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Pros and Cons to Network Marketing

Network marketing vs mlmAs with anything in life you should list the pros and cons before embarking on a new project. Keep in mind that listing the MLM pros and cons is not necessarily to convince whether or not to pursue this new endeavor. It will also serve to remind you down the line that these were part of the benefits and challenges to be  expected. Knowing the barriers you may face down the line will assist you to be prepared to push through. So many people only look at the bright side of things when starting a job or business, and think they will just deal with the negative when it comes. This may pose a difficult challenge when the negative does present itself, as you may not know it is a barrier to get through before it is too late. Then many will quit before getting a good start.

I encourage you to review the pros and cons that I listed below in regards to embarking in an MLM business. Keep in mind your pros and cons list may be different, reflecting your current living situation.

Remember to be honest when making your list, many will subconsciously try and  sell the idea to themselves. It is true, I am guilty of this practice myself. I have avoided listing cons from my  list in the past, only to regret it later  as I then was not prepared for such a barrier.

Pros and cons listclipboard excellent


  1. Home based business
    • expenses, including  % use of your car and % use of home, are tax deductible
    • no need to be commuting / traveling at rush hour /environmentally friendly work practice
    • more time available for family / friends
    • Ability to take care of tasks around the home in between work
    • You can care for your home garden
  2. Low start-up costs compared to a brick and mortar type of new business setup
  3. Entry requirements are equal for anyone willing to make a go of it, no need for degree or special certification
  4. The manufacturing, packaging, and shipping are all managed by the MLM company.
  5. Marketing plan, product documentation, and presentations are already developed by the company
  6. Flexibility-make your own hours / schedule /can run part time
    • ability to easily fit in medical, vehicle or home maintenance appointments
    • if have younger children, may not need to use daycare services – saving money
  7. Meet new people, making new friends
  8. New challenges providing personal growth and development
  9. Independent – be your own boss, you get back what you put into it
  10. Residual or leveraged income. Yes, this is the $$ part! The compensation plans vary from company to company, but generally you earn commission from sales you make and what your downline (your sponsored distributors) make. So as with any business the more you sale, or the more your distributors (sales people) in your downline sale, the more $$$ you make! My wife, Brenda, is currently with an MLM company that has an excellent compensation plan, you can see more about her network marketing story here.


  1. click to buy nowMost MLMs will want you to start marketing /recruiting family, friends, neighbors, dentist, you name it, to get the ball rolling. They call this marketing to your “warm market.”  You are encouraged to get them to buy now, quickly before others sign up before you, don’t be left at the bottom of the downline. This can cause some strain in your relationships. If you are new to the business, this approach is not one that I suggest using for a number of reasons. Think about how you would feel if you do have a family or friend that does sign up to the business but end up losing money. Now understandably it is not your fault they are not succeeding, but I know I would not feel good knowing that they are not succeeding when I am. They may cause friction within your “warm market” circle making statements that the only reason you are succeeding is on the backs of those family / friends you’ve recruited. If you do decide to go with starting with marketing to your warm market, you will need thick skin. If having to approach family and friends to market the MLM company makes you uncomfortable then it may be better to look at other ways to present it or maybe Network Marketing is not right for you. I will post more on that within my site shortly. To receive the latest posts you can subscribe for our free newsletter here. fail and try again
  2. It takes work, time and effort on your part. Remember that being your own boss bit in the “Pros” list, well that can also be considered a con for some.
    If you never worked for yourself, being responsible and ensure you keep getting customers or new distributors can be stressful. Knowing that you can only blame yourself, and not the company or organization you work for can produce a different level of strain on your life. Also as with most people embarking on this type of business, you may be starting this part time, and still working full time. Having to spend so much on the business may increase the strain or guilt within your family, even with yourself. You will need to keep motivated to continue through these hard times.
  3. money down the drainOngoing cost of the product. You feel ok with the initial start-up cost, but then you usually will need to keep purchasing a minimum monthly amount. This is a major part of how MLMs can provide a compensation plan. If you signed up to the MLM company only because of the compensation plan, and not because you like or can use the product, then you may lose motivation to continue long term. Ensure you sign up to an MLM company that you like and can use the product. Ideally should be a product that you currently use now, but can be replaced with the MLM brand. Then you can feel more confident that you made the right decision, and can continue through when sales are poor. You can say to yourself “Hey if I weren’t in this business, I would be buying this stuff anyways, so may as well make a living with it!” Otherwise spending $50, $100, $200 / month on something you don’t use can cause some strain within your household. Been there, done that! Needless to say, we quit that MLM company.

decidingIn Summary

You probably noticed that the Pro list is longer than the con list, and think well this is a “No brainer, I’m in.” When in fact it would only take one CON that can make you realize that an MLM is not right for you. That one CON can be a barrier you are not prepared or willing to go through for the sake of starting a Network Marketing business.

That is OK, don’t lose hope, remember, this site is here to talk about the multitude of home based jobs that are available and profitable in many ways. If MLMs are not for you then you may just find the right one within our website. We are currently working on an eBook with a list ideas that you can start at home to meet various financial situations and expertise.  You can subscribe for our Newsletter to receive notification when this eBook is available.

I too decided that MLMs are not for me.    =====> Click here to see which way I decided to go!

I am so excited to hear what you think of this information, or if you have any questions I would love to hear from you. You can leave it in the comment box below.




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