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Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit?

Since I became a member, I am frequently asked a question in the form of, “What is the Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit opportunity?” or  “What is affiliate marketing and how does Wealthy Affiliate work?”

I try my best to explain to them how affiliate marketing works and how Wealthy Affiliate is a site that can play a key role in your online business success.

Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit opportunity

Now, before I proceed to give my opinion, I like to be fully transparent by informing you that I have, and continue to be a current member of Wealthy Affiliate University since October 2015.

Now you can look at this in two ways

  1. You could say that I am totally biased and that my opinion will have no value as I am an affiliate or…
  2. I may be able to provide you with an inside look at what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and explain my journey thus far.

I hope you choose number two. If you decide to continue reading, I assure you I plan to remain fully objective in describing my experience for you, so you can make a decision whether Wealthy Affiliate is something you may be interested in trying.

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Let me start by describing how I found Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

I wrote about this adventure a few times already in a number of other blogs as I am still to this day, surprised how I ended up finding WA.

It started with my wife and I was presented with an opportunity to sign up to a multi-level marketing company called Kyani. It is a networking sales company that have a limited amount of supplement products. You can read our full Kyani story here ==> Kyani scam or legit opportunity

Kyani Scam or legit Opportunity

I was skeptical of yet another MLM company that claim to be the next best thing since sliced bread. Obviously, I turned to the internet to do my research and started searching terms like “Kyani scam” and found hundreds of thousands of results, this can’t be good I thought. I clicked on on of the top search results that brought me to a bloggers website similar to the one you are on now.

The blogger provided me with the answers I was looking for in regards to Kyani. He was objective and his summary of the Kyani company provided me with the information related to my search.

Ok…I know, you are probably thinking, “Paul, why are you telling me all this? I didn’t search about how you found WA, I want to know what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it works!”

Hang in there! My explanation on how I found WA will reveal many lessons on how it all works by the end of this blog.

So he provided all the information about Kyani I needed to make an informed decision on whether I should join or run like the dickens. So that was all good and dandy, but then he also explained how he felt that there are better ways to earn extra money.

From what I know of MLMs I am certain there are better ways to make a living so that was no surprise, but then I realized he had a nice website with so many blogs.

Why does he write all these blogs?

It must take him a long time to research, write and edit all these blogs…does he do this just for the fun of it?

Then I thought he must make an income from writing all this, but how? I didn’t pay him anything, I’m not planning on paying him anything, how does he make an income. Sure he has some ads on his site but I never click on those and I’m pretty sure many people are like me.

The blogger then talked about how he is a member of Wealthy Affiliate and that he finds making an income through their platform to be much more profitable than any MLM out there.

Of course, he was talking about the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I clicked on the link, started with a free membership, and as they say, the rest is history.

You may have landed on this page for the same reason. Maybe, you have searched some subject on the internet, a website provided you with the information you were looking for but then somewhere in there, they just point out how they make a living and maybe you can too by clicking a link.

Without getting too deep at this point on how WA works. One thing they do emphasize over and over is the need to help people. That the internet is for the people by the people. That is what made the internet and sticking to the root of its success is what will help you become successful online.

Alright, it is now time for the, “How does Wealthy Affiliate work?”

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

My first inside impression: What is this?

There is a live scrolling chat on the right with people asking questions, a column of people’s questions down the center of the page, a menu on the left – some in colored boxes, some plain text and then some strange icons on the top of a plane and globe?

Cool! There is a big green “Start Here” button at the top left. Best click on that then…this is probably where the popup comes to start paying, right?

Nope, no popup. I can start my training right now, for free? There must be a catch?, I thought.

To my relief, there was no catch…I proceeded with the training at my preferred pace knowing that I only had 7 days free. I went through the training and learned so much and saw the potential that on day 6 I decided to sign up as a premium member. it was half price for the first month after all!

I decided there was no way I can do without all the full features available, I wanted to know more.

I know, I know, I am sounding pretty subjective now. I’ll stick to the facts, I promise.

So as a free member I finally learned how a blogger can earn money online. I have searched high and low for so many years to find the true method of earning an income online. I tried other offers that cost money to only be left with answers I already knew, but now here I was and they provided it for free.

I quickly learned how people make money online and that it is called affiliate marketing. Well, at least that is one way to make money online, as I went deeper into the training I learned other ways.

So they explain affiliate marketing is where you help people with information they were searching, you direct them to a service or product that they wanted, then that company you referred your reader will pay you a commission, without any additional cost to the reader. Turns out that Wealthy Affiliate themselves have an affiliate program.

Ah ha! moment.

That is how Wealthy Affiliate Works!

So by me reading the blog about Kyani scams, then me coming to WA and signing up as a premium member that blogger gets a commission…wow that is cool! So that is how that blogger made an income, all commission based income.

Turns out that pretty much every company that I know of has an affiliate program with various commission percentages. With 7 Billion people on this planet and over 2 Billion those people are online daily, the potential for income is virtually limitless.

So now I know how people make money online. Why do I need Wealthy Affiliate?

wealthy affiliate university banner

Well as I mentioned, that is only one way to earn an online income. They have  many more courses that I haven’t come close to completing that can teach you about all the other facets of online marketing.

They have an Affiliate Bootcamp to get deep and dirty with affiliate marketing using advertising. You are provided with weekly webinars hosted by Jay where you can ask questions and Jay will answer them right there and then. Remember that live chat on the right, that is where you can ask a question and I would say 99% of the time you will have an answer from another member within a minute. If nobody online in the live chat can ask the question you can post your question where you can wait for the more experienced members to answer at a later time.

I found that I never needed to post a question as when I do a search within WA, my question has already been answered many times over. One has to remember that this site is over 10 years old, so it is likely your question has already been answered, and all those answers are available in WA.

They don’t waste any time!

Once you start your training, Kyle has you building your website in no time flat. You are given exercises to do at the end of each training phase. You are encouraged to write and share your goals to motivate your creative juices.

In no time, you will have a basic website foundation created then the rest is up to you.

Once your website foundation is created then you need to decide what you will write about and you need to start writing your content.

Content, Content, Content!

Priority #1 Write Your Content

One lesson you will not or SHOULD not forget is the lesson on creating content. WA will teach you the importance and volume of content your site will require in order to become a trusted site for search engines.

Gain the trust of the search engines will send traffic to your site. Have traffic to your site and the potential to earn an income is well in your reach.

It takes time.

There is no fooling or spinning the truth. WA will tell you that becoming successful online takes work and time. One member described it like a fine wine. You work hard to create it only having to wait to see if it matures into a great wine. That goes the same for a website, you need to work hard at writing your content, wait for it to get indexed by the search engines, wait for the search engines to trust your site…wait to see if it starts to move up the ranks.A new website takes time to mature

It doesn’t stop there!

So they help you set up a website, figure ou your niche and get you started writing your website. There is nothing else to do right? Wrong, you can learn all this stuff within the first 7 free days at Wealthy Affiliate.

Oh, right, did I mention you can sign up for free, no credit card needed. Host 2 free websites and have full access for the first 7 days.  The fun part with the free sites is that is where you start building your site. It is what they call a sub-domain site, so instead of a brand/ or brand/, it is a brand/ You can still build a full-fledged website, but it will have a harder time ranking in the search engines. It is possible to succeed but it will take more work.

Sorry, went off track, that topic just allowed a perfect segway to describing their free membership, but I’ll get more into that later.

Once you have your site, niche and starting to write content within the first 7 days, if you become a Premium Member you can continue to learn and expand your knowledge. You will learn about marketing, social media, affiliate programs, keywords, SERPS to name a few.

Online marketing is an ever evolving entity that is continuously growing to exponential proportions.

Kyle and Carson have become experts at online marketing and quite successful. As I mentioned earlier, they learned that helping people is how you too can be successful and they want to share that experience.

The Proof is in the Pudding!

My Wealthy Affiliate Analysis

This has been my experience so far. If I can say one negative thing about signing up to WA is that I now spend hours creating and building my online business instead of spending that time watching Tv or playing video games, I do miss doing that sometimes.

Although the satisfaction I feel once I have completed writing a blog is more addictive and rewarding than making it to the next level in a video game.

You may say that my description of Wealthy Affiliate sounds too biased, but I assure you that I am not alone in feeling so relieved to find that WA is the real deal.

The only thing I can suggest is to sign up for free, no credit card or personal information required. Check around their site for free, go through their starter training, build a website and see what it is all about for yourself.

I can say from my experience thus far, that Wealthy Affiliate is legit!

Still not sure? Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review for listed details of features ==> Here

or you can go ahead, sign up free and experience it all.

Sign up today

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