Can Selling Your House Kill Your Online Business?

We decided to sell our house.House For Sale while working from home

In most cases, it is now a fairly simple process with all the home selling service options available today.

Finding and signing up for the home selling service or realtor is not the hard part.

We found out that the hardest part is having to get your house in ship-shape to go on the market.

You know that long list of things to do…that you plan to get to sometime…next week!?

Well, that list has just doubled and needs to get done within the next couple of weeks before they put the sign up on your front lawn.

Smack to the forehead reality check is what that was!House for Sale Shock

After we signed all the legal papers to put our house on the market, Brenda and I took a look around the house and our faces went pale…what have we done.

There is no way we can get everything done in time.

“What were ya thinking!?”, we sputter to each other.

Well, there was no time to start pointing fingers…it was time to put those fingers to work at completing all those half finished reno projects.

Grab the laptops and lets start making a list!

Let’s go room to room and list what is needed to finish in each room.

We’ll start with the bedrooms…those will be short and quick…right!?

Ok master bedroom…paint window trim which was not painted since new windows put in last year. Buy window coverings and install.

Easy right?  Not!!!

Some smart builder decided to put 4 windows in our room…ugh.

Ok, ok, don’t panic, move on.

That corner of storage bins, clothes to bring to the salvation army and hmmm what is that under there…hey babe I found the camera’s rechargeable battery we were looking for a couple of months ago.

Paul…focus on completing the list. No time to waste on distractions.

Need to clean and reorganize walk-in closet…can probably get rid of half the stuff in here.

We will need to call the carpet cleaner, or maybe we should just replace the carpet?

No, No…having it cleaned is good enough. The new owners may not like our choice of new carpet and have it changed when they move in, that would be a waste.

Ok…anything else? The ceiling could use a fresh coat of paint, and the base trim and the walls.

So we went from room to room with the same hope that list would be short but that wish never came through.Shock about list

The planned 2 weeks drag into 4-5 weeks and even while the “For Sale” sign is on the lawn we continue to complete our unfinished projects.

This, in turn, means we don’t have time to review and manage our online business.

After we finish our full day work with our regular day job, we make supper and get back to work, plastering, sanding, painting and whatever else needs to be done in this house.

We try to put a bit of effort late in the evening to follow up on some social media comments and replies.

We continue to attempt at writing a blog but end up with just a few hundred words before our eyes start to glaze over and our words start becoming a glob of gibberish.

We pack it in for the night and start all over again the next day.

Every day we feel a little more guilty for not attending to our websites…but the profit we can make from our home right now is our priority and we know it is only a temporary break from our online business.

Now 99% of what was needed to be done our home is complete, now we have time to get back tour online business.

We check the status of the site on Google Console and Bing webmaster tools to see how badly our websites have suffered.

To our surprise, our sites have actually maintained the number of clicks from organic searches. They actually increased…some more than 10% -400% on some sites.

Website Search Engine Stats

This has provided us with an amazing insight to how hard work and original content helps to keep websites continue to grow even when not able to work on them for some time.

Everything we learned from Wealthy Affiliate was not just a hot air. The method of writing posts and setting up our sites have survived and grown while we were away for almost 6 weeks now.

We do not plan to let that happen again but it is nice to know that in the event we were not able to write blogs for an extended period our sites should be able to maintain their online health.

We were so worried that all the hard work we did would have been for nothing.

Needless to say, we were extremely relieved that our stent away from the online world didn’t kill our website.

Here we are back at writing blogs and hope that we can now slingshot our sites even higher than they were last month.

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