Does successful online business mean get rich quick scam?

People are asking me if I am trying to sell or promote a get rich quick scam? There seems to be a rumor that all online business opportunities are all, get rich quick scams.

What is an online scam

I like to take this opportunity to explain the different successful online business opportunities that are available. That not all online businesses can be categorized under the same umbrella.

First, we should identify what most would consider a “get rich quick” scheme or scam. How does one define such a general term?

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as characterized by or appealing to a desire for quick wealth and often lacking in financial stability or scruples <get-rich-quick promoters> <the false prosperity of a get-rich-quick era>.

I would agree with the lacking of scruples part of the definition. I certainly have seen my share of sites with bloated promises and quick income expectations. These sites have no qualms about taking your money for their profit. They are a minority. Unfortunately, these are the sites that promote a bad reputation for the majority of the legitimate sites available on the internet. Search engines like Google try to create algorithms to deter these scammers, but like all thieving types, they find ways around the roadblocks. The scamming sites remind me of ticket scalpers at a sports event that harass you on the way to the legitimate sales booth.
Immediately believing that all online business opportunities are schemes would be considered a prejudice.

Common Online Scam

As with the example of selling tickets for a sports event, you have your scammers online, and you have your legitimate or licensed operators that sell the same product or service. The scammers will take your money, then give you a product and will never be seen or heard of again. Try to get your money back, your energy will be well wasted as no response will be offered.

Legitimate online businesses will identify themselves clearly, provide honest information about their company, product or service. Some will even provide free
roaming or usage of their product before having to give any money. A legitimate business will not request any money from you up front. A business that is confident in their product or service will give you the option to view, research and use it without any commitment of buying. They will not make bold or exaggerated promises, and they will tell it as it is. An online business, like any business, will only be successful if you put your time and passion into it.

My goal is to be considered a legitimate online site that provides you with quality information, based on my experiences. I hope to help people get past the scammers so they can continue their pursuit of a successful online business.

Let me help you find your way

I have searched the internet for help and information for years. I have seen the bad and the good, I only wish that I have found the good guys much sooner. It was thanks to a fellow affiliate blogger that I came across this website with the resources and support I needed to start on my journey.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

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