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You can access the best Free Website Builder at Wealthy Affiliate…powered by Siterubix.Best web hosting support

Wealthy Affiliate members get access to WordPress that is used by thousands of bloggers every day.

A Free WordPress website from Wealthy Affiliate gives you thousands of templates from which to choose.

You don’t just get 1 Free website…you get to build 2 free websites without any advertising or banners on your site.

You get 2 Siterubix subsites that is one of the most robust web-hosting services available.

If 2 sites are not enough, then you can sign up as a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member and build up to 25 websites with free SSL certificates for 1 monthly fee of $49US / Month.

Sure you can go to web-hosting sites like WIX and GoDaddy but I feel you do not get the same online marketing community support like you do at Wealthy Affiliate.

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If you are not aware of what is Affiliate Marketing…Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know.

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As mentioned earlier, WA uses a web-site builder called WordPress.

There is a learning curve on how to use WordPress but if you follow the training available at Wealthy Affiliate, they will teach you along every step as you build your free website.

Now I can build a website like this one in a couple of minutes.

If you get stumped by something…you can just head over to the chat and a Wealthy Affiliate member will likely give provide the answer in seconds.

In Summary

WIX and GoDaddy offer good services with easy drag and drop web-building capabilities.

You get a reasonable price if you are only interested in building 1 website. If you want to build more than 1 website the cost will increase per site

If you want to build more than 1 website the cost will increase per site.

The reasons I prefer Wealthy Affiliate include instant assistance from other veteran members or personal support from the founders directly throughout the day.

Build up to 25 websites with free SSL Certificates. Use a multitude of available tools and training for 1 flat monthly rate or save by paying yearly.

So what is the best free website builder?

Hands down I recommend WordPress though Wealthy Affiliate!

Before you go, please take a look at some of my other blogs that have more in-depth information about various work from home businesses or jobs.

Maybe you will be inspired to start your own business to run out of your home. Currently, our most popular blogs are, “How to Become a Retail Merchandiser” and “How to Start a Tattoo Shop at Home“.

Now you don’t need to take my word for it as I may be a little biased but go and check it out for yourself.

Then you will see if it is right for yourself.

No worries about complicated cancellations if you sign up for the free site as no credit information is required for a free site.

Now I only use my free sites as test sites or example sites.

Many times other member swill have questions about how certain themes work.

So what I do is use one of my free sites to show them what they can doa nd expect from various themes.

That is on way Wealthy Affiliate works. People like m helping people like you.

I may not have all the answers but I can do have over 1 year of experience now and I can build a new website in minutes. Compared to hours, or should I say days when I started.

So it is nice to have experienced people around to quickly ask a question and continue on building your website and your business.

Click on the Banner below to see for yourself.

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