in 2009 to do a review on its services and found it to be so good he signed up as a Premium member and never left. In fact, Steve is one of the top contributors to training and support at WA that earns him a top 100 ranking.

Steve too is no stranger to online success but unlike most people that share their revenue amounts, Steve focuses on his lifestyle as the center of his success.

He explains how he can live the lifestyle he wants, which is due to the fact he can run his business from anywhere around the world.

You can read more about his lifestyle success here==> True Measure of Success

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