How to Add Affiliate Links to Your Website

Have a WordPress website? Do you want to start earning an income from your website?

Adding Affiliate Links

Then here is a short tutorial to teach how to add affiliate links to WordPress!

What is An Affiliate Link?

Most importantly, having affiliate links on your website is one way of making money.

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An affiliate link is your unique identifying link that tells the merchant that you are the referrer to their website.

When people click on the affiliate link with your unique identifier from your website and the customer gets redirected to a merchant site it tells the company that you were the that referred that customer to them.

The link will bring the customer through the purchasing process on the merchant’s website and you get credit for that sale.

Amazon is an amazing example of an affiliate program that provides a percentage of every sale made by a client you referred in the past 24 hrs.

Most affiliate links have a time limit for which you get credit for a sale. Inthe case of Amazon you only get a 24-hour window for the customer, you referred to make a purchase.

Should the customer click your link and land on Amazon but decided to only go back over 24 hours later to make a purchase, you will not be credited for that sale.

On the positive or flip side, you may only have referred somebody to buy a blender but the customer ends up buying dozens of other products within that 24-hour window, you get credit for all the that customers purchases, not just for the blender.

Where Do You Get An Affiliate Link?

In order for you to get your own affiliate link with your unique identifier, you must apply to an affiliate program.

Again Amazon as an example. With Amazon, you can go directly to the Associates.Amazon website to apply to become an affiliate.

Other companies use an “Affiliate Agency” to manage requests to represent their company.

In essence, you become a representative of their product or service.

So they want to ensure that you meet their eligibility criteria and follow their rules. Many companies rely on agencies to manage all the applications.

Many companies rely on agencies like CJ or FlexOffers to manage all the applications.

It is best to ensure your site has sufficient traffic before applying as affiliate otherwise your request may be rejected.

Once you are accepted as an affiliate for a company then you will have access to a console where you are provided with various methods of using affiliate links or banners/pictures.

Here is an example how Amazon provides you with a link to a page or product.

Amazon Affiliate Link

How To Add an Affiliate Link to Your WordPress Website Content

To add an affiliate link to your post/blog content in WordPress is a short and easy process.

Updates in WordPress continuously make the process faster and easier.

Within your post, you will need to highlight the text you want the link.

Then Click on the link icon in the toolbar above at the top of your content page which will generate a popup near the highlighted text as shown below.

Enter Affiliate Link Direction

You paste your Amazon link in the text field and click the Return icon.

Once you clicked the icon your affiliate link is added to the highlighted text.

Then you will need to publish your WordPress content in order for the general public to have access to your new content with the affiliate links.

Now when people visit your website and are curious to know more about one of your suggested products or services people just need to click the affiliate link on your blog.

Get enough people to click and start seeing the $$ coming.

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