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Custom Computer Mods Business From Home

One of my favorite home computer-based business ideas would have to be creating cool computer mods. I get very excited when I can take various pieces of computer hardware that can’t perform any task on their own, but put them all together in one computer case where you can create a supercomputer able to perform incredible amounts of calculations…Sweet!. Now we have Quantum computers being created, even my country’s Prime Minister is talking about them…but I’ll leave that topic for another day.

Computer Modding Home Business


When it comes to starting a computer modding business, you have to decide to what extent you are able or interested in modding and how you will provide your modding skills to your customers. I believe computer modding falls under two categories, the artistic and technical but I’ll get to that a little further down.

The first step should always start with the all-important business plan. Within that plan, you will be reviewing all the local laws related to starting such a business from your home. You will review all insurance, occupational health, and safety issues. You will decide whether you will create or buy your parts, how much production will cost and what type of markup you can sell your computer mods for a profit.

Write a Business Plan

Right now, though, while you are here and before you jump into writing your business plan, let’s help you figure out within which category do you want to go in this home-based business.

What’s Your Talent?

How about we see what type of person you are. Are you more of a techy or an artsy type of person, a little of both or a mixture of many talents.

I bring up this subject to help you find the right area to work in the computer modding field. Get to know yourself better and ensure you are doing the part of this business that you will enjoy doing for many years to come.


If you have more of an artistic side and not really interested in the tech side of computers, then you may want to stick with modding computer cases or accessories. Even though you are not that familiar with the tech side of computing, you can still be very successful in the computer modding business. Many computer owners already have the performance of the computer they need, but would like to have a case or accessory to show off to their friends. They would like to have a unique and awesome looking computer case. The most popular modded cases are those modeled after their favorite video game or movie. There are various computer o video game clubs with a number of themes they try to follow. When gamers meet and showing off their latest mods, whether self-made or purchased… it always wows the crowd.

Computer mods can also be produced to follow a general theme not linked to any specific video game or movie. The best example would be SteamPunked computer mods. There are whole communities dedicated to SteamPunked themed items, from clothing to houses.

Again you don’t need to know a whole lot of the technical side of computers to create a computer case or accessory mods, just be sure to keep enough vents for the computer hardware to stay cool and look cool doing it. 😉


Now if you are more of the techy side and not all that artistic, then you will be looking at modding the insides of the computer. This is where you will need to know what is the best computer modding parts and where you can find them.  Needless to say, understanding what components work together for the best performance is a major skill that is required for this type of business.Computer Modding

You will meet all types of customers when it comes to custom computer mods. Usually, when one is commissioned to build a computer, the person requesting the build is looking for optimum performance for the best price. Now you will see variable types of requests, of course, some want the top of the line no limits, others just want a decent computer to run certain applications. Others want it all, performance, best price and something that looks good on the inside. They like to see different colored lights, liquid cooled and bright color wiring harnesses and components. You name it when it comes to a business making custom designed computers people’s imaginations are limitless.

Building Custom has its Pros and Cons!

These variations can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.

The good way is to say that you will always have a customer base with so many options and varying degrees of customization. On the flip side, you may say that all the variations make it challenging to keep producing as each new customer needs a fully new design. creating new designs take up a lot of time even before getting to the actual build.

If you want easy then you will need to just design one and mass production to make a profit and we all know that the competition in that market is virtually impenetrable. The only way you can have a competitive edge in building computers is by doing custom designs and builds.

Pros and Cons on Building Custom Computer Mods

When I think of a successful business in custom design, I think of those reality shows on TV like Orange County Choppers OCC building custom motorbikes with Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. One thing I noticed is that they always started with the same frame and then started adding different items from there. I am sure that strategy helped them maintain a steady production line.

The same strategy can be used for computer mods. You can start by using the same frame or maybe have 3-4 frames with different sizes to accommodate the various components and customer requests. Then you can also limit the types of motherboards you use to maintain your familiarity and expertise with specific brands. Same goes for video cards, power supplies, hard drives, SDD and so on.

Then when it comes to the outside, the looks of the case and peripherals, come up with your style and work around it. Your style is what will brand you and keep your customers coming back. OCC is a great example of a successful customizing business, just try to stay away from all the family and business drama. Although I am pretty sure most of it was drummed up to make the show entertaining. Heck, maybe you may end up leveraging your business on television some day.


That brings us to our next topic, how do you promote your home-based business. Word of mouth is good, those that come to you through word of mouth are most likely to become a long time customer, that is if you do good work ;). Then there are the usual marketing options for using ads in papers, magazines, flyers or having booths at computer-related events. All of these methods do work but they will cost you money or time or both.

My preferred method would be to sell your brand or product online. I wrote a blog about how to sell stuff online that you can read about here. In general, it will inform you about a web hosting site that not only allows you to host a website but it will teach you everything you need to know and provide you with the support to be successful.

It’s one thing to create a website, but knowing how to get people to know you have a website/a product to sell is the key to being successful. I am talking about My #1 Recommended hosting site Wealthy Affiliate.

You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review==>Here.

In conclusion here is how I suggest you create your work from home computer mod business.

  1. Identify what type of computer modding you feel you can enjoy doing day to day
  2. Create your business plan
  3. Create some base models that you can easily expand or add to create unique computer mods. Best prices for modding parts at Amazon!
  4. Build your computer modding site and learn everything you need to know from My #1 recommended or use an all in one pay for service like Shopify
  5. Enjoy your successful work from home business and have fun doing the things you love!


I always like the following motto to get me going on days I question if I should do something:

You don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great!


If you have any questions we would love to hear from you, put them down in the box below.


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