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Hair Stylist Home Service

Beautiful Woman with Luxury MakeupHair Stylist, Hairdressing or Barbers have a long history of having roots as home-based type services. It was common for people to gather and socialize at home while getting their hair cut and styled. For many this is how to get a hairdressing apprenticeship, they would learn from other family members and friends during social gatherings.

Many people will do this type of service as a business to earn extra money on top of their regular jobs. It offers flexibility to make your schedule; you decide when to have your clients come over to have their hair done.

Things to consider before starting

The practice of home-based service has declined due to many regulations that are present in many regions. Some areas make it almost impossible to meet all the regulations required to manage a hair stylist business from home.

Hairstyling establishments and Beauty Parlours are not fans of home-based businesses as they are considered to be a direct competition with less overhead. Rest assured the local businesses will ensure the regional regulations are met by those starting a home-based business. Fines for not having the appropriate requirements can be high.

Another deterrent is knowing what it takes to meet the regulatory requirements in the region. It can be expensive to set up this type of service in the home, and that the average fee for this service has only grown approx 5% over a 10 year period, compared to the average employment income increased 40% over the same period.hairdresser-659144_1920

The hours also need to be considered, consisting mostly evenings and weekends. In some cases, these hours can be considered a positive for a stay at home mom, where the
spouse or another family member can tend to the children while she provides the hairdressing service.

Need to be realistic that you cannot pick this trade up by opening your doors to customers and start cutting and styling their hair the same day. Training and /or diploma? In the past, many came into the business by learning from another family member and slowly built up the skill over the years. More and more are getting a diploma and then training through a professional salon or beauty parlor.

Ready to Start

So you read the considerations above and feel that you can move forward with starting your hairstylist business in your home. What do you do now?

Let’s list what is required to get going

  1. Skill – You need to have the vocational diploma required and/ or the experience to provide hairdressing services at home without support.
  2. Customers – Do you have the clientele that you can bring with you or have people signed up, on the ready once you open your doors. Have pamphlets and cards at the ready. Most of your business will be by word of mouth as most regions do not allow for signage from a home based business.
  3. Permits and licenses – if you can’t get these then there is no reason to continue to any of the next steps, as you may face high fines if not a legitimate business.barber-1017457_1920
  4. Taxes – will you need to pay income taxes? Do you need to charge service or sales taxes? These can vary by region and how much income you make.
  5. Insurance – check with your broker in regards to changes required and extra fees that may be added, they too will want to be sure you are legit as per item
  6. Space – Ideally, you would have space with a separate entrance or, at least, a space dedicated specifically to this service.
  7. Equipment – it is recommended to get items that provide flexibility and portability. Your business may change from one room to another over time, or you may decide also to provide a mobile service for those unable to get out of their homes. Having equipment that can be portable will help in the long run. You likely won’t need the top of the line, but I wouldn’t suggest getting just your regular day to day type of equipment. Having a chair that can be wheeled, but still offer the comfort required a foldable hooded hairdryer. Have all of your other items like curlers, shampoos, pins, rollers, dyes and all other related salon items in wheeled carts, so you can wheel them out of the way, make for easier cleaning, or able to put in the back of your vehicle if going mobile.

Examples of equipment required, at the cheapest prices at Amazon or eBay.

Some Tips

Hairstylisthomeservice copy1These are some of the main steps required to start your own hair stylist business at home. Statistics has shown that it is a popular startup business as the costs are relatively low compared to other businesses but keep in mind that the income growth over the years has remained low.

You also have the option to take your business mobile to those that are not able to leave their home, for those who are institutionalized or as a bridal hair stylist.

Another option includes renting a chair in an established salon, so you don’t need to check into all the regional regulations.

As with all business it is not always how much you make, most times it is how much you save; in money, in time and most importantly saving those extra moments with the family.

Although this type of business has proven to be a success to some friends and family of mine, I personally went in another direction for a home based business which you can read about here.

Best of Success!


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My online journey started in 2008 when I was tired of working for somebody else. I searched the internet for years trying to find out how to make a living from home with an online business. In 2015 I finally found the information and support from a website just like this one

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  • Heather Grace says:

    I have never thought to seek out a stylist that works out of their home but I can see how maybe the cost would be lower. Getting your hair done is a process and can take forever so a comfortable environment like someone’s home might be really great! I do see a lot of potential for someone to work from home doing hair for proms, parties, weddings, etc. That is always in demand! For my wedding, I hired a girl to come to my home and do my hair. It was great and much more personable. I think this is a great idea for someone who has a passion and talent for it!

    • Paul says:

      Hello Heather,

      I laughed when you said getting hair done is a process, mine only takes about five minutes now having so little left, but that may be a story for another site. A home based hairstyling business can provide great flexibility and decent income, especially in prom or wedding business.

  • Cathy says:

    Hi there Paul,

    Just last weekend, I saw a mobile hair stylist vendor around my neighborhood. They operate from a trailer which is air-conditioned and they also do hair wash. Their price is reasonable too.

    Sometimes, due to equipment, it’s difficult for hair stylist to bring their services to individual homes. But if they operate from a trailer, they can still offer similar convenience for the customers.

    I think this is a fabulous idea!

    • Paul says:

      Hi Cathy,

      Awesome way to make it mobile, except it would need to be heated in our -20 -30 Celcius temperatures. I think in home or mobile is the way to go for this type of business. It’s a way to be competitive and keep costs down.

      Then you can also get great deals on equipment through Amazon or eBay to rig up their trailer like a pro!



  • Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Paul,
    This is pretty cool, I have a friend who does a fantastic job trimming hair and he wanted to open up his own barber shop one day.

    I told him to start small and do it at home so that he can still give service at a cheaper price since he won’t have expensive rents to pay for.

    Definitely showing him this article of yours, might mean his whole future. Thanks for sharing this man, cheers!

    • Paul says:

      Way Cool!

      Always like hearing that information we’re writing about may help somebody, somewhere!

      When we first started this site, we thought we would only have enough experience to write about a few options. It didn’t take long to have a whole list of home based businesses and jobs that we have done over the years. Some were fun, some successful, some not so successful or fun for us, but that is all relative.

      I owe my current home-based business with finding Wealthy Affiliate and has opened a whole new level of home-based business opportunities for us.

  • Nazmi Mohamed says:

    Outstanding website.
    Hi Paul and Brenda,

    Very informative and well research content. Oh yes I do remember how my mum will invite hairstylist to our home. I almost forget those beautiful memory. Thank you Paul and Brenda.

    Now you do not see this home business anymore in my country. But the trend here now is home cook food and home delivery.

    Never got bored with your website. Wish you all best in your venture.

    Nazmi Mohamed.

    • Paul says:

      Thank You, Nazmi

      We’ll be updating our post soon as another commenter noted somebody in their area created a mobile trailer, air conditioned and ability to wash hair all in the trailer which I think is an ingenious idea.

      Please visit again for added updates or subscribe here to receive our newsletter.


      Paul and Brenda

  • Hannah says:

    This is a brilliant idea! My boyfriend is really good at punk hair. He can do mohawks, tri-hawks, bihawks, liberty spikes and loads of other really unique, brightly coloured and gravity defying styles. Maybe he could turn this into a little earner from home? He has not been motivated to get back into work since he lost his job due to problems with his boss. This would be perfect for him!

    • Paul says:

      Hey, there Hannah!

      It sounds like your boyfriend would be quite successful with his unique styles. There are always customers for any unique type of niche and your boyfriend’s talents would certainly fall within that area. Don’t let him give up! Remember this saying…You don’t have to be great to start but you need to start to be great! Have him take some pictures of his hairstyles, start a website, get him to post them, share them on social media and he will already have interested customers before he even gets started!



  • Brandy says:

    It seems like most people nowadays need to have some sort of side income to make ends meet. It’s sad, but true.

    Being able to operate any type of home-based business would be ideal, in my opinion. Well, at least for me. While I personally do not have the skills to be a hair stylist, I can see the great benefits for someone who does.

    I know a lot of women who take more care in choosing their hair stylist than their doctors, so having a stylist who is home-based may even appeal more to those people. It’s more unique and not just the $10 hair cut at the local drive-by salon.

    However, it sounds as though there needs to be great care when considering this type of work. It sounds like it wouldnt be for every stylist, as it takes more than just skill.

    • Paul says:

      Hello Brandy

      Nowadays so many need a side business to make ends meet as you described. I too am not interested in starting a barber or hairstyling business but I think those who have the talent and enjoy the social aspect of it all can do quite well. Personally, I enjoy writing more than cutting and styling people’s hair in my or in their homes. Every day I thank my opportune moment when I found the #1 recommended web-hosting site that introduced me on how to build my website, get traffic and have create an income through affiliate marketing.

      I certainly wish you the best with whichever avenue you decide to pursue to earn some extra money to supplement your income.



  • I was looking for a new hair stylist service ideas and finally, I got your blog in which described hairstylist services that are not the main stream and it has great descriptions about how to start a hair stylist business. Thanks for publishing it.

  • Shane Osbond says:

    Great blog that you published with its unique content and quality. I love it very much. Please publish this type of blog again in future.

  • I like your post very much and all your other posts as well. I hope you can write some more posts on this subject. I truly enjoyed your knowledge and suggestions about mobile hairdressers. You are really a great blogger and appreciate your honesty.

    • Paul says:

      I will see if I can interview a mobile hairdresser to give their personal perspective on the subject. Keep coming back for more blogs.

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