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How to Earn Extra Money Online

searchPerhaps this scenario is similar to one that you may have encountered as well.

I sat at my computer and typed in something resembling ‘How to Earn Extra Money Online”.

I’m not sure what I was expecting at the time.

I’ve heard of people making money on the internet but had no clue how to proceed.

I heard of pay-per-click ads and ad-sense, but how do those methods create revenue?

However they were going at it, I wanted a slice of this pie for myself.

I figured that by typing a few words in a search engine, that it would give me a few sites that could offer me some answers.

The Answer?

I was obviously quite naive to believe I would get only a few results.

To my dismay, millions of results were available for my viewing. Okay, I told myself, maybe I need to narrow my search, use more keywords like “earn,” extra income” or “own business.”

No good, it seemed as though every attempt to narrow my search only provided me with even more results from which to choose.

So I kept searching; I can’t just give up that easily!

I should at least look at what these sites have to offer.

So I skip past the  “Ad” sites as per my usual process and go for the 3rd or 4th result.

I rarely choose the 1st results past the ads, and I don’t remember why I do this.

I guess I’ve been burned once too often, with the 1st results often having pop-ups or composed of pages full of ads without any real content.moneyexplosion

Now, I’ve clicked on the 3rd or 4th result only to be directed to a site with content that once again talks about how I can make over $2000 week by working from home.

It goes on about how a single mom is now a millionaire by following their “Secret to success.”

The only problem is, to get this secret; you need to pay up front.

It’s a gamble: I can spend $200 – $300 to have a chance of getting this secret of making $2000/week, or they’re just going to provide me with some gibberish, pressuring me to spend more money.

Do I take a chance?

thegambleI’m not a gambler.

I have a wife and kids, so I can’t just take a chance wasting all that money, even if being able to make $2000 a week sounds nice.

What if I’m missing out because I’m too chicken to take a leap of faith?

Once again, my reasoning prevailed. I shut down the computer and went to buy some groceries with that $200 instead.

Years pass by, occasionally going through the self-torturing ritual of looking for a way to make more money on my own time online, to start a business of my own, only to withdraw to my same cowardly reasoning that I need to keep things as they were and followed the same course of action.

The Shocksurprise

One day, my wife and I were invited to an information session, organized and presented by my sister-in-law.

After the presentation, I once again had my reservations and negative opinions about this system.

I thought to myself, how can somebody make money simply by distributing this product?

My wife, on the other hand, decided to go into business with her sister.

She decided to take the leap of faith, you can read more about that HERE.

The Protector?

protectorI agreed to support my wife.

I mean, who am I to question her leap of faith?

I’m too scared to think even to stand up and to walk towards the edge.

So to show my full support, as a faithful husband should, I began my research on this company to understand better how it works.

Without telling her of course, I just want to make sure she was safe… and what the heck she was thinking!

“Now now, calm down Paul!”

I thought to myself; I’ll just throw a few words in the search engine to find out more about this company.

I was certain I’d see the word “scam’ all over, or titles like “‘take your money’ scam, don’t do it.”

Once these revelations presented themselves, I was going to show them to her…see what happens when you leap?!

To my surprise, I only saw the word “scam” maybe once or twice in the 2nd or 3rd first pages of results.

Another surprise was that the word “scam” was only in phrases like “is it a scam or legit?”.

No negative reviews or complaints showing themselves, only sites that offer their personal view of the business.

So I clicked on the “Scam or legit” site.

It gave me a good explanation on the company, the product and how one gets paid.

It told me how it wasn’t a scam, but like any business, you have to work at it to make it a success.

I continued my search by clicking on different sites, all with reviews on this business, all of them explaining the same things; Legit business in the legal sense, but you need to work ++ at it to make it a success.

notascamPhew! OK, my wife didn’t get scammed!

I might get involved in this business too, just let me check this last site.

Nope, the writer, says the same thing.

The only difference is that he elaborates, saying that it was not the type of business he was interested in because of the amount of interaction that was required to reach success.

Interesting, I must read more.

He went on to explain how he was able to make a living for his family working at home, being his own boss.

He briefly described how one can make a commission by referring people to other businesses online, explaining that many companies now use this process versus advertising as the people referred are more likely to buy, compared to your run-of-the-mill pop-up ad.

The type of business this person was referring to are companies that know how his audience or followers trust him.

By referring his audience to their company website,  their chance of receiving visitors interested in their service or product increases considerably.

His site directed me to Wealthy Affiliate, where I was pleased to see they offered a free membership so that I could view some of the content on the site.

It also allowed me to chat with other free or paid members of the site to learn more about how it functions.

Taking the scenic route

scenicrouteAfter starting my account, I never looked back! Out of all the sites, I’ve seen over the years offering information and support for an online business, this site is the best by far.

Click here===> to see my Wealthy Affiliate review.




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