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GoDaddy Review 2017

When a company like GoDaddy spend loads of money on advertising, does that make it the best company to host your website?

Well…let’s look at some of GoDaddy  Pros and Cons to help you decide.

The Pros

  • Price-Competitive Web-hosting Prices…for a basic economy plan you can host a website for as little as $3.99/month US but renewals can go up to $7.99/ month. Some affiliate coupons can provide you with prices as low as $1.00 / month for 1 website. Although they started as a Domain registrar, they do offer competitive hosting plans.
  • Unlimited Bandwith-no surcharges should you suddenly have a surge of visitors to your website. Other web-hosting sites will limit flow or let your site crash should your blog suddenly go viral.
  • Integrated Domain and Email Services – You can purchase your domain and email services directly from GoDaddy. Not having to register and track renewals with different companies make this job easier with fully integrated services from GoDaddy.
  • WordPress Auto-Install – Auto-Install makes it easier for any beginner to get started using WordPress while ensuring a smooth and safe start for your website.
  • Security – GoDaddy security systems are good at keeping your site from being attacked and spammers.
  • Support –  24/7 phone assistance
  • Latest Technology –  GoDaddy continuously updates and acquires the best and latest technologies to ensure your website is safe and stays online. They want to maintain a 99.99% uptime status for all their websites.

The Cons

  • cPanel Custom Install –  At least they no longer use their own custom panel but you still need to follow a manual procedure to enter cPanel and will cost you extra per month.
  • Large Corporation –  GoDaddy has grown to a considerable size, not to say growing is a bad thing but you do lose that personal touch that you can get from other hosting sites like Wealthy Affiliate. Then you have the GoDaddy CEO with questionable hobbies and actions but let’s not get too personal on this matter and move on.
  • Sopa/Pipa bills in 2011…all internet hosting sites were against those freedom bills except for GoDaddy. They only changed their mind when they lost loads of customers to competitors.
  • Limited disc space and databases…only if you get the ultimate plan do you get unlimited space.

My Recommendation

Web Hosting sites like GoDaddy and Wix are not my first choice.

Sure their advertising budgets are enormous and at times attracting but someone has to pay for all that media. The number of up sales you will encounter to have a fully professional looking site like those in the ads will cost you a few extra bucks for every add-on. I’ve tried their services and noticed quickly how much added money I would need to dish out to get my sites look like those advertised.

I still recommend Wealthy Affiliate where you only have 2 levels of membership to choose from Free ($0/month) or Premium ($49 US/month)

See a comparison below of what a little known service like Wealthy Affiliate can do comapred to GoDaddy.

and check out what you get at each membership level!

If you have any question or comments we would love to hear them. Please place them below.



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  • Jan says:

    I used GoDaddy as my main domain name registrar many years ago. It was okay for that. Since then I found a better service – Namecheap. You get a free WhoIs Guard with Namecheap.

    I have heard before that GoDaddy is not the ideal web hosting company. As you say in this review, there are better hosting companies out there. I wouldn’t use it.


    • Paul says:

      I too use Namecheap for several of my websites which have been a good experience and has WhoisGuard included. I have since switched over to SiteDomains which is part of Wealthy Affiliate.  I actually host my Namecheap domains at Wealthy Affiliate (WA) as well…I mean why not right. For what flat fee you can host up to 50 sites at WA and get all the support and training you’ll ever need.

      I’ve also heard good things about HostGator but I haven’t tried them out yet.



  • Martin says:

    I used Bluehost before and I think it was way better than GoDaddy. Wealthy Affiliate is even so much better because it just has so many features to offer. I care about space, security, and performance and I feel that is what everyone looks for when choosing the right host. Wealthy Affiliate offers all that and so much more. Great product to discuss and keep it going.

    • Paul says:

      Wealthy Affiliate is so much more than a hosting site. I said it before that it is unfortunate that the name of their web-hosting site sounds a little “Spammy” in my view. I can only assume they started the site as a simple site that informed people how affiliate marketing works. Then evolved into a virtual online university that provides all the tools you need to build an online business. Any site that allows people to try out all their services for free without having to provide credit information up front is worth a try. The features and services at Wealthy Affiliate sell itself.



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