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homebasedbusinessbanner copyThis is defined as a business where your primary location or office is in your home. The business can be any type or even size as long as it is managed out of your home. The other key factor we would like to emphasize is the fact you are the business owner or partner of a business. Although you may have a contract with an organization or company you are not considered their employee.

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Below we have listed what we call the best home based business ideas of the year! We had the idea for starting a home based business years ago. Now you too can start a successful business today!

We have created a generalized list of home businesses that you can start today. We have various levels of experience in some of these businesses, others are businesses where friends and family have experience. In time, we will add videos with interviews and layouts of various home based businesses.

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Some of these businesses are a combination of making things and selling them online. Some types are strictly online type businesses. The list of ideas are for those who may have no specific knowledge or trade and types that do require a certain level of certification.

Most of these business options will indicate the need to have a website to assist in anchoring and marketing your business. You can have a quick read about how to get going on that right now.

We will get into further details for each type as we add new posts. You can subscribe to our newsletter here to keep up to date with our latest posts.

For now, check out our list, those highlighted in blue and underlined will link you to further information related to that type of business.

Best home based business ideas

Some Online Type of Businesses:

  1. Affiliate Marketing (Online)
  2. Website Developer (Online)
  3. Consultant (Online /telework  and outside sources)
  4. Freelance Graphic Designer (Online)
  5. Photographer (Online, in home studio and outside sources /weddings etc)
  6. Accounting (Online /telework, in home or customer home /office consultations)
  7. eCommerce Provider /Consultant (Online /Telework, in home or customer home /office consultations)
  8. Editorial Services – Web page or magazine content writer (Online /Telework, outside research, and consultations)
  9. Bookkeeper /Tax Preparer (Online/telework, in home or customer home /office consultations)
  10. More to come

Some Service Type of Businesses:

  1. Hairdresser / Barber (In home or Mobile Service)
  2. Tattoo Artist (In home or Mobile Service)
  3. Esthetician (In home or Mobile Service)
  4. Retail Merchandiser (In home/online or Mobile Service)
  5. Massage Therapist (In home or Mobile Service)
  6. Designer Nails /Pedicures (In home or Mobile Service)
  7. Repair Services for Auto-Motorbikes-Bicycles-Small Engines-Outboard motors-Appliances-Computers-Ongoing list…(In home or Mobile Service)
  8. Personal Coach /Trainer for Golf-Dancing-Workouts-Basketball-Baseball-Music-Photography-Computers-Ongoing list…(In home or Mobile Service)
  9. Moving services (Mobile service-Home Office to manage)
  10. Installation Services-HVAC-Fences-Solar Panels-Car Audio/Video-Renovations-Decks-Painting-Ongoing list(Mobile Service -Home Office to Manage)
  11. Cleaning Services- House Cleaning-Automobile Cleaning Ongoing list(Mobile Service -Home Office to Manage)
  12. Automobile Cleaning /Detailing-Boat /Yacht Cleaning-Cottage Cleaning-Ongoing list(Mobile Service -Home Office to Manage)
  13. Maintenance Services-Home-Yard / Lawn Care-Commercial Building Care-Cottage Care-Snow Removal-Window Cleaning-Ongoing list(Mobile Service -Home Office to Manage)
  14. Foot care (In Home or Mobile Service – Home Office Manage)
  15. Daycare / Childcare / Live in Nanny(In own home or home of child(ren))
  16. More to come

Some Manufacturing or Creative Type of Businesses:

  1. Woodworking-Building Furniture (At Home Workshop /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  2. Jewelry making (At Home Workshop /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  3. 3D Printing  (At Home Workshop /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  4. Sewing or Knitting Clothing (At Home Work Area /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  5. Carving /Sculpting/Welding/ Painting or Various other Artistic Creations  (At Home Work Area /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  6. Gift Basket Creations (At Home Work Area /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  7. Baking / Cooking /Canning Goodies (At Home Work Area /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  8. Skin and/or Body Care Products (At Home Work Area /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  9. Custom Built Computers /Mods (At Home Work Area /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  10. Automobile/Motorbike/Boat-All Type of Vehicle Customization (At Home Workshop /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  11. Custom Built Musical instruments (At Home Work Area  /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  12. Custom Built Pens and /or Office/Desk accessories (At Home Work Area  /Office-Sell Online or Outside Sources)
  13. More to come

Some Sales Type of Businesses:

  1. Multi-Level Marketing a.k.a. Network Marketing (Online and Outside of Home /Mobile Sources)
  2. eStore /eCommerce Sales, can work in conjunction with Manufacturing/Creative Types above (Online and Possible Purchasing Outside of Home Sources)
  3. Franchises-Sales of products-examples include companies such as; Snap-On tools, Shaved Ice/Ice Cream/Food Trucks
  4. Farming
  5. More to come

These are just a few ideas to spark your interest. We will start by describing the home-based type of businesses we have experienced over the years, then move onto others that our friends are doing. To ensure you don’t miss any of these interesting opportunities don’t forget to subscribe to our Free Newsletter!


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