Juice Plus+ Scam or Legit Business Opportunity?

Were you asked about another work from home business opportunity, where people approached you to become a representative for the Juice Plus+ MLM?  The other day, some acquaintances of mine were approached, and they wondered if I heard of any Juice Plus+ complaints, whether it is a scam and should they become a Juice Plus+ distributor.

I’m sure I gave them the same advice that you surely heard on my site before, “That if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!”

Not one to jump to conclusions, I told them I would look into it further with research and communication with those that have loads of experience in MLM businesses to get their point of view.

Here is what they had to say, summarized in my words.

get rich quick

Too Good To Be True?

Please read on to understand what to expect from this company. Is Juice Plus+ a scam or legit work from home business opportunity?

I want to start by saying that I am not a Juice Plus+ representative or distributor. I thrive to give an unbiased, honest review to help you make an informed decision.

You were likely approached by a family member, friend, a long lost friend, cousin, a second nephew 3 times removed sort of thing, calling you out of the blue to talk to you about a new business opportunity where you will lose out if you don’t get in now.

Sound familiar?

Congratulate yourself for researching this business opportunity before jumping in with your 2 feet first while covering your eyes.

You have made a wise decision to investigate what you are getting yourself into.

So…is Juice Plus + a business you want to BUY into?

Before I give you an answer, let’s look at the facts about the company and product.

Brand Name: Juice Plus +
Company Name: National Safety Associates (NSA) – Collierville, Tennessee
Company Founder: Jay Martin
Producer: Natural Alternatives International -San Marcos, California
Year Juice Plus + Brand Introduced: 1993
Distribution: Multi-Level Marketing
Product: Dietary Supplements – Juice extracts from fruit and vegetables that are fortified with vitamins and nutrients.
NSA’s previous products: Air Filters, Water Filters,  Fire Protection Equipment and preschooler’s educational games distributed using MLM

Juice Plus+ Featured Products:

Orchard Blend, Garden Blend, and Vineyard Blend are made up from 30 types of vegetable, grains, and fruit juice extract converted into powders, then put into capsules for consumption.

It is clearly indicated on their website that Juice Plus+ is not a substitute for eating a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables.  They do not claim it to be a medicine, treatment or multivitamin.  They do claim that it has natural vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that are found in fruit and vegetables compared to traditional multivitamins

I don’t know about you, but I have a difficult time understanding the appeal of these nutritional claims from a company that was created on the foundation of selling air filters and fire protection equipment. Similar nutritional breakthroughs are claimed by an MLM called Kyani where Brenda was involved with last year and the company’s founding families are in the oil and potato business. You can read about her story here.

Show me the money?

You are looking at this as a potential to make money and Juice Plus+ has that topic covered. They are proud to talk about one of their veteran top sellers Jeff Roberti.  It was last reported in November 2015 that he was earning $450,000 per month and reached a career income level of $85 Million Dollars.

So there is the potential to make a fortune from this business. There are some similar stories in many of the MLM companies.

So why wouldn’t you sign up for a chance to make it big! I suggest you continue reading to see if this is how you want to make your fortune.

Say no mlm signup

Is Juice Plus + Legit?

Yes, people do make an income, but I haven’t found any reports available of how many make a profit.

Should you Sign up to Juice Plus+

My quick answer is a straight forward  NO!

I can hear you now…thinking, oh here is another poor sap that lost money doing this type of MLM because he just wasn’t dedicated to making it work.

Fair enough. You are probably right.

Maybe if I gave it my all, I would have made a success with any MLM opportunity that was presented to me.

If I made a list of 200 to 300 people that I know or heard of through a friend of a friend and called them 5 to 7 times.

After going through that list you I would need to start stopping people in grocery stores, gas stations, and funerals to ask them to become a Juice Plus + distributor.

Then send them emails,  links, and comment on social media, over, over and over, then I probably could become a successful MLM  distributor for a company like Juice Plus+.

How many people believe that?

I am a true believer that anybody can be successful at anything if they pour 100% ++ into what they are doing.

If you keep working at something that you are passionate about day after day you can succeed. It may take you a few days or a few years, but if you stick to it and work hard at it day after day after day, you can succeed.

The question is, “Do you have what it takes to be a successful MLM distributor?” Will you have an ongoing feeling of fulfillment at the end of each day? Enough fulfillment to jump out of bed each day for years.

There is a reason why only about 3% or so of those that join an MLM ever become successful enough to make it to the higher levels.

If you do sign up to this MLM, you are likely to quit, like many do, within the first 4 to 6 months.

That’s right, 4 to 6 months is about the average that the majority people will last in any MLM, and Juice Plus+ is no exception.

It doesn’t add up!

If you don’t believe me, then believe in the math. The mathematics does not lie. The business structure of Juice Plus+ or any MLM for that matter can only support a limited amount of high-end distributors.

Think about it!

listen to mlm experiences

They told you people would say things like that.

Your MLM contact is probably not going to tell you this information…do you know why?

They won’t tell you this because they probably jumped into this thing 2  feet first, eyes covered, and they are not going to listen to any naysayers like me to tell them anything different. The new recruit adrenaline is flowing and all they see is themselves buddying up with Jeff Roberti at his mansions patio, drinking margaritas.

The people that are contacting you were likely brought into that business with the same amount or lack thereof information about the company and success rate as the person that recruited them.

It’s like the old saying, the blind leading the blind.

You would have signed up the same way if you haven’t researched the opportunity. Then you would be expected to make cold calls and set up meetings as quickly as possible to make your first sales and move up the ranks quicker.

These MLMs are setup to get people to sign up and start selling quickly. Most MLMs will have extra bonuses and faster opportunities to move up the ranks if the new distributor can get a set amount of sales in their first weeks or month.

This is a great tactic to avoid anybody getting too wise about the MLM pitfalls from the beginning and ensure they buy the distributor starter pack that will be worth hundreds of dollars for a product that only costs pennies to manufacture.

As a new distributor, you don’t know all the specific details that may blow the sale to your list of people.

You only know that if you make 10 or whatever set of sales needed in the first month, you will move up to the next rank, then, of course, all your downline will start making money for you and then you can sit back and ride the gravy train…


Have you ever made cold calls to a list of people you know? Have you ever set up home presentations to sell a product?  You will soon learn how hard it is to make that sale.

That is another reason so many fail at these MLMs. The majority of people that are recruited do not have any sale experience and are not provided with the training and support.

Maybe, that is because those with sales experience know how hard it can be and that it is not all as easy as described by those people selling to you. They are also busy recruiting new distributors to replace those that are leaving after 4 months.

You become completely narrow visioned by the pitch that if you make the set amount of sales this month you make it to the next level.

You imagine people signing up

You will think to yourself; that should be easy, I know 100s of people, I’m sure I can make 10 or so sales out of all of those in the first month.

Only to find out that you can barely make 1 sale out of hundreds of calls and home presentations, and that person that did sign up is a close family member or friend doing so just to help you out with little or no intention to continue after 1 to 2 months.

Then 2 to 4 months go by with a sporadic amount of successful sign-ups or people saying they would prefer to just buy the product, but cancel after 1 to 2 months as they realize the product is way overpriced.

After 4 to 6 months, no longer having anybody on your list to contact after calling, emailing and harassing them on social media you turn to increasing your approach to pitch the idea at people anywhere you go.

How to make an income with MLM

Is this how you want to earn an income?

If doing the above type of sales interests you then the answer is “Yes” you can make an income with Juice Plus+. Whether you make a profit may be another story.

I would almost compare Juice Plus+ or most MLMs as being the same to buying a lottery ticket but having to ensure you call everybody you know and see to tell them you bought a ticket. Your chances of becoming a winner are quite similar.

Do I recommend you sign up to Juice Plus +

Same answer as earlier, “No!”

You like the product…Ya right…keep fooling yourself!

There is no substitute to healthy eating. Select locally grown or  home grown organic produce

Healthy eating for good health

So what do I do now?

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Have you had an experience with Juice Plus+ or have any other comments please leave them below. I appreciate any stories or feedback you can provide and I always respond.



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