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Amazon Link Engine Management

Having a difficult time managing each country’s Amazon affiliate links?

Then you will need to use the easiest plugin to manage your globalized Amazon links.

You will need an Amazon Link Engine like the one from GeniusLink to do that job for you.

Amazon Link Manager Feature


I live in Canada and the first Amazon affiliate program I signed up for was the one for my country, Canada eh!

As I grew my website and created more websites with Amazon links I needed to expand my Amazon affiliate program to other countries, mainly that of the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

I was losing out on Amazon affiliate commissions big time when someone from the UK clicked on my Canadian Amazon link.

My UK website reader would be redirected to the Amazon UK site and I would lose out on a commission because my Canadian affiliate link did not register with the UK Amazon account…bullocks!

Possible Solutions

Would I need to add 3+ Amazon links for each item to indicate which link to click on for your country of residence?

The thought of going through all my posts, pages and widgets to add each country’s specific links would be a nightmare.

With a little research, I stumbled upon “Amazon Link Engine” by GeniusLink.

Amazon Link Engine Free Plugin

I found the Amazon Link Engine plugin within the WordPress Plugin Dashboard.

You can learn more about WordPress by clicking here!

I started by doing my research with the awesome help from my Wealthy Affiliate Online Training Site.

There, I found a post like this one where you can comment or ask questions in regards to the GeniusLink plugin or any other question related to running an online business for that matter.

The Amazon Link Engine from GeniusLink is a free WordPress plugin that will send all you international audience to the appropriate item in their local storefront.

Another advantage of GeniusLinks plugin is that it not only redirects to a specific product ID as each country may have a different product ID for the same item. The Amazon Link Engine

The Amazon Link Engine will also provide the best match for the local storefront even if the product is not available in that region.

This all translates into a better user experience which will yield higher sale conversions.

How to Install the Amazon Link Engine

Similar to all WordPress Plugins you will need to install the plugin.

1-Go to your WordPress Plugin Dashboard.

2-Click on the “Add New” choice of actions.

3-Type in “Amazon Link Engine” in the keyword search field.

4-Find the plugin called “Amazon Link Engine” by GeniusLink.

5-Click on “Install Now”.

6-You will need to create a GeniusLink account.

7-Sign up for the 14-day free trial. As of now, you can continue using the free version after 14 days, unless you get over 10,000 clicks/month.

8-Now add all your Amazon Associate Account IDs to the Amazon Link Engine plugin and start earning international affiliate commissions.

Other Options

Although Amazon Link Engine is a good tool for converting international affiliate commissions it isn’t the only tool on the block.

You can learn more about all the options available by subscribing to a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Not only can you search their vast forum database with over 10 years of blogs and forums but you can also take advantage of their online training and weekly webinars.

Click on the link below to get started!

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