My Ideas On How To Write a Blog

The other day someone asked me, “Paul, you have a full-time day job, you’re married with two boys involved in extra-curricular activities, where do you find time to write your blogs? I would love to hear your tips on how to write a blog!”

my ideas on how to write a blog

I stood there with a blank look on my face. No response, just plain blank as I pondered awhile on how I should answer that question.

Do I just blurb out the usual thing with a response something like, “I find time here and there and eventually have the time to conjure up a blog or two.” You know one of those answers without much thought to it. Similar to someone asking, “Hey how’s it going?”, where the typical answer would be something like, “Good thanks…How you doing?”

This time I froze and started to really think about it.

think about blogging

Where do I find the time to write my blogs because I’m not one of the fastest writers out there. Then there is  the keyword research, social SEO keywords, checking the spelling and grammar, creating the images, making sure all the links work, publish, fetch with Google and share and discuss the blog through social media.

Now inhale…that was a lot of steps to create and complete a blog.

Although there are so many steps, the content is still the meat and potatoes for a successful website, everything is just extra gravy.

So I start thinking of how and when I start writing my blogs.

I realized that I start most of my blogs when I drop off my boys at some of their extra-curricular activities. As I drive them to their activity, I think about what I am going to write about today. I do have a list subjects based on our past work and home based businesses but sometimes I like to write about something that I am currently experiencing or learning about, including this blog.

So once I’ve dropped them off, I pull out my laptop and tether it with my phone’s wifi hotspot, open my site and start writing. At this point I just start writing, I don’t do any keyword research, I only want to get my ideas down and have content.

So I start writing, writing and writing.

Write Write Write

I have an app that helps me keep my spelling and grammar in check as I write, so my proof-reading is a little easier at the end. The tool is called Grammarly and I’ll be sure to write a blog about that someday as currently, I highly recommend using it.

Most of the activities go to last about an hour, so I have time to pick up a coffee and then start writing, and within that hour I usually have enough time to write a blog that is about 1000 words long. My current goal is to write blogs that are about that length or a bit longer to please the SEO gods.

Once home in the evening, when the kids and wife are in bed I start with all the other steps, the gravy parts I mentioned earlier.

I start by researching keywords and start editing mainly the title, then the first and last paragraphs to optimize keyword placement. I love using the Jaaxy tool for this step. It works like a charm finding the best keyword sentences that do not change the whole meaning of my blog. Well worth the monthly fee for this tool.

Once I get all my words lined up nicely, I start adding my links. Usually, I will highlight or bold words that I know I need to link later. Ensuring that I have my internal links, then having at least, one relevant and substantive link and then last but not least my affiliate links.

I make sure that all my links work, test them all out.

I move on to adding metadata to the all in One SEO package, using  Jaaxy to ensure keywords are there, flows well and  they all look attractive within the search results.

Now one of my favorite steps, as I am a visual person and this step tells me that I am almost ready to publish. Creating visual content, pictures and illustrations relevant to the blog. I must be honest sometimes I just don’t have the time I would like at this step. Most times it is getting late into the night or getting into the early morning hours…full-time day job time is getting closer.

I roll up my sleeves and  hunker down to get my images ready for my blog. I am fortunate that I have access to thousands of royalty graphics from a paid site called Graphicstock. I play around with these images in Photoshop, luckily I’ve played around with Photoshop enough over the years that it is a fairly quick process. The area that usually slows me down is the  creativity part. The options available in Photoshop provide me with virtually endless possibilities. I have found a format that makes this step a little faster, I have created a standard template or look for my site where I just need to plug in some images and writing…Presto, done!how to write blog content

Then there is the matter of getting those images onto my site, uploading, and placing them in an  appealing way takes some tinkering around. Once placed in the
editing view, it all looks good, until you preview it, and everything is skewed, go back and edit, preview again, rinse repeat until finally it is all well aligned.


Time to publish! Yay! Hit publish, view again one more time..dang missed a word here, a capital there, why didn’t I see that earlier, edit again, update. That’s it…I am tired, only a few more hours of sleep available until day job time. Wait I am not done yet, I need to Fetch with Google. I log into Google Search Console and Fetch with Google…searching/loading wheel turns, turns and turns. Come on Google I need to get to bed, finally loaded, then click on the index with Google…ugh eCaptcha check. I check off the “No I’m not a Robot” box, then index this URL.


So that was my  answer to the question,”How do you find the time to write your blogs?”

Needless to say, that person ended up with the blank face look and did not ask me any other questions after that answer. I continue to explain that I learned all about this process through Wealthy Affiliate but that is a story for another blog. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review for more information.

Maybe next time I’lsleep while bloggingl stick to the little bit here and there type of answer for those who have never blogged before. If you are a blogger, you may find this blo
g to be a good snapshot of the process and time required to write a blog.

Oh darn! I forgot to share the blog on all my social media accounts…would you be so kind as to that for me, I’m really tired and need to get some sleep now before I start my full-time day job, appreciate it.

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13 comments on “My Ideas On How To Write a Blog
  1. Denise says:

    I also froze when I saw the question. I am also a very slow writer and sometimes just plain lazy. What I do is I write when something motivating happens to me or someone I know.
    For some reason, when I listen to the radio on my way to work or back, I pick up a few tips on what I will love to write. There is motivation all around us.
    Once I feel like writing and the time is right, I drop everything and do just that.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Denise

      I like the listening to the radio idea. I might try that little trick. Thank you for stopping over.



  2. Mario says:

    This is a great post . I had never heard of grammarly and will be using since I have terrible grammar hence why I think I went the fitness route . Thanks for the input on how you make it all work together . I have a son in many after school activities that i assist in coaching so seeing how you make time really helps and what you use . Thanks

    • Paul says:

      Hey Mario

      Blogging do present some pretty unique challenges. it is good to stop, step back and look at what you are doing sometimes to appreciate to its fullest.

      I love the Grammarly tool! I wrote about my first experiences blogging in my post called “How to start blogging from scratch!”

      Best of Success Mario

      Blog on!


  3. Larry says:

    Great information on starting a blog. I am new to blogging and was wondering how to balance the time it takes to do it. Your site is very informative and it doesn’t seem like you are trying to sell me anything.
    Great video on the home page. What did you use to make it?
    the whole site looks very professional. I bookmarked it so I can come back and get more information.

    • Paul says:

      Welcome to the world of blogging Larry! Thank you for visiting my site and I always appreciate the feedback. I am also somewhat new to this blogging business, now getting into my 6 month and I love it. The opportunities and the challenges are endless.

      I created the video on my homepage using an online site called “Biteable”. I ‘ve only used the free options at this point but I found it very easy to use.

      I hope to see you back soon and visit as much as you like.



  4. Daveking71 says:

    Hi Paul

    Great post! Very informative and I must admit I use jaaxy already for my blogs but hadn’t heard of Grammarly before , it looks very handy so i have added it to my chrome. Very informative site and I have certainly picked up a few pointer being a blogging newbie! thanks paul 🙂


    • Paul says:

      Hi Dave

      I find the Grammarly tool very helpful. I use the paid service that has other features the free version does not provide. It really helped me complete my blogs much faster. My hope is that once I’ve used the tool after awhile I will learn about my errors and no longer need the tool anymore. The other nice thing about Grammarly is that it also provides regular reports including the type of errors I make.



  5. roamy says:

    Hello Paul
    Im new to online and the thought of writing scares me,l always thought if I have a website I will need maybe 2 or 3 articles then I’m done.
    Im not a writer, I do not like writing either, but after reading your post filled with tips how to write a proper blog,I feel ready to give it a try.
    I will have to check out Grammarly too,English is not my language so my spellings and grammar is terrible.
    So, i di not only get tips on how to write, l now know there is a tool to help me with my spelling and grammar mistakes.
    Thanks so much for a very informative post.

    • Paul says:

      Hi no need to be scared. I too am quite new to blogging and it wasn’t something I was actually looking for at the time as you can read about in my other blog called “How To Start Blogging From Scratch!” . The Jaaxy and Grammarly tools have really helped a lot in my speed. You may be surprised at how easy it comes together once you dig in.



  6. ellen says:

    Interesting article. If a person wants to blog they can always find the time, even with a busy schedule. I am familiar with the Jaaxy tool and it is very helpful in getting good search term content into the article. Very useful tool for any blogger to have. Grammarly has helped me out a fair bit. It allows me to get my thoughts down more quickly while it picks up and points out my errors.

  7. Dale says:

    A great post-Paul. I know what it is like to work that other job I have been working twelve hours a day and then trying to fit a few hours in on my website it’s not easy, but it all comes down to time management I guess.

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