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Fast FREE Shipping

Stream over one million songs, and listen on nearly any device

Free unlimited photo storage

and more...

Start an Amazon Prime membership for CDN$ 79.00/year to experience the benefits that millions of Prime members enjoy.

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Member's Preferred Benefits

Free Two-Day Delivery

Your shopping problems are solved with FREE Two-Day shipping from Amazon Prime. Unlimited deliveries with no minimum order size on millions of items. 

Prime Music Streaming

Prime members can stream over 1 million songs, ad free, on-demand on any device such as Amazon Echo. 

Free Unlimited Photo Storage

Free Unlimited photo storage with Prime. Back up your photos and video from your phone, computer, and other devices.

Amazon has boosted their game with Amazon Prime!

You may be eligible for a free 30 day trial.

You get to use Free Two-Day Shipping, Free Same-Day delivery or One-Day Delivery to select items, Early Access to Deals, Prime Video Streaming and Download Select Titles, Unlimited Photo Storage, and Twitch Prime gaming.

Go Prime and Take Advantage of All the Benefits

Prime Member Benefits


Free Two-Day Delivery

Any size, from A to Z, no minimum order, get what you want, when you want it delivered to your home. Free Same-Day and One-Day Delivery on eligible items in some areas. 

Amazon Free Delivery with Prime


Prime Music

Included with Amazon Prime. You can listen to ad-free and on-demand music on any device. Choose from hundreds of playlists and stations. You can access music from any device including Amazon Echo Plus, Echo, and Echo Dot.


Prime Photos

You can securely back up, organize, and share all your photos and videos from nearly every device. Unlimited photo storage on Amazon Drive with Prime membership. Upload unlimited photos, secure without lowering the photo resolution then delete safely from your phone. 

Amazon Photo Storage


Prime Video

You get access to exclusive Amazon originals such as The Grand Tour, transparent, The Man in the High Castle, and Mozart in the Jungle. You can view videos from your computer or nearly any other device with the Prime Video App.

Prime Streaming Video


Twitch Prime

Access the world's current leading social video platform and community. With close to 10 million visitors gather to talk and watch more than 2 million gamers streaming. As an Amazon Prime member you get ad-free viewing and a free monthly Twitch channel subscription to support your favorite streamer, plus loads more.

Twitch Prime Gamer


Prime Early Access

Get Early Access to shop lightning deals 30 minutes before other customers can access these deals. You get to to shop from the hottest deals available on Amazon.

Prime Early Access

Amazon Prime 

Fast Free Shipping and more...

If you are a regular Amazon shopper you will already know that Amazon Prime is an excellent deal for the benefits that are included. 

If you are new to shopping on Amazon then please take the time to see how quickly you earn that yearly fee back.

Without a Prime membership, the fast delivery costs for 1 or 2 items can cover the cost of the yearly Prime Membership.

If you sign up to an alternate streaming music platform you can pay upwards to $120/YEAR for that service alone.

Not to mention the cost for the benefits included in Amazon Prime such as Prime Video, Photo Storage, and Twitch Gaming.

To sign up to all the same services included in the Amazon Prime membership through alternate platforms separately could cost you upwards of $460+/YEAR, plus the cost of all per item shipped to your home.

There is no wonder that people are signing up to Amazon Prime!

You can join Amazon Prime for CDN$79.00/year plus taxes.

 Cancel Anytime

Deals like this can't last forever. Don't be Disappointed ! Be sure to sign-up today to take advantage all the services available from Amazon Prime

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