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Jaaxy Review – Find Low Hanging Fruit!

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So you are probably here because you've created a website but you're not getting the traffic you expected to get to your site.

If you are counting on organic traffic, i.e. traffic coming from results on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo then you will need to use the best keyword tool free!

That is right, I said that you can access the best keyword search tool FREE!

Now, before we get to the free part, let's take look at what you can get for free and I will also show you the benefits of paying for the Pro or Enterprise levels. 

  • Name: Jaaxy
  • Website:
  • Owners: Kyle & Carson from Vancouver, Canada.
  • My Rating: 98 out of 100
  • Description: A powerful keyword niche and site research suite.  The Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool, if used to its fullest effectiveness will provide you with an unparalleled online marketing toolkit that your competition will envy.

Here is a little taste, give it a try right now!


Jaaxy Dashboard
  • Keyword search, by phrase or URL, with the results being displayed in columns
    •  Keyword column  provides similar or matching keyword phrases that users would use when searching something online
    • Average column displays the average number of searches that keyword has per month
    • Traffic column shows the number of visits to your website if you rank on the first page of search engines.
    • Keyword quality indicator shows if Green=Good, Yellow=Ok, Red = Poor quality.
    • SEO score column, a score between 1-100, closer to 100 is better. The score is based on traffic and competition, the higher the score the better chance of ranking in search engines.
    • SiteDomains is integrated into Jaaxy, which means you can purchase a Domain directly from within Jaaxy.
    • The Related list provides ideas for alternate keywords that may be related or used in conjunction with your chosen keywords.
  • Alphabet Soup 
    • Providing a brainstorming tool where you can search various keywords, append to a list to gather a number of keywords, or also referred to low lying fruit. Finding keywords, that will have a better chance of being ranked in search engine.
  • Saved list
    • List created with Alphabet soup or Keyword search. Allows reference for future use on other blogs or website content.
  • Search History
    • List of all your searches for if required for future reference
  • Search Analysis
    • Ability to see how your keywords are ranking in search engines. A great of seeing how your competition is ranking within the same keyword searches.
  • Affiliate Programs
    • See what affiliate programs are available within your keyword subject
  • Brainstorm
    • Provides the latest trending by rank on such sites as Google, Yahoo Buzz, Alexa Topics, Amazon best sellers and Twitter
  • Site Rank

  • Look at how your site or keywords are ranking on search engines. As you use your Jaaxy tool effectively you will see your site rank higher and higher. The goal is to have your site rank on the first page on the search engines. It will provide you with your position and page your site or keyword ranks.
  • Training

  • Training videos provided, showing all the options available with the Jaaxy keyword search tool.
  • jaaxytraining

    Affiliate Program

    Not only are you getting a complete keyword and niche search suite, but also offers an affiliate program of their own.  Jaaxy has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community!

    Why not Try it today!

    It can be tricky finding targeted traffic, but Jaaxy is the best keyword search tool that is fast and easy to use. 

    From the novice user to the expert.

     If you are new, be sure to access the training information available within the Jaaxy search tool. 

    Kyle does a great job of explaining how he uses it, and demonstrates all the key features.

    Here are the available levels


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