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Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime!

This is not something I usually blog about but I think this is such an amazing deal that I had to share

 There is no better way to shop for your home office needs than through an Amazon Prime membership

You can take advantage of Amazon Prime membership with the benefits listed below

Join Amazon Prime for the current price of CDN $ 79.00/ year +Taxes

Cancel Anytime

Check Out 6 Prime Benefits and More Below


Two-Day Shipping

As an Amazon Prime member you get free 2 day shipping on millions of items!

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Prime Video

You get to watch and Download Amazon original programming along with popular movies and TV shows

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Prime Music

NOW including ad-free streaming music service

Stream over 1 million songs with hundreds of playlists and stations

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Prime Twitch

You receive free game content each month. Exclusive member discounts on pre-order video games and much much more

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Prime Photos

Save all your photos on Amazon's Drive

Unlimited photo storage FREE with Prime

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Prime Early Access

Exclusive 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals

If you are a regular user of Amazon you know that this is a deal not to pass. Just purchasing a couple of items can cost over $79 delivery.  With Prime you get free 2 day delivery on millions of items, some items faster . Most paid streaming music platforms charge about $10 /month, that would $120 /year folks. $79 /year just for the music would be worth it.

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  • Lynette says:

    WOW, I didn’t know you could do all that with Amazon Prime! This is great. I don’t have this yet but when I sign up for Prime, I will go with you. You just blew my mind a bit with this site. I would love to know how it is doing for you and your progress.

    • Paul says:

      It is an amazing deal! I think services like Spotify, Google Photos, and Netflix will feel Amazon’s pressure. I am in the process of switching over my Google Photos over as I am currently paying $10/month just for an expanded Google Drive storage where I can get unlimited photo storage, streaming music and video, Twitch, and Free 2 day delivery on orders from Amazon Prime for about $7/month. It’s a no-brainer switch!

  • Reyhana says:

    Hey Paul. I definitely agree with you! I have the Prime and it is not bad at all! It’s a very affordable yearly premium and you get unlimited shipping within that time period, as well as a lot of the other Amazon services. I don’t even need Netflix anymore because of Prime Video. I too would recommend to anybody who is thinking of going Prime, not to hesitate and to go for it.!

    • Paul says:

      I think it is an excellent deal. I am currently paying over $10 /month just for added cloud storage with Google Drive for my photos. I will be moving things over to Amazon Prime unlimited photo storage and take advantages of all the benefits I get with the Prime membership. I still can’t believe they added Prime Music as an included service.

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