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How to Work From Home for Moms


There is a time when a mom decides that there is more to life than returning to their tedious old job day in and day out.

Moms realize they would instead work from home so they can spend more time with their children.

There are increased opportunities for moms to do their job from home but they would still need to rely on babysitters or daycares to care for their children for most stay at home jobs would not support moms to work from home without the proper childcare.

So what is a mom to do?

I know my wife knew that she wanted a change after she had our first child but we recently bought a new house and car, it's not like she could just quit her job...could she?

It was time to sit down together and take out the calculator.

We looked at the worse case scenario where she would not make any money at all. Although possible, we would need to live off of KD diners cooked on the woodstove.

So plan number two was that she could quit her job but would need to supplement our income. She didn't need to make as much as her current job as we would save a bundle on babysitters and daycare.

I mean it didn't make sense to work full time only to put half or more $$$ towards someone else taking care of our children.

At that time the internet wasn't all that mainstream, we were still using dial-up, so there was a limit on what type of online income could be generated.

Then opportunity knocked, and she answered. Our neighbors were moving away, and they had started a small side business that was connected with his firm.

They offered the opportunity for her to take over their retail merchandising business.

It was a dream come true; she only had to work 1 day/week and still make about three-quarters of her current wages. I, being a nurse and working different shifts was able to be off on the weekday so that she had time to run her business.

It wasn't easy, but the most important thing was for her to see our children grow up during their development years.

Not everyone will have that type of opportunity knock on their door, but today there are so much more opportunities available online.

Working online isn't easy, it takes time to get a decent income and will take up much of your day between feeding, cleaning and running all types of errands as a mom.

You can be successful being a stay at home mom and working online if you follow these           4 steps.

Create Achievable Goals

To work online at home, you need to create goals for you to follow. Otherwise, you will likely get distracted by everything else happening in your life, and your online business may fail.

You'll need to figure out what you want to achieve, how much money you need to make.

There is no use to set your goals too high too soon.

If you are new to the online business world, you will need to learn about how you can make money online.

The best option is to earn as you learn. That way you will start having an income sooner than later and help convince your spouse that this is the right decision.

Decide what type of online business you will start from affiliate marketing  to eCommerce , the choices are practically endless.

Set Your Schedule

Figure out how much time you will need to spend working on your online business vs. spending time with your children.

You will need to remember the original reason you wanted to work from home was to spend more time with your children.

Online work can consume many hours of your day, so you will need to make sure you set limits but still take advantage of the flexibility to work hours between kid's naps, feeding, and your naps.

Although my wife didn't have an online business at the time my children were young, she can only imagine the benefits of having the flexibility to work online when and where she wanted. She could take advantage during road trips to family events if I drove. Take the laptop with her onto the deck with a glass of wine while the children are gone to sleep.

Get The Support You Need

When working from home don't expect anyone to give you a high five for a job well done. When operating from home managing an online business, you are on your own. You are the CEO, director, manager, and employee all wrapped up in one. If you screw up, you only have yourself to blame.

That is where having the proper training in the field, but more importantly, a community with the same goals and aspirations to succeed only as you are especially important.

Be Aware of Some Disadvantages

As with anything you will always find some pros and cons no matter what you do.

The critical part is to ensure there are more pros than cons.

Working from home has its own set of challenges from isolation, distractions, and overworking to name a few.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage the cons such as taking breaks during the day to do something entirely different, to having people or group come over on a regularly scheduled basis and using timers on your computer so that you take breaks at regular intervals.

So even with the disadvantages, the overriding advantage of raising your children with extra hours of quality of time together can practically erase most if not all of the cons

Time to Recap

If you are a mom and decide to quit your day job to start a work from home business, then you need to remember these 4 short tips to keep you sane.

Whether you start an online business or any other business like retail merchandiser these tips should apply.

  1. Create Achievable Goals

  2. Set Your Schedule

  3. Get The Support You Need

  4. Be Aware of Some Disadvantages



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