How Can I Be Happy Working From Home?

There is an increased trend of companies and organizations allowing staff to work from home.Is it possible to be happy working from home?

The recent advances in technology provide the opportunity for workers to stay at home and never go back to the main office again.

This new trend has many people question, “Can I be happy working from home?”

Like any work environment, working from home also has a number of pros and cons.

What is Having Fun vs Being Happy?

First, we need to know what being “Happy” means to you.

When you say, “I’m Happy at my job!”

Do you mean you are having fun?

Being “Happy” and having “Fun” are 2 different things.

To me, having “Fun” means you are in a state of blocking your feelings. Having fun is a moment when you are not acknowledging your true feelings.

One can only continue having ” Fun” for short periods before any repressed feelings will finally push through.

At that moment you will either fall victim to deep feelings that may be overwhelming after being suppressed for so long.

You may then be at a point where you start an addiction of some sort and will need professional help to get through it.

To be “Happy” to me is acknowledging a feeling of contentment.

You are at a stage in your present timeline of life where you accept what is presented to you, you are not judging, not wanting anything and not expecting anything more.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having fun.

It’s actually quite important to be having fun on a regular basis daily.

There is a great deal of chemical / hormonal reactions that happen within us when we have periods of ‘Fun” in our day!

Play a joke on a coworker, go out with colleagues for coffee and talk about other things than work.

Just don’t confuse ‘Fun” with being “Happy”!

Can I Be Happy Working From Home?

That is a question I asked myself before we were given the privilege of working from home.

At this point, I still call it a privilege.

Although there is an increase in companies or organizations allowing staff to work from home, it doesn’t mean that all companies have a work from home program.

There are still many companies that do not believe their staff can be as productive working from home.

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If you do have the privilege to work from home then to be happy you will need to accept the pros and the cons.

You can read my blog with 17 Awesome reasons to work from home ==>Here

Here is my short list of ProsAwesome Reasons for Working From Home

  • Less commuting = more sleep.
  • Minimized stress on what to wear.
  • Not having to rush in the morning or after work to make meals.
  • No commuting allows increased time with kids and driving them to various activities with less stress.
  • No office politics…although I have complained about my dog snoring during the day.
  • Get a cup of your home brewed coffee…none of that black tar they have at the office.

and some Cons

  • Increased need to be self-disciplined to get work done on time.
  • Difficult to avoid working extra hours…no rush to log off I don’t have to drive.
  • Too easy to go to your home office when you remember or want to get ahead on some work during your “off” hours.
  • Easy access to food can be bad for the waistline.

If you can accept both Pros and Cons then you can be Happy working from home.

You can’t expect the work from home situation will meet all your expectations in life.

As the saying goes, when one door closes another will open.

Well, that saying goes for both good and bad things in any situation.

You can, however, lessen the blow of the cons by following some easy tips.

Easy Tips to creating a happy work from home environment:

  • Get up and get dressed as though you need to go out…don’t necessarily need to dress up as though you are going to the office.
  • Try to work same hours each day…we are creatures of habit by nature. Having a regular routine will help maintain a feeling of happy stability.
  • If you can, have an office separate from the rest of the house. When you are finished work, log out and close the door, don’t go back until the next work day.

So have some fun, and don’t have expectations from the world when it has no obligation to provide it.

Only you can let yourself be happy.

…remember you don’t need to be great to start but you need to start to be great!

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