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Making Money Selling Jewelry

makingjewelrybanner copyEvery day I see people selling homemade jewelry online, and like all businesses that involve the creation of something to sell, it comes down to 3 things, but I’ll get to that in a moment. Thousands of people try to make money selling handmade jewelry, but only a few will ever have success.

Ensuring you give it 100% to the following areas will help you reach the success you are looking for when it comes to making jewelry or any other product for that matter. Even though you pay full attention to these 3 areas, remember that with any business it does take hard work and time to succeed.

Ok enough with the parenting chatter, let’s move on.

3 Key Areas To Focus On When Creating Jewelry -Uniqueness, Marketable, and Quality.


jewelrymakingcontent2 copyBeing unique sounds easy, but in reality, many styles are very similar. All jewelry pretty much fall under a limited number of categories, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles and so on.

So how do you make your ring different from all the others, but still similar enough not to stand out like a sore thumb?

That is what makes the art of jewelry making so intriguing. Generally, nobody really knows what will make one sell better than another. Sure you can follow market and color trends to predict what the next “Style” will be. Jewelry seems to fall somewhat within the category of art. You can try and predict what is going to trend as much as you want, but it really comes down to personal taste.

The key then is to have several lines or styles for people to choose from. Providing options increases your chances that people will like one of the styles that you have made. That brings us to our next point.


Now we have flowed into marketing. Having a number of styles will provide your customers with choices or comparisons. Take, for example, if you place 2
different styles of jewelry in front of someone and ask which one they prefer, it is human nature that they will choose one, even if they don’t particularly like either one.  You now triggered your customer in the satisfaction in choosing something, you have gained their interest to compare to others to be sure they are not settling. You keep the one they chose in front of them, then show another style, if you are lucky they will still prefer their first choice. Hopefully, they chose the same one 3 times consecutively as now they almost feel compelled to buy it, even if they came in to buy a toaster. Sorry, my dry humor jumping in there.

Ok, so it’s nice to know one way to entice someone to buy your product. You may ask, “How do I have them know that I have a product to begin with?  It’s not like you have millions to spend on advertising, and if you did, well you would not be thinking of making jewelry, you would be buying it!

No worries, there are many options on how to market your products, many of which can be found right here on our website ==>How Can I Sell Stuff Online?


Jewelrymakingcontent1copy copyQuality is what will keep you in business for the long run. It is all good and fine to have really cool looking jewelry. You may have been successful at having it seen by thousands every day, but if the quality isn’t there, it won’t be long before all those customers spread the word. Those customers will not return, as they have a thousand more options to choose from, and they certainly will not refer their family and friends to you if their jewelry fell apart in a couple of days.

So make sure you take the time to make quality jewelry that can stand the test in time. Taking pride in your art at building jewelry will pay off in the long run.

Things to consider

      1. Skill – If you are considering this type of creation, I would think you already have the ability to build jewelry. Perhaps you have been doing it as a hobby but are now ready to turn your passion into a business. If you haven’t acquired the skill yet but are really interested in starting a jewelry business, then it may be wise to take a course or workshop, at least, to understand the basics, about metals, techniques, tools required and such.
      2. Customers – So if you were one that made jewelry as a hobby, you might already have people that are interested in buying your creations, it may be the reason you decided to start this business idea. You probably had people ask where hey can get such beautiful jewelry, only to find out with amazement that you created and built it all. If that is the case for you, then you are very fortunate as word of mouth is a very powerful and dedicated market where you will get a very high percentage rate of sales.  The other methods would include selling in various markets, such as flea markets, consignment stores and community garage sales to name a few.  You can visit local shops to see if they would feature your creations for a percentage of sales or you may open your shop. I know I would not go with opening my shop due to increased overhead, the time to manage, needing employees and time it would take you away from making jewelry. I tried making jewelry at one time, but my real passion was with woodworking, and as the orders kept coming in I thought of the idea of opening a shop and store. It all just became too complicated and took away the reason I was doing this business in the first place, which was that I enjoyed creating something nice, to make a little extra money and spend time making that money working from home, and not be stuck in a store for the most of the day. My preferred method would be to sell online. You have the option to use an out of the box eCommerce store builder like Shopify, or learn everything there is to know about online business through a site like Wealthy Affiliate.
      3. Permits and licenses – I always suggest checking with your municipality or county office to see what may be the implications of doing the type of business you are thinking of starting. In most cases common sense prevails, but consider where you are living. Would it make sense to open that type of business in your home, what would your neighbors think, will your work make a lot of noise, cause disruption or unsightly mess in the front yard. You don’t want to be “THAT” neighbor.
      4. Taxes – will you need to pay income taxes? Do you need to charge service or sales taxes? These can vary by region and how much profit you make. Check with an accountant or very least your tax preparer.
      5. Insurance – check with your broker whether the equipment or supplies you use may pose an increase in premium. Will you be having people to help, or hiring people? Then think liability insurance.
      6. Space – A plus side to making jewelry is its small size, I can easily see someone living in an apartment being able to do this type of business. Just consider your neighbors again, do your creations need you to pound the metal, then working on your art of creation at 2 AM would not be a good idea.
      7. Equipment -I always love this part! Buying new tools to play with around my shop and home is one of my favorite past-times, just ask my wife, Brenda. Again the advantage with jewelry is the size, and many small tools will do the trick. As with buying jewelry, size doesn’t always mean cheap, there are some pretty expensive pieces of equipment you can get that can cost a pretty penny. One tool that can take you from a newbie to professional status would be to get a vacuum pressure casting machine

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