How To Make Money Online As a College Student

You’re off to college…so now you need some extra cash and ask yourself how to make money as a college student.Beautiful College Girl wondering about making money online

While in college you have a lot to do to keep your academic grades up.

How can you make money without having to commute to a job after your courses?

You can make money online as a College student…of course!

Working online as a college student not only allows you the flexibility to set your own hours but it can also prepare you for the future in today’s working environment.

Where do you start?

You will need to decide if you just want something quick and easy like getting a job that you can do online or you can create your own online business to earn extra money.

Want an Online Job?

There are thousands of online jobs available.

One of the trendiest of online jobs is online surveys.

You can check out my “Home-Based Jobs” page for more details about online jobs suitable for students.

You should only apply for online jobs that do not request any money from you in advance.

Seriously though, have you ever started a job somewhere where the boss asked you to pay them some money before starting your new job?

Ya, sure, there are exceptions when you are starting a job where you need some special equipment, tools, or uniforms but if they really want you to work they can work out a payment schedule to take it out of your earnings.

You should expect the same with any online job…so be wary of any scam like requests for money to get an online job.

The online employer will likely inform you or have a list of items you will need to fulfill the job requirement such as a computer and internet connection.

That type of upfront expense would not be unreasonable…if they say they will provide you with a computer and cover the internet costs…then kudos to you!

Want to Start an Online Business?

You don’t want to work for the man?

Then why not start your own online business?

It is easier than you think!

Heck…if I can do it then so can you!

If you knew me better, you would be asking yourself how did this guy ever manage to start an online business?

Yet…you found yourself on my website after doing a search on Google or Bing/Yahoo about making money online.

You didn’t get here by a fluke or by some miracle.

You found my website with the work I put into it and using the knowledge from a remarkable free website hosting platform, I’ll get to them shortly.

That’s right…you can learn all about and start your website and an online business for free.

Count yourself lucky to have landed on my website today…I spent over 10 years looking for this knowledge all over the internet.

Okay…Okay…I won’t delay any further.

The platform I am talking about is called Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Click here for my review.

I know, I know the name sounds a little suspicious.

I had my doubts at first too but as I started following their free courses it was apparent they weren’t hiding anything and that the community aspect of it was way more than I had ever expected.

After using WA for free for a week I decided to go Premium to use their platform to the fullest.

The service and information sold itself!

I could have stayed on for free forever and run my online business with the available 2 free websites they provide but I wanted to put my websites onto a rocket of success.

What You Will Learn

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the 4 steps to Affiliate Marketing.

1- Choose an Interest

2-Build a Website

3- Attract Visitors

4-Earn Revenue

Advice To Starting an Online Business

My advice for starting an online business is to keep it simple.

I went full-throttle at the beginning which ended up making me spread out too thin and slowed down my progress.

I had too many websites and too many niches to keep up.

The amount of work it takes to get a website ranking on the first page of Google or Bing can be demanding.


There are thousands of options out there. Choose what would best meet your own needs and schedule.

Taking an online job can be quick and easy with great flexibility but the pay/hour may not be that great for most online jobs.

Starting an online business can take awhile to get it established but you can get astounding rewards in the long run.

Click on the link below to get your online business started today!

Free WA membership button

Have a question or comment? Please leave them below, we would love to hear from you.


15 comments on “How To Make Money Online As a College Student
  1. Alice says:

    Taking on online jobs or blogging is a great way for students to earn extra cash right in the comfort of their own homes. All they need is a computer and a good internet connection.
    How I wish making money online had been introduced during my college years, but I’m glad to hear about Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn everything there is to know about starting an online business. It looks like joining Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn how to make money online for a college student.

    • Paul says:

      I too wish I had the opportunity to work from home or anywhere as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

      There are so many new opportunities available to students wanting to work online today. They just need to be aware of all the scams that are out there as well.

      I strongly suggest not to sign up to anything that will ask for money upfront before getting the job or getting information on how t start an online business. 

      I do promote Wealthy Affiliate as I have been a member for close to 2 years now and have no regrets and plan to stay on for many more to come.



  2. Matt's Mom says:

    I think that becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member and getting started is a GREAT way to start an income while in college. It is one of those things that anyone can do! Just takes a little elbow grease. I have actually been a premium WA member for over a year, I really finally see an income. It is awesome!

    • Paul says:

      It IS certainly something anybody can do. Anyone from the computer beginner to people that are able to do short code or javascript.  Wealthy Affiliate sets you up with 2 free WordPress websites where you can build a website and online business. 

      You also have the option to go Premium where you can host up to 25 https websites for one flat fee that is the equivalent to most hosting sites for 1-5 hosted sites with an extra fee for the htpps /SSL certificate. That is not to mention the live chat, a huge community to support you as you follow the included online courses and weekly webinars. 

      As with me, you are fortunate to have found Wealthy Affiliate to boost your online success like a rocket!

      You alos indicated it took you about a year to be making an income and that is something I always try to explain in my blogs about Wealthy Affiliate. It is not an overnight, get rich quick scheme.

      Yes I say scheme or some say scam as any program that promises an easy overnight success for a fee is likely only after you loosing a few bucks…don’t do it.

      I can only suggest give Wealthy Affiliate a try, it’s free to sign up, no credit information to provide so no need to remember to cancel your membership if you a re not interested to continue. If you do decide to to stay on as a free member you can for as long as you like and still keep your hosting your 2 free websites forever. No need to pay anything!

  3. Christopher De La Hoz says:

    Hello Paul,

    I think that this is a great article and can be very beneficial for college students to read, as well as anyone else who is interested in starting an online business. I agree when you say it will take awhile to get established, but will lead to astounding rewards in the long run. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to be to achieve these goals. Great job Paul.

    Christopher De La Hoz

    • Paul says:

      Thank you, Christopher,

      I remember back when I was a college student and wondered how I could earn extra income. It was difficult having to deal with getting to work let alone finding a job flexible enough to allow me to do the required studying and completing projects.

      Now I don’t want all students think that they can just sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, build a website and start earning money. Although it is possible that does happen it very rare to happen that quickly.

      It does take time, work, and persistence to build a following and gain the trust of the search engines to send traffic to your site.

      One option to earn right away is to try out some online jobs where you can get started right away with minimal training. One can also start building their online business through Wealthy Affiliate. Slowly building their search engine ranking and social followings.

      Perhaps it would be ideal to start an online business before starting college so that once you start your course you already have the ranking and followers required to maintain a possible steady online income.

      If one does decide to go with starting an online business I can’t say enough how their site and services sale itself. If you are prepared to do the work required, Wealthy Affiliate has the tools and support to help anyone be successful online.



  4. Shareef says:

    Thanks for the clear disclosure of how to earn money from the internet. I have been searching for it where I can increase my revenue and earn more. Here you have showed me where I can start and earn more. On the internet I have come across many ways to earn money, most of the Internet marketers talk about it a lot, but I still couldn’t find the best place, until now. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate I can now start my own online business.  Thanks for the heads up. It really help me.

    • Paul says:

      I am pleased you found the information helpful. If you read my story about the 4 steps to affiliate marketing you will see that I too struggled for many years to find out how people made an income by writing blogs when they never charged me anything for the information.

      Wishing you the best of success with starting your online business.



  5. Darcy says:

    Boy. I wish this website had been around when I was going to college. It would have helped a great deal! I never really liked working for the man, and I wasn’t looking forward to having to do it after I finished college either. If I had known about affiliate marketing then, I would have umped on it!

    You will help a lot of your students. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Joanne McLeod says:

    I really enjoyed your website and this post in particular. I found everything was well thought out and very easy to read. You held my attention. In fact, my grandson just started his freshmen year and I might just suggest that he look at your site. Congrats guys, on a job well done on explaining how someone  like my grandson can look at starting an online business as an option to make money online while being a student in college. I wish you success.

    • Paul says:

      Thank you for the wonderful feedback about our site. We appreciate your kind words. Your grandson can absolutely look at starting his online business now. Even if he were to just sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for free to learn everything about starting an online business. He could always get serious once he graduates, at least he can gain the search engines confidence by registering a domain now and slowly build his website’s content.



  7. wardvann says:

    Your blog offering students a brand new start on how to make money on the Wealthy Affiliate community is a perfect example what their platform can do. I like that idea of promoting WA to college students, and I expect your site is successful because of your writing, theme, layout and content skills. It’s clear and easy to understand. Keep up the good work!

    • Paul says:

      There are many ways students can earn an income online. Wealthy Affiliate provides the training for building your online foundation, then it is up to you to direct your online business in your personal direction.

      Some people do the blogging method as I do, others create sites strictly for Pay Per Click marketing, others create drop shipping websites. The possibilities are endless but WA can provide you with all the tools and support you need to make any online business successful.

      Best of luck



  8. Ben says:

    Thanks for the info! Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a good way to earn some cash while doing something fun! I wish I had known about this in college because I was broke and working a lot of hours for little return. I might have been better off putting my efforts toward something like this!

    • Paul says:

      It certainly have been nice to have this information when I was a student. knowing how search engines increase traffic to your site once you’ve built trust would have helped me a lot now. 

      There is no better time than to start your online business than now. Many people think that the online market is saturated already years ago yet it keeps on growing every year.

      Best of luck


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