How Can I Sell Stuff Online?

onlinestoreconfusedWhere or how do I sell stuff online? You have something you would like to sell online but have no idea how to go about it or how much it may cost. A common issue for those who have a product to sell but have no familiarity with internet marketing and want to avoid online scams.  You probably would like to know how to sell your stuff online for free. If you are new to the internet, yes I know that is pretty rare nowadays, but if you are a new, then I can feel your pain as I was new to the internet at one time.

You are lucky to be starting at this time, it was much harder to setup in the past. Now there are some easy eCommerce website builders or website hosting and teaching  sites available to help you with this process.

This brings us to the next question, which eCommerce website builder or hosting site is the best or the best for my stuff?

That is a loaded question, as it depends on if you are just wanting to sell few items from your home, a casual seller, or have a business and want to extend sales online for your product line.

With the endless possible scenarios, come endless eCommerce or web hosting sites all trying to get your attention.

As you continue to read down you will see I’ve broken it down to 3 main categories involving the major players in this business.

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Option 1: Online classifieds / Auctions

I would say the easiest way and least complicated setup type of online selling are those that are similar to the classifieds or online auctions, such as eBay, Kijiji or Craigslist. These are all free except they may have a limited amount of free postings, or certain fees for specific categories, along with options to pay for promoting your product or item.

You can start with creating a basic profile, upload some pictures of your item(s), put a description, then wait for the calls or emails.

I personally have used Kijiji many times and ended up selling my stuff within a few days, if not a few hours for most stuff. With Kijiji the newest items posted are at the top of the list, or front page for its category, just past the paying sellers. So you will notice a higher frequency of calls and/or emails at the beginning of the campaign and then taper down as your item gets pushed down the list by newer listings. Hopefully, you can sell your item near the beginning of your campaign, otherwise, you will want to repost the item again later or start paying to have it at the top of the list, or wait until someone does a specific search of your item description. kijiji1

Craigslist postings are also free, except for Job postings in selected areas—$15-75 (fee varies by area), Brokered apartment rentals in new York City area – $10, Therapeutic services in the United States—$10 (reposts of live ads $5), Tickets by-dealer in the United States—$5 and Cars /trucks by dealer in United States – $5.

With local eBay classifieds (Kijiji) posting of ads are free or you have the option to promote your ad. The cost of promoting your Kijiji ad depends on the feature, city and category. The prices are set so that the feature remains a premium option for those that decide to purchase them. For example, if the price for Top Ads was set too low, there would be too many Top Ads in that section, thereby your featured ad would have less visibility.

eBay on the other hand, can be global and you can post up to 50 items for free per calendar month. After 50 items /month then there is an insertion fee and commission.

See image below for  basic fee schedule (2015) or  for full fee description on the eBay site click on this link ====> eBay Fee Schedule



Option #2: eCommerce Hosting Services

Signing up to an eCommerce hosting site takes all the hard work out of setting up your website to sell your stuff efficiently and securely. Even though there are free eCommerce web building sites available, there may be some fees involved to get the level of service you would need. Fortunately, there are many  eCommerce platforms available from which you can choose and many offer a good range of support to build and manage your site.

My preferred eCommerce site is called Shopify. They offer great service and options to setup from a small home based business up to a full brick and mortar shop. Allowing you to manage your inventory, sell products online and from in your store simultaneously. Another reason I love them is because their main office is located in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada. Oh Canada!

I could try and explain it all but they have created such great videos it would be a shame to let them go to waste.
Shopify Ecommerce – Start your FREE trial now!

You can read my full Shopify Review here

Option # 3: Build your own Website.

arrowbonusFirst of all, I would like to congratulate you for making this far, you are showing sign of true commitment to becoming an online entrepreneur.

Building your own website is by far my favorite option for building your home based business and selling all your stuff online.  Heck, it doesn’t even have to be your own stuff, but I’ll get into that a little later.

Depending on what your are selling and what volume, Option 1 or 2 may meet your needs.

The difference falls under who has control of your online business. With option #1 sure you have control of what you put, and for what price, but you are having to follow their rules and ranking system, or pay a fee to get better exposure, but even that works through a type of bidding system to buy the best spot on the site.

Option #2, will work great for any size business, but there will always be fees or commission based fees to pay for anything you do. This may an acceptable expense if you don’t want to have to think about that part of managing your online business. A disadvantage with such model is that you may be lacking in originality and the ability to attract free traffic to your site, you may have to rely mostly on paid advertisement to bring traffic to your online store.

This brings us to onlinestoresoldoption #3, about time right! Well, I just want to make sure you understand the differences between these options.
Option #3 will give you full control on content, control on how much you want to spend when and how or if you want to spend on upgrades. You will have the ability to drive 1000s potential customers to your site daily without costing a single cent on advertising.

Option #3 you own your site, and you get to control everything!

Don’t know anything about building a website? Not a problem, there are thousands of people taking advantage of an online website platform that provides not only a website but so much more.

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