How to Start an Online Business for $1.63 per Day


Less than a cup of coffee per day!

What if I said you can learn and have full support to start an online business for less than it would cost you to buy a cup of coffee.

Would you give up a cup of coffee per day to start your online business?

This is not just another empty promise. That is the current rate for a Premium membership to the #1 recommended online business training platform.

You can sign-up for free!

What if  I told you that you can start your online business right now for FREE. That you can keep that coffee for the day and start your online business immediately.

That same #1 recommended site that offers a Premium membership for $1.63/ day will let you start your training and use their tools free for 7 days.

No Credit Information Required, No Risk.

What happens once I've signed up?

Once you sign-up by only providing your email, to make sure you are not a robot, and a username, you get to jump into the training immediately.

You start by clicking on the training button and you will start hearing yourself say things like "Oh", "Really", "Wow", "Awesome", "Where were you guys years ago?"

You will see that the training is explained in an easy way so that if you are someone that knows little about working online will understand. 

This training platform was created by 2 guys who were also trying to figure out how making money online really worked. They realized that there were so many scams and gimmicks out there. They wanted to provide a legitimate platform where you can get training and start your online business without getting scammed.

How does it work?

You will start with the beginner /Level 1 training course that has 10 lessons. 

The First Lesson will provide you with some background information about the online platform, how to navigate the various services available, and provide some valuable advice for beginners. 

The Second Lesson is where you really start to opening yours eyes about starting an online business as they will explain how to make online.

The Third Lesson will provide you some guidance on what direction you want to take your online business. This training is not a cookie cutter type of system. They provide you with the fundamentals so that you can create your online business however you want.

The Fourth Lesson will get you started building your own website. You will learn how to create a domain name and choose a theme for your website. You will be able to practice building your website with the use of the available 2 free websites that come with the free membership.

Check for available Free Domain Names now

The Fifth Lesson will bring you deeper into the back end of setting up your website so that it is seen properly by your readers.

The Sixth Lesson is where you learn how to set up your website so that it is not only found by search engines like Google and Bing but also help you to get on the first page of people's search results.

The Seventh Lesson you will learn how to create content for your website to ensure that your readers will stay to read what you have to say.

The Eight Lesson takes you in the importance of menus and how to customize them on your website.

The Ninth Lesson will talk about the all important keywords. In order to rank high within the search engine search results you need to understand keywords.

The Tenth Lesson concludes the beginners course and gets you on your way to the next step or you can stay on for free to use the resources available for free members including the ongoing use of your 2 free websites.

What you get if you decide to give up that cup of coffee

You may be asking, "So now that I've gone through the "Beginner" course with its ten lessons what else is left that I need to pay $1.63 US / day / Premium Membership (paid Monthly)?"

It depends how fast you get  through the beginner course. If you get through it you will still have access to many resources available for free for up to 7 days from the day you signed up.

After 7 days are up many of the cool features and tools you were using will no longer be available for you to use or may have an increase in limitations.

You will still have enough resources to maintain your 2 free websites and it is possible to maintain an online presence and business.

If you decide to buy into the Premium Membership you will regain access to the live help, keyword research tool, 1-on-1 coaching. 

Then most importantly the Premium membership will open up all the resources and support services. You not only get 2 free websites but you get access to host up to 50 websites with website security, backup. You get unlimited live help, a personal affiliate blog, access to an affiliate program where you can earn while you learn private access to the owners of the platform, 24/7/365 day website support, analysis, and a website feedback and comment platform.

The premium level training brings you to whole other level of understanding online marketing with their affiliate bootcamp training and 4 more courses each with 10 more lessons, that's 40 more lessons to give you an online entrepreneur certification.

Compare a Free/Starter vs Premium Membership. 

I found Wealthy Affiliate by landing on a page just like this one.

Now I have a few websites running online just like this one and my blogs are being ranked on the first page of Google and Bing. 

Online marketing is a competitive business just like any other business. The training available is nothing I've ever seen anywhere else on the internet.

Once I saw that the training worked and started seeing income coming in from affiliate programs and advertising I knew  that this system works.

I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over 2.5 years now and have no plans on leaving. 

Should you decide to sign up I will be there to greet you. Hope to see you soon.

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My online journey started in 2008 when I was tired of working for somebody else. I searched the internet for years trying to find out how to make a living from home with an online business. In 2015 I finally found the information and support from a website just like this one

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