How To Retire and Work From Home Online

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Planning to retire but worry that you won’t have enough income to support your current lifestyle?

Then it may be time to start your work from home business now.

Similar to any retirement plan it takes a little planning and preparation.

Starting an online business that can earn an income from home takes training and time.

Fortunately, there is free training available to get you started and some fantastic paid platforms to get you to become as good as an online professional.

The following steps list what I have done to prepare for my retirement maybe you will find it suitable for your situation.

Evaluate Your Pension Plan

If you are going to plan how you will retire, you will need to know where you currently stand with pension plans, savings, investments, and/or debt.

Before going any further, it is important that you get your debt under control now!

You can learn more about how to control debt by reading my recent blog called What is the Best Way to Pay Off Debt.

Once you are honest about your debt situation and have a strict plan to repay it, then you can move on to reviewing your retirement plan.

I liked using tools available through my bank or you can use tools from any of the popular banks, you can meet with a financial advisor or if available, take a course with your pension plan provider.

The key point here is you need to know where you stand financially now and where you will be if you continue on your current path.

Sometime making little changes now can increase your retirement investment goals substantially.

Once you have all your current pension, savings, and investment plans in place you can now see if there are gaps in your plan.

If you have no gaps then I congratulate you as you are in the minority that has planned well in advance.

As for the rest of us, we will have gaps and that is where I've decided to start working from home to save money but to also start an online business.

This leads us to the next step of training.

Training On How to Start an Online Business

I would like to say I knew everything there is to know about running an online business but that would be false.

Once I started my training I realized I knew nothing about how businesses worked online.
Things like affiliate marketing, SEO, Keyword Optimization, low hanging fruit, CTRs to name a few things that I have learned about through my training.

The training is really never done. Every day I learn something new and I find that so gratifying.

I know, I know, you are waiting for me to tell you where do I get this training.

I can tell you that I was fortunate enough to fall upon a blog like this one to find one of the best online business training platforms out there called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with all the training and support you will ever need to start and manage your online business. They also provide registration for your domain name and hosting your website which brings us to our next step of creating your website(s).

Create a Niche Specific Website

To start an online business you will need to create a niche specific website.

Niche-specific website is important as you will need to compete against large corporate online entities who can poor large amounts of $$$ into there sites and marketing.

Opening a website with similar products or services would be the same as trying to compete against a Walmart store. Where your store is located behind the Walmart dumpsters. In other words, you will not get very many visitors to your site.

One way to compete online with that same scenario is to have a store that sells only one type of product or service. Ideally, a product or service that is not even sold by the big box type of businesses.

Then you can write about these products or services using keywords that most larger companies don't tend to use.

This is where writing keyword rich and valuable content plays a key role.

Write Keyword-Rich and Valuable Content

​​​Once you have your niche specific website up and running you need to add content to it.

It is important to use a keyword search tool like Jaaxy to help you find those low hanging keywords that will get you to the front page of the search engine search results.

Getting your site blogs in the top 10 results is key to getting conversions, i.e. people to click and end up at your website.

Once you get them there you will need to have content that people find valuable.

When you get your audience you will want to see if there is a way to earn an income. That is the reason you created your website in the first place.

That is where affiliate marketing comes into play.

Now You Can Earn Commission on Almost Anything

There are thousands of affiliate programs for any type of niche.

The best part of this business style is that you are not harassing anybody to buy something. They only buy if they are interested in the product.

You don't even have to deal with any shipments or registrations.

All you do is sit back and earn the commission for the referrals.


Starting an online business can be done by anyone. It makes for a great opportunity to earn an extra income while you are retired.

You can manage it from your home or anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

They key to a great retirement is planning and the best time to start planning is today!

So take the time now to go through the steps listed above.

  1. Evaluate Your Pension Plan
  2. Training On How to Start an Online Business
  3. Create a Niche Specific Website
  4. Write Keyword-Rich and Valuable Content
  5. Then You Can Earn Commission on Almost Anything

All this is available at one convenient online platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Free to register and no credit information required. Stay free as long as you like or cancel at any time.

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