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Is there such a thing as THE Best Website Hosting Site? I mean really, what can one compare to when it comes to hosting a domain name these days?

Sure in the past…way back in past there may have been massive benchmark differences between various website/ domain hosting sites. Maybe for websites that have gargantuan amounts of traffic will still worry about a few milliseconds extra for a page to open. I believe for most comprehensive sites the few millisecond differences will not make an impact on their web site success. Particularly for those that want the best blog hosting site available.

That’s right! The best blog hosting site. I’ll get to why one hosting site stands out from the rest when it comes to hosting blogs.

best website hosting site

How do we determine the best domain hosting site from the poor to good sites?


If speed is not a factor to consider anymore, then uptime and support are probably the next important traits we need to review. I mean, what is the use to have a quick page upload if the site doesn’t even open because the servers are down?


Reliability of a domain hosting site is a crucial aspect when shopping around for the best for your buck. Again, in general,  most web hosting sites are quite reliable. They have so many contingencies and redundancies built in today that it would take an enormous catastrophic event to make one crash. If one does crash, it is only moments when another backup comes online. On of those little glitches. This may be a factor for sites with thousands of visits per minute or second, but once again an independent blogger need not worry about a brief and rare downtimes.


Support can make or break any service, and that rule works the same for web-hosting sites. Especially for independent bloggers as they do not have teams of IT support to assist at the snap of the fingers.

As an independent blogger, you would want a service that you can contact 24/7 and have a response within minutes, or faster if that is possible.

Best web hosting support


Some hosting sites do not offer any tools to build your website, but there are more and more that are starting to provide these tools or templates to create your website and then host it on their hosting platform. In many cases, that may require extra fees for every little upgrade. Do not get fooled by some of the monthly fees that are advertised upfront.; you will soon learn about all of their up sales once you’ve started building your website. Sure if all you want is a personal website to post some photos and personal blogs then that low monthly fee may be all you need.

If you are serious about creating an online business, then it will cost you more. As mentioned above some of the low monthly hosting sites will have numerous up sales if you want to start an e-commerce site. Only one web hosting site offers you one monthly fee where you can host 50 websites with no hidden costs.


I know this is not a standard feature for most web hosting platforms, but there is one that offers an extraordinary amount of training materials, webinars, 1 on 1 coaching and chat forums that blows away all of their competitors.

This brings me to showing a comparison of some of the highly advertised web hosting sites with a site that does not do any paid advertisement.

Time for a Comparison

What do these comparisons tell me?

Looking at the comparisons above you will notice that I have still given WIX and GoDaddy pretty good ratings even though they have fewer features. Now don’t get me wrong, those two competitors do provide robust web-hosting services, and their products are well made. In my comparison, I indicated that Wix does not have a “Free” option. Although you can sign in and create a free website, I don’t consider it a free website when Wix forces their ads to be on your site.

The differences you will notice are all the added features Wealthy Affiliate has over the rest. Sure enough, enough the look of Wealthy Affiliate platform doesn’t have all the fanfare a site like Wix has, but that does not mean that lack of features.


If you are a website builder newbie, and you try out Wealthy Affiliate for free, another feature not available by its competitors; you will see the value the education will make at understanding the online business and how to become an online success.

I wish you the best of success in creating your online business no matter which service you use.

One thing that may reassure you is the fact you can always bring your website over to other web hosting sites if you ae not pleased with their services.



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