Is Network Marketing for Me?

Ever wonder how to go about making a sale or recruit new prospects?

Congratulations!  If you reading this, you have probably embarked on an adventure of owning your very own network marketing business.  Good for you!! Congratulations_c50efc183e_z You did it!  You leaped and jumped…..way to go!  Now… do you approach new prospects and actually get them to sign up? Well, I have to say, it is definitely NOT as easy to recruit as what everyone tells you…..but, it takes time and patience and is definitely achievable.  Be sure to research your possibilities before you engage.

Scenario:  You receive an invitation from a friend/acquaintance to attend a presentation about a service or a product he/she is promoting to kick off his/her new business as a network marketing entrepreneur.  You already have a preconceived notion that it’s “one of those Multilevel Marketing schemes, a pyramid trap”… have two choices:  a) Decide to go to support your friend or colleague, as most compassionate people would do.  b) Say “No thank you, I know what this is about and am not interested”.  You will get both these answers when doing network marketing.  It’s how you deal with these responses that will make every difference in your business.

Ffear-478649_960_720irst, let’s discuss option a).  When you give the time of day to a new business owner, regardless of how small the business might be, you give them hope.  You are helping build their confidence in such an uncertain and unknown world.  Just by attending, you are showing compassion.  Really, what is a couple of hours out of your day to socialize and be among great company?!  For this, these new entrepreneurs, who are scared and unsure about what lies ahead of them, are VERY THANKFUL!!  Sure it would be nice to make a new customer or more specifically, recruit someone who is seeing the potential and is willing to share in this wonderful adventure.  But most times, they are satisfied by you just listening and giving them the time of day which helps them gain more exposure and again….more confidence.

Now for option b).  Remember in my first blog (Towards the unknown…), I mentioned the negative people that will no doubt come out of the woodworks and get you to doubt your endeavour?  Well, this is an example of that, where some people might not even want to hear what you have to say, even though they have no clue what your business is about.  In this instance, you can’t let yourself get upset!  Believe me, I have come across many of these types and got upset, discouraged and at some points, even wanted to give up altogether.  But you know what, I didn’t quit!  I decided not to let that get to me.  You can’t.  If this happens to you, then walk away from that person.  These are not the types of people you want in your business anyways.  You are searching for option a)-type people…..people who are showing up in your life and show you that they care and that they are willing to hear you out.  Don’t get me wrong, they might not be right for your business either, but they will support you in an emotional way.  And know that you do need emotional support in this business.  I am lucky, I have a wonderful husband who lifts me up when I am down and always shows me the bright side of every transaction….thank you, babe!  You are my rock!

In all that you do, all transactions you have with people, there is always the choice to accept what has just transpired and move on to the next possibility that is just trust-440224_960_720around the corner.  Don’t get discouraged!

You will get there…..with a little elbow grease and surrounding yourself with supportive people, the possibilities are endless….just don’t quit!

That’s it for now.  Hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.  Stay tuned….my next post will be coming soon!

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