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Have you recently been approached by a friend, a family member or a stranger wanting you to join them in an extraordinary opportunity with a company called Kyani or Herbalife?

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Then you are not alone.

Kyani and Herbalife MLMs (Multi Level Marketing) have been around for quite some time and it certainly isn't the first time someone has heard that line.

Please note that I am not a representative for Kyani or Herbalife and the views presented in this blog are my own personal views based on personal experiences. You can learn more about our experience ==>Here

You may be asking yourself:

  • Which one is better? 
  • Is it a scam or a legit business opportunity?
  • Can I really quit my job to receive a long term residual income?
  • Will I get rich just by working hard for a few months then those that signed up under me will do all the work for me?

These are all really good questions and I hope to be able answer them for you.

I won't be explaining products and company visions here.

If you really need more details, you can go straight to their websites (Kyani or Herbalife) and see pages and pages of product descriptions and payment plans.

You probably got the whole presentation already, you may have already signed up  but are having second thoughts. 

Stop and Think

Before we get into to answering those questions lets take a look at how you are feeling when you were first approached about this opportunity.

As with most people today, you are probably at a point where you would like to have a change from  your daily work routine.

You may have a horrible job or maybe even a descent job but the routine is just getting to you and this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time. 

It's people like you, at these vulnerable moments that have kept these businesses going for so long. 

They come to you at a time where you are feeling like you are ready to do anything to get out of that 9 to 5 rut you find yourself.

Again, you are not alone my wife and I were in the same situation when we were approached as well.

The Hook

They will bait you in with the idea that someone just like you can have those shinny cars and boats they have all over in their presentation material. 

You will be told that it is your time to take action, act now before others sign up before you.

That waiting will only put you further behind the line or lower down the down-line.

That nobody got ahead in life just by waiting, it takes action and it takes action NOW!

You start to think, Why not you? 

They give promises that they will help you, get you going and support you through the process.

You can achieve the same wealth as them if you work hard and sign-up "X" amount of people in "X" amount of time. 

They'll have you start writing up a list of people, family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to show you that just by getting those people to sign up you will already reach a Gold or something level in the business and you are so close to getting the car in no time.

First...All you have to do is buy the "Start-Up package" or "Distributor Package" of your choice...then you will be a new entrepreneur.

The Sinker

You soon will realize that you are not buying into a business opportunity.

You are buying their overpriced product.

Then you are selling that product and the same idea of buying into a business to others.

You are essentially becoming a seller of an "idea to be an entrepreneur" and you are only selling that idea if your customers will buy Kyani's or Herbalife's products first.

Now you may not be a very good salesperson at first. 

Don't despair, as the up-line will say it was the same for them or that you just need to work harder. 

Just be sure to keep buying your monthly distributor products to keep your membership active and so that you don't lose out on your commissions. 

Yup, there are suckers like us born every day for these MLMs to continue grabbing people's money.

The Reality

The reality that I've witnessed is that the majority of people that sign on with an MLM like Kyani or Herbalife only stay as active members for 3 to 6 mths.

You will soon find out that long list of people you made didn't pan out. You may have 1 person to agree to sign on only because they will support you no matter what you decide to try.

They too will bow out within few months.

Few will stay on longer and fewer will actually succeed to the point of making an income similar to their hourly wage at work. 

I have yet to hear that a Kyani or Herbalife distributor has made their investment back. 

I'm sure there are some that have and some that have made it high up the up-line ladder.

I question at what personal price?

From what I have seen of those that have made it to the top line of the distributors it appears as thought they needed to sell their soul to get there.

So you must ask yourself, is this what you want to do in order to succeed with Kyani or Herbalife?


I almost forgot to answer those questions I listed that you earlier that you probably had when you landed on this page.

  • Which one is better? Both the same, don't care, I think they are both scams
  • Is it a scam or a legit business opportunity?  They follow rules to maintain their legality but from a personal and a realistic point of view it is a scam
  • Can I really quit my job to receive long term residual income?  Not likely
  • Will I get rich just by working hard for a few months then those that signed up under me will do all the work for me? Not likely, studies show that less than 3% succeed to higher levels, who and how they get there and for how long is unclear. Which to me is suspicious.
Moving On

We have since moved on to doing a whole different business. 

An online business which includes building and managing this website. 

You can learn more by reading my blog on Affiliate Marketing.

Or you can learn more about the online learning platform we used by clicking ==>here.

Have any questions or comments? Be sure to put them down below, we love to hear from our readers.



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