How to Get Paid to Teach Online

Do you have a talent for teaching people?

Then you may be interested to know that you can get paid to teach online!

Learn How To Get Paid To Teach Online

Teaching online is growing at exponential rates. 

It is so popular that Universities and Colleges take the trend of learning online very seriously and offer many courses online.  A University like Athabasca have 100s of University Programs and over 850 courses that you can take online. 

Here is a live trend feed from Google Trends that shows Teaching Online is trending twice as much compared to Teaching in a Classroom.

If there was ever a better time to get on the's now!

So let's get started.

Teaching Platform

If you are going to teach online you will need to decide what online platform you are going to use.

Most people think of YouTube straight away.

You see so many people make videos, they get lucky to have a video that goes viral and they become famous overnight.

It is true that some people, do end up with huge followers.

Unfortunately, many of those YouTubers never took the time to make a long-term plan.

Many have a good following for awhile but either people get bored or Youtube changes the rules and you slowly or sometimes quickly lose your following.

That is not even mentioning the way YouTube can decide to change their rules from one day to the next.

Where the rules change so your content no longer ranks well in search results and you end up with no more traffic to your YouTube channel.

This is why it is important to choose your teaching platform wisely.

There is nothing wrong with using YouTube as a marketing tool but don't use it as the main platform for your business.

Making videos and storing them all on YouTube as your sole business platform would be like trying to sell food in someone else's restaurant.

Imagine you have a restaurant chain that says you can sell your hot sauce at all their establishments. 

You make a contract with the lawyers and everything, but the contract basically says you need to follow all the rules or your product can no longer be sold.

Along with the clause that the restaurants can decide to remove your products from their restaurant sites whenever it no longer suits their needs.

That is basically what you are doing if you solely rely on storing your content and build your followers based on platforms like YouTube where you do not own or have control over.

What to Do?

The best online platform where you can teach online and not worry about everything you worked for being lost is by creating your own website or your own e-resource that you can sell.

You register the website and it belongs to you.  If YOU don't like the web-hosting platform you can take your website to another web-hosting site.

You have control of your content.

You create an e-resource and only you have copyright privileges to sell it.

Many people shy away from creating their own websites thinking that it is too hard and complicated when in fact it is quite easy.

Heck, if I can do it then anybody can.

Not only can you build your own website to use as the main basis for your teaching you can also sell your own e-resources from your website or you can use an affiliate program like Amazon or ClickBank to sell your product.

You learn about online marketing and setting up a website in minutes by following the free training at Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

I host this and other websites like this one through Wealthy Affiliate's web-hosting platform.

If you prefer to fall for platforms with high marketing budgets, (marketing budgets from their customer's pockets) then you can also use a service like Wix or GoDaddy.

Bring Traffic to Your Site

Once you decide which platform you will use and build your website you will want to have people come to your site.

When you build a website from scratch, it will take time to get noticed by the search engines like Google or Bing.

There are some little tricks to help you be in front of the competition. I'm not talking about schemes or scam tricks.

I'm talking about one trick where we know there are some areas that the big competitors don't bother going after.

We call that going after low lying fruit.


Let's say you want to teach French online. You will see big competitors like Babbel eat up the top of the 1st page in the search engine results.

You will not only see them at the top of the ads but also on the top of the regular search results.

These are companies that have a whole team to market their product by doing search engine optimization and paid per click advertising.

It would be futile to try and compete head to head with these big companies you will lose.

The way you win is by picking the low lying fruit I mentioned earlier.

These big companies focus on their major audience.

They only focus on the ones that will give them the biggest return on investment.

I call it the 80/20 rule.

They only focus on 80% of the market. The other 20% is for our picking sort of speak.

You can learn all about this strategy from the same people that host this website...Wealthy Affiliate.

They have a free training program that will explain the whole process.

If you like what they are teaching you can opt to upgrade to a Premium membership that will support your online teaching business to a whole other level.

Make Money From Your Training

When you have traffic to your site then you can monetize your site.

There are numerous ways you can make money from your site.

It all depends on you which direction you want to take your online business.

You may only want to do blogs and videos and earn an income from clicks on your website ads.

Or you can sell you e-resource.

Another way is by affiliate marketing where you can refer people to a product of some sort where you get paid a commission if they buy something.

The nice thing is you can be honest, provide a great service and you only make money if people appreciate your referral to a product that you recommended.

These examples are only the beginning.

The web is intertwined with so many variations and selling options that you can't even imagine.

Keep Your #1 SEO Ranking

It's one thing to learn how to cash in on the low lying fruit, it is another keeping your site and products on top of the list.

As with anything else you too will have competition at trying to keep hold of that low lying fruit.

Much more will attempt to slide in and take your spot.

You need to keep your website fresh and active.

Keep creating new and relevant content for your audience to keep them coming back.


It goes with saying that if you are new to online teaching or starting an online business then you will need some training before you begin.

Luckily I can suggest using Wealthy Affiliate, over Wix or Godaddy without any hesitation.

I am honest in saying that if you do sign up to Wealthy Affiliate and eventually decide to go Premium then, yes I do make a commission.

Guess what...if you decide to go with another platform like Wix or GoDaddy,  I make a commission from them as well. Yes, there is a lot to learn.

So let us recap what steps are required for you to get paid teaching online.

1- Create your own website and/or e-resource

2-Bring traffic to your website by focusing on low lying fruit

3-Choose a method to be compensated for your teaching or e-product.

4-Keep your site and resources active and fresh to stay ahead of the competition.

I hope this information has inspired you to take the first step in starting your online teaching business.

Paul from pbworkfromhome author

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