How Affiliate Marketing Works


The other day some friends were asking me for an explanation on how affiliate marketing works step by step. 

I told them it is really quite easy to understand.

The whole process can simply be broken down into 4 steps!

They looked at me as though I had casted some ancient spell.

How can internet business stuff be easy to understand they wondered.

So I proceeded to list the 4 steps to affiliate marketing as listed below.

  • Step 1 Choose an Interest
  • Step 2 Build a Website
  • Step 3 Attract Visitors
  • Step 4 Earn Revenue

I continue on by telling them my story on how I searched the internet for years trying to find out how people made money online.

I got caught up in some online scams over the years, which only grew my curiosity even more to find that all too elusive answer.

One day I found my answer by reading a blog on a completely different subject.

It explained how there really isn't any secret and that most people make money online through affiliate marketing.

My friends  went on telling me that it is all nice and dandy to have a short 4 step list Paul but they were wise to my step 2 and 3 where they had to build a website and attract visitors.

They had no experience in building a website and they have no clue on how to attract visitors to their site.

I agreed that there are a number of stages within those steps but fortunately there is help available for the newest of newbies to professionals. 

At this point we were getting to the point of needing order another beer so I told them I would send them the link to the place that helped me build my websites and leanr how to attract visitors.

All you need to do is click on link for Wealthy Affiliate below to sign up for free, no credit card information required to learn more about choosing an interest, building a website, attract visitors, and earn an online income without producing or shipping any product.

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My online journey started in 2008 when I was tired of working for somebody else. I searched the internet for years trying to find out how to make a living from home with an online business. In 2015 I finally found the information and support from a website just like this one

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