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Work From Home Daily Pay…Is It Worth It?

We all dream of living the LIFE…of working from home. No more long commutes to and from work. You can stay in bed longer, keep your jogging pants on all day, brew fresh coffee all day, put your feet

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Are You Affected by Job Loss in Alberta?

If you live and work in Alberta, there is a good chance you or someone you know has been affected by the loss of the 19000+ jobs in that province this past year. The swift drop in energy commodity prices in

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Working From Home Challenges

It’s one thing to say you would like to start an online business and work from home, but have you actually stopped to think how your life will change? I’ve been working from home almost full-time,

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What Causes Carbon Footprint Reduction?

Working from home is one of the ways to lower your carbon footprint.  What does carbon footprint mean? What does it mean to be green? To be green or have a reduced carbon footprint can mean different

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What is Needed to Work from Home

You decided you would like to start working from home, but do you know what is needed? Online work that can be done as a home based job has its challenges. You will need the best work from home job advice

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Is My Job Secure or is it a Scam?

I can hear it now, “Paul, what the heck are you talking about?” Hold tight, let me explain what I am trying to say. The Dream Many of us are raised to get an education, secure a stable job,

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