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You may be at a stage in life that you would like to become a coach or trainer for others. You’ve decided you are ready to leave the job scene, and start to be your own boss and make an income as a business owner. Create your own schedule and take time off when you need it most.

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If you think about it, I think everyone at one point or another has already been a coach to somebody.

You’ll notice throughout this blog that I use the term coach, trainer and teacher synonymously as I feel that they all play a similar role in providing someone the ability to improve or gain knowledge.

Now, maybe you weren’t paid for this type of role before, but I’m sure you helped somebody learn some type of lesson, sport, fix or renovate. You name it, the list is endless of what can be coached or taught to somebody.

There are some obvious coaching or teaching type of businesses that come to mind, such as music lessons, exercises, tutoring, and cooking lessons to name a few.

personal coach featureThe nice thing about coaching or training is the fact you alone can be the business, or yo can expand to be as huge as you wish. You can provide the coaching service online, in your home, at the client’s home or you can have it in an actual building somewhere. Some people will rent a room/office space or request space in a school, church basement or you may want to open a full-fledged storefront type of coaching/training business.


How do you choose what type of coaching or teaching is right for you?

I’ll provide you with 3 ways to figure out what type of coaching business is right for you. I’ll tell you now this no big mystery ideas here, but more of a reminder what we all have available and sometimes we just need to hear it from somebody else.

I’ll tell you now this no big mystery ideas here, but more of a reminder what we all have available and sometimes we just need to hear it from somebody else.

#1- Use your career experience. For some, this may be an obvious choice. You may already be a musician, a school teacher or basketball coach by trade, but now you are ready to start applying your skill into a business of your own by teaching your trade sort of speak, to others. you can use your talents to become a personal fitness trainer, a life coach, options are limitless. You have accumulated a knowledge base that others will consider you as a mentor.

The value of your knowledge is priceless, and nobody can ever take that away from you.

One question I have for you though before you choose your career experiences as your coaching style of business. Do you really want to continue doing the same Computer training thing as you may have done for years already?  If not, then #2 may be your better choice.

Now, if you do decide to choose your past or current career type for a coaching business, then it is just a matter of getting people to know that you have this knowledge. You want to share this knowledge but now in the form of a business. How do you get people to say something like, “Hey, that Paul guy knows a lot about affiliate marketing, let’s get him to tell us how it works”.

I’ll tell you how…Hold on!  I promised to give 2 other ways to figure out the type of coaching business to start, I’ll tell you more on how to spread the word further down this blog I promise.

#2-Expand your hobby into a business. You may already have a hobby where you have more knowledge than most, such as how to use a computer, specific software, maybe you enjoy doing art and crafts, again the list is endless. Somebody may want to learn how to fix their car, or how to build a table out of wood.

The cool thing with coaching or teaching something related to your hobby is that, not only do you get to share your interest with others, you get to meet people with the same interest as you. That is 2 wins for you; do something you enjoy and get paid for it.

Wow, I’m freaking myself out right now. As I was writing this blog, this revelation just came to me.

I’m doing point # 2 right now.  I love building websites, playing with graphic software, helping people and sometimes I get paid for it.

This is so awesome I can hardly continue on to number 3, but I did say I would give 3 ways so rest assured I have the #3.

#3-Heck I was so struck by my self-revelation in #2 that I totally forgot what I was going to write for #3. Ok, took a breather, now I remember, honestly, it is kind of a forgettable point. I was going to say you can take a course yourself, learn about a subject and once you are comfortable with it then start teaching it to others. You know, teach the teacher or pay it forward type of idea.

Wait a minute, I take that forgettable thing back. Point #3 is the best way!  Point #3  is what I have done and am doing right now with this website!

Sure I knew a little bit about computers and graphics, but I had no idea how to start an online business.

Only four months into becoming a member of the best Internet Marketing University, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined in so little time. I am talking about My #1 Recommended website platform, hands down no other sites can provide the same level of information and support.

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