How to Sell ClickBank Products

If you read my article on the 4 steps to affiliate marketing, you will have a good idea on how to sell ClickBank products.

Except for one huge difference if you are not planning to be an affiliate marketer for ClickBank also allows you to be a vendor as well.

How to sell ClickBank products

What is ClickBank?

First, let’s start by explaining what is ClickBank.

You can consider ClickBank as being the equivalent of Amazon or eBay for information or digital products.

Where people like you can create a product, such as a “How to” information product, that you can sell through ClickBank.

If you have produced a product to sell, then you are considered a “Vendor”.

The vendor, in turn, relies on affiliates to promote and sell your product by directing their traffic to your product hosted at ClickBank.

You, the vendor, then give a portion of the income from the sale of your product to the affiliate marketer as commission and a portion to ClickBank for their online service.

The big difference with ClickBank compared to Amazon or eBay is the amount of commission you pay out. Amazon will usually pay between 6 to approx. 12% commission to affiliate marketers.

At ClickBank, the vendor may pay out up to as high as 75% to the affiliate marketer.

Now you may think that is plain robbery!

Who pays 75% to a salesperson?

It may sound high but if you think about creating your product once, then post at ClickBank for affiliate marketers to do all the work at selling your product it’s not a bad deal.

As a vendor, wouldn’t you rather make $1 per sale if affiliates are bringing in 1000 sales per day, compared to trying to sell it yourself for $10 but only get 10 sales per day?

Not to mention you are not having the hassle to manage the sales which are taken care of by ClickBank.

Should I be a Vendor or an Affiliate Marketer?

If you have a digital product, then ClickBank is an ideal platform for selling, where you can sit back and let the affiliate marketers sell your stuff.

If you have no product of your own then being a ClickBank affiliate can give you a good start at creating your online business.

Succeeding as an Affiliate Marketer Selling ClickBank Products

To succeed as an affiliate marketer, selling ClickBank products, I suggest you check out my blog “The 4 steps to Affiliate Marketing”.

The 4 basic steps are as follows:

  1. Choose an Interest
  2. Build your Niche Website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Earn Revenue


Succeed as a Vendor

To succeed as a ClickBank vendor, you will need to create a product.

Most ClickBank products are “How to” digital products.

Some examples include the following subjects:

You will need to decide what type of product to create.

It can be written documents, audio and/or video information.

The advantage of creating a product and posting it on ClickBank versus just writing a book or posting a video is that you can build upon your base product.

With the ClickBank approach, you can provide various levels of access.

For instance, you can offer a short version of the information for let’s say $10.

You may get more sales at that lower price.

Once they sign up and use your lower price product and see how good your product is, then you can offer a full package for a higher rate or a monthly membership rate.

This is one of the key advantages of selling your product through ClickBank vs just writing a book and selling it on Amazon.

Amazon will give you one sell, but ClickBank can give you multiple or ongoing sales.

Another advantage with ClickBank is that you can create direct contact with your customers and prospective customers as you will have their contact information.


ClickBank offers you 2 extraordinary ways to earn an income online.

You can create and sell your own digital products while having thousands of affiliate marketers promoting your product to over 3.2 Billion potential online customers globally.

You can also promote products for sale on ClickBank to earn a hefty, up to 75% + commission on each referral and sale of a product on ClickBank.

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