Is My Job Secure or is it a Scam?

I can hear it now, “Paul, what the heck are you talking about?” Hold tight, let me explain what I am trying to say.

The Dream

Living The Dream

Many of us are raised to get an education, secure a stable job, get married, buy a house, car, get a pet, have kids, then teach your children to do the same and live happily ever after. Maybe not exactly in that order and with variable detail, but that is the rule of thumb for most North American households that aspire to achieve. Bonus for those who buy a piece of paper that wins them a few million dollars to skip some of those steps.

There was a time this rule held true, a time when the world was rebuilding, the population was about half of that today and before new technology started appearing in our homes and workplaces. I am not trying to sound all doom and gloom here, just pointing out a few facts; that is all.

The Reality

Work reality

Of course, things have changed, they have always changed and will continue to change. The question I have, is how quickly does it change? Now very few can rely on that career for a lifetime. Sure they do still exist, but I dare you to look around at some of your friends or family that are middle aged or younger who have one of these lifetime careers with one organization or company. It is a reality that the “Secure Job Package” no longer exists for most of the world’s population.

The New Dream

Adapt to change

Is all hope lost? Do we throw up our arms in defeat? Stick our heads in the sand? No, as in the past and as of today, we, as a human civilization adapt. We must teach ourselves and our children,  that the old way of getting a “Secure Job” has just changed.  We must remember to reject complacency. Continue to exercise our minds and challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zones. Try new things, if you fail at something, good, just remember not to do that again, and teach others not to make the same mistakes. You must become the “New Product” to keep up with the changes. Don’t sell yourself short, we all have the new product in us. It is said, you only need to know 2% more than the other person to teach them something about any subject. You are “The New Product” in their eyes, and you have the ability to help them, which makes you a valuable asset.

So is your secure job a scam?

Is your job a scam or secure

No! It is not a scam. As long as you don’t define your “Secure Job” as being one role in one organization. Maintain your value with ongoing learning, stepping out of your comfort zone, accept challenges, keep passion and you can secure any job. Bear in mind that many fruitful and happy people are those who left those old secure jobs, to move on to something they may have more control over. Such as working for a smaller company or starting their own business.

I write this blog in relevance to my recent situation. I felt that I was becoming too complacent, things are good. I’ve been in this long-term career, comfortable with benefits, but something woke me up. Maybe it was just the revelation made to me by a new coworker when she stated she was surprised I worked for so long within the same role.  I never even thought about looking for another job, why would I stir up the pot, I’m comfortable here. That thought made me examine my situation, and I started investigating other interests. An opportunity presented by a family member around that time also sparked an interest to do some soul searching. I decided to pursue an idea I had for years to finally start my own online business. It has opened a whole new world, new challenges and has allowed me to open myself up to a whole new understanding of my inner self and my life. It has been a rewarding and perfect ride so far.

Alas, it was not I who shall stir the pot, behold a month later, news arises that our organization may get a complete overhaul.  Do I panic, No! I already followed my advice before this news. I look at this as an opportunity to grow and be passionate for a new career. There is no use in burning energy with something I cannot change.

I choose to use my energy to build something I can help grow and succeed.

I decided to build my own website! You are probably wondering…Ok, what is so great about that? You see commercials on Tv all the time about web-hosting sites, where regular people can build their own website in a few minutes. That is true building a website is relatively easy now with the tools available, but another question remains. Once you build your site, then what?

Creating a website is similar to constructing a building in the digital world amongst thousands, no millions of other buildings. So, sure it may be easy to create a website, but how do you let get people to come to your website?

How Do People Find Your Website?

That is where my membership with this web-hosting / online university comes in. It provided me with so much information and I am still learning so much from the courses and from the other members. Learn more and sign up for a free membership by clicking HERE.

Hold on a minute you say? You’re not ready to just jump into another website before I know a little more. No problem, you can head over to what I call “My #1 Recommended” website review. You will learn about the web-hosting site, the owners and how you can sign up for free and build 2 free websites. That’s right, put your credit card away because you can sign up for free and try out this amazing site for a  limited time.

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