Kyani Supplement Scam or Genuine Opportunity?

Kyani Scam or legit Opportunity

A while back, my wife and I wrote about how she was looking at becoming a distributor for an up and coming MLM opportunity in our area called Kyani.

I, of course, was skeptical and immediately searched online whether this was Kyani supplement scam or genuine opportunity, then subsequently about MLM Scams in general.

Kyani is a scam within my definition of what is a scam. My definition of a scam is any program that tempts people with fancy cars, boats, and trips to pay an upfront significant amount of cash to buy an introductory product package but then has you focus on getting people to sign-up to the same program as you but placed below you rather than focusing on the product.

This search exercise actually made me sign up to a completely different type of home based business but I’ll talk a little more about that a little later here.

My wife, on the other hand, liked the product and the idea of starting her business to earn extra money, it wasn’t long before she signed up to this MLM opportunity that was presented to her.

I’ll explain Brenda's outcome further down as well.

Let’s start by explaining a little about the company and its products.

Disclaimer: I  want to remain fully transparent in saying that the review information I provide about the company in this post is our own opinion from the experiences we encountered with this company. Your own experience may differ from that described in this post.  My goal is to provide you with my experience to assist you in acquiring the knowledge required to make an informed decision.

At this point, you may not know if joining an MLM is for you, but in all honesty, it may not be right for you.

There are so many people out there that are looking to supplement their income, wanting to be their own boss or work from home that they don’t stop to think if this type of business opportunity is the right one.

Joining an MLM can take a big chunk of your money from the start and then you have an ongoing, hefty monthly auto-ship cost.

Kyäni MLM Overview

  • Company Name: Kyäni
  • Website: www.Kyä
  • Location: Based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA – Distributed Globally
  • Year Created: 2007
  • Founders: Kirk Hanson, Carl Taylor, and Dick Powell (Businessmen from the potato and oil industry)
  • Marketing Model: Multi-Level Marketing, Direct Sell Company
  • Product: Food Supplements
  • Catchline: …that everyone should have the opportunity to experience more health, more wealth and more life.

Kyani Product Overview

(The Health Part)

Kyani Alaskan Blueberry supplement

Kyani only has 4 products. It consists of a daily trio of products that they describe as the triangle of health. Looks like they may have taken the term “Triangle of Health” from somewhere? One of the products can be interchanged for those that live a more active lifestyle and require that little extra boost. If you become a distributor in this MLM company, these are the products you will be asked to show to your family and friends for them to join the business opportunity.

The Sunrise product is described as being water soluble, being your body is made up primarily of water, they explain how it is only natural for your body to better absorb their products compared to other supplements on the market. Their Key or SuperStar ingredients include the Alaskan Blueberry, Noni fruit, and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon along with a wide spectrum of other sources of vitamins and minerals.

Kyani Sunrise:

As the name describes, this product you take in the morning. It is in liquid form that either comes in a bottle or 1oz. squeeze pouch and its described as having a wide spectrum of superfoods with the key ingredient being the Alaskan Blueberry.

Kyani Nitro FX and Nitro Xtreme:

Taken in conjunction with the other products this is in liquid form in a 56 oz bottle. Is described as being formulated to help increase the production of Nitric Oxide in the body. Xtreme is suggested for those who are more active for an extra boost to your day

Kyani Sunset:

Taken in the evening, this pill form supplement counts on its super-ingredient of the Alaskan Sockeye Salmon oil.

They recommend that you use the 3 products to complete the triangle of health. The Kyani Triangle of HealthPack will set you back $149.95 US/month, plus shipping and $19.99 for a social app.

Kyani Compensation Plan

(The Wealth Part)

Kyani is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company.

You can purchase the product without becoming a distributor but you will pay a higher price for the product plus shipping. 

As with all MLMs, their primary business model relies on people recruiting other people to buy in as a distributor.

The more people you recruit under you, your downline, the more money and bonus you make.

The compensation plan can get quite complicated but they claim to have thought out this plan out so well they needed to patent it and they feel it is the best compensation plan out of all the MLMs.

Of course, they also spend a good portion of time showing the car, travel and cheque bonuses.

Images and videos of flashy sports cars, tropical vacations and handing over huge size cheques with as much fanfare as a national ClearingHouse Winner.

It is complex comp plan so I attached a 51-minute video to help explain how it works…Good Luck!

Kyani Family (The Life Part)

Kyani explains that joining their company, not only are you going to have better health using their supplement, you will have more wealth by being a distributor and you will have a better life as this is no longer a job, you are doing something that is now your passion!

I think they may have hired some Hallmark writers for that line.

Is Kyani a Scam?

Now that depends on your definition of what is considered a scam. If you look up the definition in the dictionary then Kyani is not a scam.

If you look at the statistics of how many people succeed in an MLM program like Kyani then you may say that it is a scam.

Most studies or charts that I’ve seen show that MLMs have a 97% failure rate.

That means that 3% of people that do join succeed to make an income to some level.

So, for that reason, we cannot say that Kyani is a scam in legal terms, as some people do succeed. 

The same way we would not say that buying lottery tickets is a scam, they do have winners, but as you know the odds are against you, yet millions of people still buy tickets hoping they can beat the odds.

That is how I feel about MLM companies.

Should You Join Kyani?

I believe that there are easier ways to fulfill a void and make money than joining an MLM. Unlike lotteries, you do have control of your success.

In my experience and observation of those successful in MLM you will need to be 100% committed to the business.

You will need to swallow your pride and approach family, friends, neighbors and random people all as potential customers that can be recruited to join.


If you think you have what it takes then go for it but be prepared for a lot of rejection.

It will likely take you at least 100 contacts to make 1 sale and then you will need to work very hard at supporting that person for he/she will need a lot of support to keep going.

As mentioned at the beginning, my wife did sign up to Kyani and enjoyed the experience…at first.

She accepted the rejection, she held her head high and committed to making it work but as she went on, most of her upline, her supports have all left and was only left with an up, up, upper-level upline only committed to preparing themselves to jump ship over to the next up and coming MLM company.

More upline lies became apparent and this made the whole experience become demoralizing.

I, on the other hand, went marching to a beat of a different drummer and joined a program that taught me everything there is to know about building a successful online business.

No need to chase after people to buy your product. The people interested in your product come to you only when they are ready to buy…such a cool feeling.

You can check out what I signed up for, and you can try it out for free by checking out

 My #1 Recommended web hosting site / online university.

Now I feel I should provide a little background on our situation at the time this opportunity was presented to us.

Firstly, I personally think we were at the point of a midlife crisis of sorts. It’s strange, as I heard these stories when I was younger.

How people fall into this trap of not feeling fulfilled even though they have everything they thought they wanted when they were younger.

You may know the type of feeling.

You get through school so you can get that job you always wanted. You get that job (a.k.a “Career”) thing aced, so now you can start concentrating on settling down.

Finding the right partner, get that first home (Mortgage) and there may be children in your scenario, a dog or cat…you get the idea. In our scenario, we had children so about 10 years just went “Poof”.

Ten great years! They went “Poof”, “Gone”, “Adios”  just the same.

 It’s like a dream when you wake up and think…ok, got through all that, now what?

It’s like waking up  on a Saturday morning when you haven’t made any plans, you lie there in bed awake and wonder, “Hmmm, what can I do today?”

That was the moment we were living when we were presented with this Kyani MLM opportunity.

We were caught at a vulnerable time. We were looking for something to do, a change, any type of opportunity to provide a new spark in our life.

We chalk it up to an experience and life lesson.

On the other hand, if we were never presented with the Kyani opportunity I never would have gone online and checked out if Kyani was a scam.

Where I then landed on that page showing me an easier and more fulfilling way of making an income from online in the comfort of my home.

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