One Minute on Social Media – Oxymoron?


time is moneyYou go online, plan to start social media website surfing for a short period, but end up spending hours per day on the following examples of social media websites such as Facebook, G+, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest?

Do you sometimes wonder, do businesses make money using social media?

Then why not become a blogger or an affiliate marketer, do similar online social interaction, accomplish something during that time, help people and get paid for it.

I am always surprised when I talk to people about what I do, and that they should consider doing it too. They will say things like “Oh I’m not a blogger!” or “I couldn’t see myself writing all that content!”  Yet I see them writing paragraphs, reading and resharing information and posting pictures every day on social media sites.

I suggest to them, why don’t you just focus the information you want to share on your website, then you have control of how you share your information. You are not at the mercy of those that manage these social media sites.

I try to explain how some of the largest social media sites like Facebook do not own any of its posted content. That Pinterest or Instagram do not own any of the pictures or videos on their sites.

Yet these sites make millions, scratch that, they make Billions without having to create or post any of the content themselves.

They count on people like you and me to put stuff out there, yet you are at the mercy of their website platform on how all that information is shown and shared.

Think about all the content you placed on their sites over the year.  Likely enough to write your own novel, yet you are not a blogger or a writer.

You don’t want to be paid for that content, it’s a pass time you say.

I feel what you are really saying is “Please give that money to Mark Zuckerberg and Ben Silbermann, theySocial Media Profits need the extra money to retire, I mean how can they survive on just a few million dollars a day.”

Sure it is nice to have a central area to see what family or friends are doing around the world, but don’t be spending all your free time on it.

Focus that energy in something that can help people, bring others knowledge that may benefit humankind and the Earth as a whole.

I can tell you is that I know a whole lot more today than I did 2 months ago, and I am learning new things every day in this new online adventure.

I never expected it to be so emotionally rewarding!

Don’t sell yourself short, you have a combination of experiences that nobody else has. Sharing your experiences and knowledge in a focused and  searchable platform will provide much more satisfaction than a few sporadic shares, likes or thumbs ups!

Again I’m not bashing those that do it, I am guilty of doing the same for sure. The key, I believe, is limiting the time you spend going through all the social media sites.


Write blog content

Now, I focus on writing content for my site first. I created my website to help others believe in themselves. That there are other options than dropping your kids off at the daycare and commuting to work for hours per day.

Just by putting some of your social media time towards your website content every day will provide you many positive outcomes.

Some of you may already write a daily journal, writing a blog is quite similar. You get to write about something you are passionate about. You get to write about things that you have experienced and it will help people.

Remember there are billions of people online every day, chances are you will help somebody, somewhere with your words.

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