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FreshDrop -Search Recently Dropped Domains


If you are a beginner or seasoned blogger then you will be interested in hearing about FreshDrop.

One thing I noticed when starting out as a blogger was the difficulty finding a domain name I wanted to get specific for my niche.

I’m not talking about the difficulties in trying to figure what you should call your website…that’s actually not too hard.

The difficult and frustrating part is once you have chosen your website name and go to find a .com, .org or .net domain name you find out quickly that the name your genius mind decided to go with has already been taken.

Does this type of search query for a domain name look familiar?



This happens to me every time…I have a great niche but can’t get the straightforward domain name I need and want.

I am only left with secondary choices with hyphens or with names that are not relevant to the niche.

The worst part is, when you go to see what that site looks like, you find out that it is blank with a message stating that it is for sale for way more money you are willing to pay.

You then go through the process of morphing the name in different ways only to get the same result…all taken.

Now don’t throw your arms in the air and walk away just yet.

There is a solution called FreshDrop.

As I described earlier, you will see domain names  you want that are taken, just sitting there doing nothing.

There is hope!

Many of these purchased sites either become forgotten by the owners or they can no longer pay the yearly fees to maintain their license.

The downfall is that wanted domain name may get snapped up again before you decide to check again in a week or month if it has become available.

FreshDrop to the rescue.

Get instant alerts as soon as the domain name you so want becomes available.


What You Get With FreshDrop

-Valuable Domain Names Become Available Daily

-You will have access to all expired, resale and deleted domain names as they become available from one centralized database.

-You get access to an  analytic service that provides hidden information for valuable domain name traits.

-Once you acquire a domain name, you can use FreshDrop services for resale.

Do you want to start your risk free, 60 day money back guarantee trial? Then start by clicking the link below for more information.

Click Here!




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