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Whether it be a home based computer repair business, a knife repair home based business or any other type ideas home based business, do it legally.3d service men

Here is my list of things to consider for starting a home based repair business:

  1. Get the skills, make sure you are qualified, proper licencing
  2. Ensure proper zoning
  3. Equipment and supplies – figure out what type of equipment you will need and how much will it cost
  4. Taxes, will this affect your property and income taxes
  5. Do you have the required financing to start
  6. Insurance- check about increased home insurance and liability insurance
  7. Health and Safety regulations
  8. Storage, do you have enough room to store parts or items you are to fix?
  9. Waste management will you have old parts, fluids or chemicals to dispose-where, how, how much?
  10. Payment management, how will you charge and receive for services?


To begin, you will need to figure out what you are going to be fixing, do you have the skills, training or the proper licensing to repair things.

Auto repair, for instance, requires special licencing. Depending what part of the vehicle you are repairing may require further specific certification.

So before you start thinking about doing repairs, ensure you have all in order. It is one thing to fix stuff for yourself, a whole different ball game when fixing stuff for others.

You want to ensure the item you are repairing won’t end up causing any property damage,  injury, or even worse, be the cause of death.

So you have the skills, training and licencing, now what?  Well, now you need to know if you can do this business from your home.To keep your home based business legal will take some research and paperwork!


That’s right boys and girls; this means visits to your local city, municipality or county and filling out paperwork ensure your zoning is appropriate for your business. I would suggest checking this out, in general, first; you may be lucky and already be living in an area that has the proper zoning. If you are not in the respective zone, you will need to get your ducks lined up before presenting your request to change your zoning. Depending where you are living and what type of things you will be repairing the level of difficulty is variable to say the least. It may be as simple as a few papers to having to attend some town hall meetings to present your request, send letters out to neighbors within a prescribed radius from your home- you name it they may request it.

Service menIf you are not in the particular zone, you will need to get your ducks lined up before presenting your application to change your zoning. Depending where you are living and what type of things you will be repairing the level of difficulty is variable to say the least. It may be as simple as a few papers all the way to having to attend some town hall meetings to present your request, send letters out to neighbors within a prescribed radius from your home- you name it they may request it.

Once you know what may be required to get the proper zoning, having a good business plan is essential to ensure you cover all your bases. Going in prepared will avoid immediate rejection, being rejected on the onset will make it harder to reapply later.

A well-prepared business plan will show the local council that you are responsible. They will have a clear understanding of possible impact in your neighborhood and will help avoid delays in getting your answer and moving forward.

Tip – Check your local municipality website for forms, fees and instructions available for your download or direct submission.

Insurance, Finance, Health and Safety

Part of the business plan mentioned earlier will include information in regards to insurance coverage, ability to finance the company and pay your taxes, and ensuring that you have all that is necessary to comply with local health and safety policies. So call your insurance broker, your accountant,  your local  Occupational Health & Safety Administration and Environmental Protection Agency.

insurancefinancehealth-Insurance Brokers should be able to inform you about the need for liability insurance. Some licensing, permits or approvals may require that you have proof of insurance.

-Accountants should be able to assist you with all the tax implications involved, including revenue and sales taxes. Specialized certificates may be required, for instance, if you are planning on repairing or selling parts of vehicles you may need special tax certificates.

-As with any business whether you work alone or if you hire help you will need to check with your local Occupational Health & Safety Administration and Environmental Protection Agency for all safety relevant permits.

-Seeking legal counsel before establishing your business would be a good idea. Your lawyer may flag issues that may be specific in your region not covered in the above list.

There now…once you have finished your homework above, it is time to setup and start your business!

Sure there are a lot of steps to get to this point, but remember many great companies started from simple home-based installations. Good examples include companies like Harley-Davidson, Hewlett-Packard and Apple to name a few. Many of these startups have their beginnings either in small garages or basements of their parent’s homes. So don’t fret, you too may be the next multi-million dollar startup company.worktools

Setting up Shop

Keeping in mind of the health and safety regulations as mentioned above, you can now setup your repair shop to meet your needs. As I referred to in the home hairstyling business post, I suggest having mobile equipment. In most cases your work area may have dual purposes in your home or garage, or you may opt to take your business to the customers home if required. Having mobile equipment will allow you to have that option down the road, or if you end selling or moving, it will make it easier to sell your home not having permanent structures and, of course, easier to move to your new home.

For your convenience, I have compiled a small list of tools that may assist in your new business setup and they are available from Amazon Tools

Although I have done some small home-based repair businesses at home in the past. I have now found something that I really enjoy and will offer me the flexibility to manage from home, but also abroad if I feel like it.  The winters here in Canada can take its toll, having the option to manage this new business from a warmer climate parts of the year is intriguing. I chose to join an online web hosting University, what I call My #1 Recommended Online University on how to start your successful online business. You can read my review on My #1 Recommended site here ===> Wealthy Affiliate  or go ahead and sign up for free now here ===> WA Sign up.

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If you have any questions we would love to hear from you. Go ahead put them down in the box at the bottom of this page.

4 comments on “Home Based Repair Shop
  1. Tar says:

    On zoning, are you saying based on the particular area the person is at, the person has to check out the rules regulated by local councils?

    About finance and health and safey, I think all these are important in a sense that with such compliance and have covered insurance, unnecessary costs are avoided.

    Anyways, this post is informatively useful. A reminder which guides and assists in doing properly.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Tar,

      Yes, zoning in regards to the type of use that land your home is located. Most homes are within a residential zone, meaning your options for starting a home based business are limited. If you are lucky enough to be in a commercial or business zone you will have many more options to what type of business you can open. The variables and limitations are far and wide from one municipality/county to another so if planning to start a home based business you will have to check locally.

      With time, I hope to add more specific information in relation to each of the business ideas shown, for now, I am just giving a basic outline of options that are available to consider and to take note what will be required.

      There will be ongoing updates and specifications to follow so stay in touch.

      Thank you for your interest.


  2. Tony says:

    This is a very informative website and I enjoyed it very much. Is it the two of you running the website? And is that picture a picture of your work station. It’s a pretty big work station. But that sometimes what it takes when you are building an empire. Your website was really informative, thanks.

    • Paul says:

      Hey Tony

      Thanks for checking out my website. The picture with all the monitors is my workstation at home. It is actually 2 separate workstations. One is for may regular day job and the other is for writing blogs and personal use. I also have laptop and smartphone that I use when travelling or just want to blog from a different room.

      My wife has written some blogs and she has also had work from home based businesses over the years. Together we share our experiences and we also share experiences from family and friends that have managed their own work from home businesses or jobs.

      Please continue to visit our website as we add different businesses or jobs that may be done from home or any other place of your choice.



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