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How To Start Blogging From Scratch!

The funny thing is I wasn’t even thinking about becoming a blogger. I sure didn’t know how to write a blog. If I did know how, what would I write about.

This is where I was a few months ago.  I was sitting at my computer, checking to see if the MLM my wife was thinking of joining was a scam, and I ended up becoming a blogger.

How to start blogging from scratch

Where did this blogging thing come from, now 5 months later, it feels like I’ve been a blogger all my life. In reality before writing blogs 5 months ago, I haven’t written any papers or stories since I finished college over 23 years ago.

Since College I hadn’t even read many books, I can probably count the number of books I read on my fingers.

So if anybody knows how to become a blogger from scratch, I sure do!

I must be honest; it wasn’t easy.

Those brain cells needed for writing were pretty dormant; they were more like being in hibernation..through an Ice Age!

So back to my 5 months ago, haven’t written anything in years, and was never interested in becoming a blogger. Then I sign up to this amazing site that starts me off slowly by explaining how all this internet marketing stuff works.

Choose A NicheChoosing a niche

They go on to explain how to select a niche where you are passionate. Easy enough, I do have some interests and experiences I can write about.

So I start 1 website about 3D printing, I am interested in that topic and feel it will be a big part of near future.

Future, exactly, although I like the idea of 3D printing I don’t have any experience in it, and for somebody just starting out, I don’t have the time to investigate it thoroughly enough to blog about it.

Ok, so I set that one aside. So this new site I signed up with that is teaching me everything about online marketing has an excellent affiliate program, probably the best that is out there. I would be crazy not to talk about their site, but I’ve just started here, what could I bring to the table that hundreds of other people are already doing?

I sleep on it a few nights and realize that I do have much to offer about their online program. I already work from home, have done so for over 7 years with this current organization, and I have had some home-based businesses along with my wife.

I  found the topic on my site. I can talk about my experiences along with my spouse’s work-business experiences to provide others with work from home business ideas.

Start Blogging

The great thing about this internet marketing platform, it doesn’t let you dwell too much time on choosing a niche and gets you to start writing content for your site right away.

They say, just get going, you choose a topic and start writing. Not to worry too much about how it sounds or if any grammar mistakes, just write, write, write!

They want you to take action, practice and feel the waters, not just keep reading and putting off the inevitable.

Blogging is about writing, so it is better to jump in right away, see if you can do it, and also see if it is something you want to do on an ongoing basis.

So I jumped in and started writing.

After my first blog my head hurt. Having to read over a dozen of times and still making mistakes or not always making the best of sense. So I get my 15-year-old son to proof-read it and correct what he felt was wrong. They say it is best to write your blog as though you are in Grade 6 English level to cover all demographics local and globally.

After my son reads and makes corrections, I see that his English is more advanced than mine, so I re-edit to downgrade back to my writing, uhmm lower level.

publish your blog

Time To Publish

I finally get it all done and polished to something I felt was a quality piece of work. It is time to post it to my website. I put the mouse arrow over the publish button, but then thousands of frightening thoughts run through my head, the scariest part was that this is going to be public, anybody and maybe everybody will be reading this blog. What will they say? What will they think? What will…Sh*t I clicked the button!!! It is published!  How do I unpublish so I can continue with my panic attack for hours?

I decide that it is done! No turning back Paul, you are now known to be a blogger. It is time to let the blog spirits free and let be what is to be!

Time For Another Blog

The first blog now sent out to cyberspace for all to see I start writing my second blog.

Luckily I have a list of subjects to write about so it doesn’t take long to do my keyword searches and the ideas for my blog start flowing. Writing my second blog becomes a little bit easier, although the grammar part is really giving me a headache. All those years letting that part of my brain become lazy really takes a lot of energy to get it back into shape.

Move onto the third, fourth and so on the task of writing becomes easier. The more I write the more I become aware of my writing style.

It all startsWrite Write Write to come together. I still have lots to learn and only time will allow me to become a better blogger. Having my blogs out to be seen by all allows people to give feedback so I know what I may need to change or tweak for the next one.

For now, I will just keep writing, writing and writing!

I now know how to write a blog, it will just take time and practice to become a better blogger.

I hope you all enjoyed this little blog about blogging. If you are thinking about becoming a blogger, be sure to start with the best resource out there to get you started online.

I am talking about that platform I mentioned earlier. You can check out my review about that platform by clicking on the following link.

My #1 Recommended

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My online journey started in 2008 when I was tired of working for somebody else. I searched the internet for years trying to find out how to make a living from home with an online business. In 2015 I finally found the information and support from a website just like this one

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  • Anh Nguyen says:


    Blogging is hard. It takes a lot of energy to write, polish then hit publish. When you start it’s easy to get discouraged because no matter how good your articles, you don’t have an audience yet and you’ve gotta work at in order to gain exposure.

    Really like your straightforward take on how to start a blog,

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Paul says:

      Hey Anh,

      Thank you for your interest and feedback. It surely can be discouraging at the beginning without an audience. Thanks to the owners and members at “My #1 Recommended” web-hosting I was provided with the right tools and supports to continue on to make this a successful online business.



  • Christine says:

    I considered starting a business blogging but was unsure what to do or that I wasn’t a writer but you have convinced me that I can be a blogger. If I just start writing stuff about my interests then I will get better at writing and someday I will feel confident enough to actually publish something.

    • Paul says:


      That is great news! I encourage anybody that has an interest in blogging, but lack the confidence, to go ahead and write then publish something. This is the only way to say how rewarding it can be.

      Best of Success


  • Carroll says:

    Hi there, Paul Im glad you decided to write about blogging. I have the problem about doing that very thing. I am not anti social but I do not have to communicate with others very often. When you blog do your subject need to be related? How much do You normally write. If you can please get back to me.

    • Paul says:


      I write my content in relation to the websites niche such as with this website I only write content that has to do with working from home. It may sound like that can end up being a narrow subject but in actual fact it has a very broad range of topics I can write about. I’ve already built my foundation, now I can branch out in many directions. i can write about all the tools I may use to work from home, from pens to computers, to buying a house with an office or what internet service to use. Right now this site is still fairly new so I am still focusing on the main topics related to working from home, but eventually I will look at writing on the extended topics. You also asked how much I write, I wish I can write more often as I really enjoy now, for now as I am doing this part-time I aim for 2 blogs per week for each site that I have. My other sites are more technical or descriptive writing which is more template based like my pbgiftideas and paulsresources for example. I host all my sites through Wealthy Affiliate, they have shown me everything I need to know about building my online business.



  • Jupsun says:

    Whao! for a starter, this is really very amazing, beautifully constructed write-up, flowed like a prose!
    nice layout and excellent insightful content.
    your 15 years old son really did an excellent Job,

    Your write-up on how to blog is superb, provides very enjoyable reading too. the sentences are well constructed, the layout superb and you made your point very succinctly.
    Being in the same position now as you were some months back I really find your blog very educative and inspring

    • Paul says:

      Hey there,

      Thanks for the visit. I am pleased that you found it inspiring. I know how you are feeling right now, but if you follow the instructions at Wealthy Affiliate you will see how you will become a blogger in no time.

      Best of Success


  • ariefw says:

    Hi Paul,

    I do find it hard to start blogging. The first time I tried, I can only make a 300 words article. That is super short but I thought I already poured my heart on it.

    4 months later, I still think that writing a blog is so difficult. I need to practice again and again.
    At this point, I am able to write 800 words with a bit of ease. But my target is 1,200 words for each article.

    Blogging is hard but fun. That is all I can say about blogging.

  • Matthew Thomas says:

    Blogging provides a lot of freedom and flexibility – you can literally write about whatever you want. And the best part about writing blog posts in comparison to a school paper for example, is that there’s no real format you have to follow. In fact, grammar doesn’t even need to be perfect. Readers typically prefer posts to be “conversational”.

    What’s the #1 piece of advise you would give a first-time blogger?

    • Paul says:


      I think blogging does allow for flexibility from the traditional ways of writing. You need to capture your audience fast and keep them interested for at least a few minutes. I’m still developing my style and likely will continue to develop and adjust my style for life.

      Best piece of advice would be the same as they taught me at Wealthy Affiliate – don’t worry too much about the grammar errors at first. Start writing, get your ideas out and get your feet wet. Don’t just think about it, do it. Then hit that publish button, share it, get feedback, learn and improve!

  • Cerulean says:

    I totally relate to this! As someone who frequently updates his website, writing blogs is a huge, huge part of what I do.

    When I first started, it was oh so hard, years of inactivity had made my brain slow and pudgy!

    It took me a few weeks before I finally got into the flow.

    Now writing is so much easier.

    • Paul says:

      I know the feeling. It does just get easier and easier. Now when I write the words just flow out as if I was have a conversation with someone, where as before I would struggle for hours just to write one blog.

      Practice and not giving up surely makes a big difference.

      Keep on Bloggin!



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