How to Spot a Work From Home Scam

Let’s face it…now that creating websites has become so much easier for anybody to start an online business, there is a whole lot more work from home scams that you need to avoid.

Working from home or working from anywhere for that matter is a seductive option for many people wanting to get out of their 9 to 5 grind, working in a cubicle, not to mention avoiding hours a day commuting.

All hope is not lost…there are still much more legit work from home opportunities out there from which you can take advantage. You just need to know what signs that will tell you to run away. Stranger Danger type signs.

Avoiding online get rich quick scams is the main reason this site was created.

I am still getting comfortable to write about my experiences but I believe it is more important I get over my feeling of embarrassment so that I can at least help one person avoid an online scam.

With billions of suggestions on how to work from home, how do you screen the good ones from the bad?

Over the years of me trying to figure out how to earn an income online, I have fallen for many scams.

Now that I have found a legitimate site I can provide some warning signs of what an online business opportunity scam looks like.

Online Business Scam Warning Signs

  • Avoid Bright red, yellow, and flashing boxes all over a one-page website trying to have you buy a secret to online business success.

Ok, so I know that just because a site may look tacky doesn’t mean it is a scam..right? Well from my experience, more often than not those red/yellow/blue flashy sites are quick money grabbing scams.

They usually will be offering secrets to success of some sort with long and repetitive explanations and options to “CLICK HERE NOW BEFORE THE TIMER RUNS OUT” type of requests all over as you scroll down their one-page site.

The cost is usually around $5 to $10 so many people fall for it as they figure if it is a scam they are only losing a little money. Which is true, and that is the exact reason that it should ring some bells to tell you to run away from these as quickly as possible.

So those sites are actually the easy ones to avoid as they are quite apparent. In case you are one who has a legit site but for some reason looks like that it may be time to update the appearance of your website as that looks, as my son would say…”looks soooo 2012! bruh!”

  • Avoid sites that have little information but want you to pay an upfront subscription to sign up to their full site of information…”inside”.

There is nothing wrong for asking to subscribe to a site, but you should not have to pay to get in, nor should you be needing to provide any credit card information just to subscribe.

Unfortunately, many people fall for these as they can have nice, updated and legit looking sites but there is no way I am giving any credit card information until I see some of the goods.

Any reputable and confident legit site will offer a free subscription to try it out without having to provide any upfront payment or credit card information.

  • Beware of sites that suggest you can be rich with little investment and or work.

This rule is applicable to any business or job opportunity. It just does not exist. Sure they can provide you with some actual people that have had a quick and easy success…but so do lotteries and we all know that there are not that many winners out there.

In general, it takes time, persistence and work to be successful whether in brick and mortar business or an online business.

If a site is suggesting you can be rich without working…forget about it.

I’ve seen many sites now suggesting with a small investment somewhere the $3000 mark they will provide you with a website that already has lots of traffic, and all you have to do is collect thousands of dollars per week or day.

If that was true, then why would they need you to pay for these sites if it can pay itself off in a couple of days…stay away from these like the plague.


I hope you find the “how to spot a work from home scam” tips will assist yo to avoid getting scammed by some kind of online Ponzi scheme.

I mentioned that I too have searched for years to finally find a legit site that taught everything there is to know about online marketing.

Of course, it is legit as it has a professional look, enough information on their pre-subscription site to understand how they work and you can subscribe for free training without providing any payment and no credit card information. Only once you try it out for a week you have the option to sign up for a paid subscription at a 1-month reduced rate or stay free forever…your choice.

I have been a paying member at Wealthy Affiliate for over 1.5 years with no plan of quitting.

You have the choice to click the banner below to see the site for yourself or you can read my review by clicking ==> here.

Have any comments or questions please put them down below we would love to hear from you.



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