Are You Affected by Job Loss in Alberta?

If you live and work in Alberta, there is a good chance you or someone you know has been affected by the loss of the 19000+ jobs in that province this past year. The swift drop in energy commodity prices in 2015 caused the loss of more jobs this past year than any other year since the worst recession period of 1982.

Time for change

You, a family member or friend are likely trying to figure out what to do next. Whether you worked the front line in the oil sands in Alberta, or used to work for companies that supplied various services in the field of producing oil, maybe it is time to start changing your field of work.

The Alberta government have some resources available, but I question how much will their resources help to pay the bills. Most articles I’ve read from government agencies have copious amounts of information on how to look for a job, get the education or talk about how they are planning to change.

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Words but no action!

Then you have educational institutions volunteering their resources to help train you for another job somewhere out there. This new job training may take a year or 3 to complete plus tuition and book fees.

I haven’t mentioned how you will live and pay for all this while you have no work. Sure there is unemployment insurance and various programs available to help cover retraining programs…but how much debt will you have once you are all done? What guarantee do you have that there will be a job for you in that field once you paid out all that time and money?

Now don’t get me wrong!

I do feel it is important that we all have an education, that we enrich ourselves with knowledge and that we continue to learn new things throughout our lifetime. After all, those who adapt to changing conditions quickly are most likely to succeed.

I say don’t put all your oil in one barrel!Affected by Alberta Job Loss

Diversity and adaptability are traits that will assist how you can win the game of massive job loss.

It is true that focused and specialty jobs do tend to pay better than broad trades, but then you are cutting your odds of survival in a region like Alberta or Saskatchewan that is heavily reliant on one main commodity like oil.

If you do lose your job, for whatever reason, not only because of the loss in the Alberta oil sands, I do suggest you follow all the recommended necessary steps after losing your job. You want to take full advantage of all the resources and funding available to you at the time of job loss.

If you are trying to just shrug away from the responsibilities of losing your job…that behavior won’t put food on the table.

So don’t wait to respond within a month of your job loss to follow up on this to do list.

  1. If you were represented by a union, be sure to find out everything that you can from your representative.
  2. Arrange a visit with the companies HR representative to ensure they are following the terms set out by the union if applicable or to review possible severance or settlements available due to job loss. This time, may also be a good opportunity to ask HR to ensure your performance record is complete and best represents you in case you have the opportunity to return to the same company in the future. It’s always good to keep all your options available.
  3. You will want to ask your company to provide you with letters of reference. A letter of reference is crucial if you are looking for another job. It will also show potential employers that your job loss is not due to incompetence.
  4. You will need to get a record of employment, mainly to be used for applying for unemployment insurance.
  5. Once you have your record of employment, then you need to apply for unemployment insurance ASAP.
  6. Review your finances, if you are not eligible for EI or any other financial support, then it may be time to request a government income support program.
  7. Find out your options for financing to receive funds or support for education or to start your own business.

That’s right! I did say start your own business. Losing a job may provide a unique and the ideal time to start a new business.

Write a Business Plan

As I said above, I do believe you should pursue an education…new knowledge is never lost.

What I am proposing is to start a new business while getting an education. How cool would it be if you can earn while you learn?

It won’t be easy! It will take hard work, and it may not be the type of work that you are accustomed to doing. Again it is important to remember what I said earlier about diversifying and adapting. Those are two traits that will help you survive in an ever changing society, a society that is changing faster and changing globally. You can try to stick your head in the ground in hopes it will go away but guess what…it will still be there when you come back up for air, and it will have evolved even more since you went into hiding.

This may be the best time to jump in and do something completely out of your comfort zone.

I’m talking about an option that will allow you the flexibility to continue getting an education from what I would call the regular education or vocational institutions.

An opportunity to earn an income on a subject that brings a sense of meaning into your life. The chance to start an online business where the income potential is only limited by your passion to succeed.

You can take a look at my list of work from home businesses to see if any of those options pull on your interest nerves. One thing you will notice with my list of options is that they all have one thing in common…the use of an online presence.

As you are reading this right now is proof that an online presence or website is an integral part of developing a successful business, no matter what type of company you decide to create.

Stop…do not run from your fear of the unknown!

I don’t want you running in the other direction when I say you can start an online business or build a website. If you read my page on how I learned about creating an online business you will see that anybody can do it.

I must say I feel so fortunate and enriched with the knowledge I accumulated over the past months. I stumbled across the ultimate web-hosting site available on the internet.

I call it, “My #1 Recommended!

Granted I was not in a situation where I lost my job when I found the answer. I, or should say we, my wife and I were both looking for a new challenge in life. My wife was interested in joining an MLM while I remained skeptical of the whole network marketing scene. When we were approached to sign up to an MLM, I started doing my research on the subject on the internet…like most of the 2+ Billion people do when wanting to research something.

I did a search and landed on a blog that reviewed the MLM in question. He was honest and offered good information about the company, but what really grabbed my attention was his decision not to join an MLM but to do something called affiliate marketing.

He didn’t get into it much at that point as he explained the web-hosting site where he is a member will explain it all.

Ahhh…there is the catch I thought. Another scheme to get me to buy or pay something to get the “Secret behind making money online”, but I was wrong!

He continued to explain that you can sign up for free, no credit card required to sign up. As a free member, you can host 2 free sites and you have access to a “Get started training” program to learn all about how people make money online.

I mean we all hear about it…how bloggers and vloggers make millions online. How do they do it, some of the vloggers only play video games, others talk about who knows what, many I find talk about nothing yet they can make millions as they have million of followers. I’ve seen many viral sites just talking about other bloggers and vloggers!

Heck, I follow people online, I never pay anything to follow them…so how do they make an income?

It all comes down to 4 easy steps.

  1. Choose an Interest
  2. Build a Website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue

Hold it! That sounds all too easy to me I thought and I was right, but then again the blogger never said it would be easy. He only said it comes down to 4 steps.

He did go on to say it will take hard work and time to build the trust of your audience. Once you have good quality information and lots of it that helps people, then you will start seeing the traffic flow through your site.

All of this information is available from a web-hosting site called Wealthy Affiliate. A web-hosting site developed by Kyle and Carson out of Vancouver, Canada. They currently have approximately a half million members around the world at various stages of engagement.

They have helped me turn my passion into a successful affiliate marketing program.

In conclusion, all I have to say is that opportunity is now right in front of you. Will you just walk by only to wonder what may have been? Or will you stop to take a closer look at what affiliate marketing is all about? This could be the new opportunity you have been looking for so long!

You can still search for Alberta oil sands jobs or general jobs in Alberta here, but why not try out Wealthy Affiliate on the side for free.

You can click the banner below and sign up for free to learn everything here is to learn about online marketing!

Here is a chart to compare what you get for free versus signing up for their premium membership.

I always think of this quote on the days I have a hard time to get going.

You don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great!

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