Is Work Life Balance A Myth?

Ever wonder if work-life balance actually exists…?  I mean,  you hear about it every day at work, via Health and Wellness committees, on the television, on social media….it’s out there, how to get a good work life balance, but how does one really put it into practice??

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It’s a New Year With New Opportunities

I hope everyone has been having a great 2016 so far….it’s all about attitude and positive thinking!  Send out vibes to the Universe that you want to be happy, and BANG!  It will send you happiness.  Surround yourself with like-minded people, those who dish out positiveness from their pores and live life to its fullness! 🙂  I wish you good health and amazing opportunities to help you grow as a person!

The Routine

Now, back to what I was saying, work-life balance… it possible??  For me, here is what my day looks like, at a glance.  I wake up in the morning and immediately go to my cell phone to browse Facebook.  Sad, it’s true, but…..the reason I go there is to read positive posts, which helps me start my day off on the right foot.  The support I get from reading someone’s blog, or inspirational quotes found on the Internet, is nothing short of inspiring to me.  Once I set my phone down, then, I make coffee, make my kids’ lunches (kids?…now 15 and 13 and I still feel like I should contribute to what they are putting into their mouths to make sure it is good for them…), sometimes I make the breakfast smoothies (my husband and I alternate), get the kids off to school on time, then, me time starts!  I go get ready for my workday. I leave the house at 9 am.  My work hours are from 10 am to 6 pm, which doesn’t leave me with much time to spend with the family afterwards, since I live about 45 minutes away from my day job.  After a busy day, I get home, eat by myself, because everyone else has already eaten due to the fact that by now, it is 7 pm and normal people would’ve had their dinner at this point.

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After swallowing my last bite, it is now time to start my second job, the business opportunity I started three months ago… network marketing.  I try to do about an hour of this in the evening (usually ends up longer than that) so I can at least, see my kids before bedtime.  Even though they are teenagers, I still want to be able to kiss and hug them goodnight, every night!  And let’s not forget about weekends….Every leader I listen to states that to be successful in your business, you need to make sacrifices and work hard every hour on the hour!  I get that…you want to be able to show to your children that if your work hard, you will be able to succeed and be happy.  Umm, personally, I have a problem with spreading myself thin, not spending time with my family, feeling guilt every time I am away from them, or feeling guilt when I am with them and thinking I should be working!!  My question is this WHEN DOES THE GUILT LET UP?  We are individuals who are trying to find ourselves in doing multiple things at the same time in hopes that one of them will make life easier and happier.

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The Balance

I recently became a member of a private club on Facebook and one of my colleagues in that group has been very helpful!  She has been blogging, while on Holidays with her family.  I know, I know, you are thinking “why is she working while on Holidays?”.  She has shown me that there is a way to have work-life balance.  She listened to her body and mind.  She mentioned in her blog that one morning, she was typing away on her laptop, and decided that she was taking the afternoon off so she and her family could go to the beach and have some play time.  They had such a blast!!  They had spent hours at the beach, swimming in the ocean, making sand castles and enjoying quality time together.  After returning to their hotel room, she then returned to her blogging, energized and full of ideas!  Now THIS is work-life balance ladies and gentlemen…..this is what I am looking for.  This is when I realized there is a time to rest, a time to play and a time to work.  All of this is achievable just by listening to our inner self and doing what feels right at that moment….It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Thanks for tuning in and hearing what I had to say.

Don’t forget to rest, play, work….but be happy!

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