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Remote Customer Service Jobs

Are you finding yourself commuting hours to a job only to sit at a desk to provide customer services from a computer and phone all day?

Then now is the time to look at doing customer service jobs from home!

Today's technology can now allow you to work from home, from anywhere in the world if all you have to do is communicate to customers by computer and/or phone.

There are  a multitude of companies around the world  that now recruit directly or indirectly to fill customer service remote jobs.

Some companies like Shopify are growing so fast that they are recruiting various positions for remote work as it can be difficult to find local candidates with the skills.

Today, I will list types of customer service jobs you can do from home!

1-Remote Chat Customer Service Agent

If you want to work from home but don't want to have to speak with people over the phone then this job may be for you.

This job is usually geared for those who may live in a busy household or in a home that has noisy distractions not conducive to working on a phone.

Online Chat Customer Service agents can support clients for various services such as tech support, billing questions, selling name it the companies that offer these jobs can be plentiful and challenging. 

Companies like Apple offer a number of customer support opportunities including online chat agents. Depending on your experience and skills you can work in customer support as a chat agent. You can either provide technical, creative or sales support.

2- Customer Support Call Agent

This is one of the more popular positions available but does require you to be setup in a quiet environment and be on the phone for the duration of your work hours. Most of these positions will also incorporate the chat agent role as well.

You will have a higher rate of success in acquiring these positions if you can speak various languages along with experience in customer support, whether face to face or by phone.

A good example of a company offering this type of position is the Institute of Reading Development. They claim you can work a flexible schedule working from home and earn between $500 to $1000  per week. 

3- Remote Virtual Assistant

Similar to a personal assistant like big movie stars or CEOs have running errands and setting up appointments only in this case everything is done virtually.

You are likely never going to meet any of the people you assist. 

You can be assigned various tasks depending on the client's needs. Task can be administrative type like checking and replying to emails to more technical or creative skills.

Most jobs advertised in this field are managed through virtual assistant agencies where you may only do one small task for many clients. 

Compared to those that start their own virtual assistant business where they may only have 1 or 2 clients and perform many tasks for those 1 or 2 customers.

You may also see virtual assistant positions interpreted as being the same type of job as call center or chat agent, who are technically assisting clients virtually.

Beware of scams within this field as many times the schemers will advertise virtual assistant opportunities and state that they will train or provide you with virtual assistant certification. 

Most often than not they will request a fee for training. If it is a legitimate job offer f they want to hire you they will request that you already have specific certification in whatever field they require for the job post or they will provide you with the training if you are considered to be a legitimate candidate to get the job.

4- Home Based Travel Agent

The travel industry has dramatically changed in the past years. Most people book their travel arrangements online. 

There are still many that use travel agents, particularly business travel or personal travel when itineraries and destinations are more complex.

One of the biggest changes is that the travel agents can now work from home.

Something that has not changed is the level of training and certification required to manage various levels of travel arrangements. 

5- Work From Home Technical Support Jobs

Skills and or certification in computer or electronic services may be required for this type of service job. 

You will also need good communication skills to speak to clients on the phone, chat or email. 

Experience and languages will also play a key factor in meeting job qualifications.

Companies like Dell hire at home tech support for client issues within their software department. 

This is only a small list of work from home opportunities in the customer service sector. 

Many of the positions posted for customer service may cross over with needing both online chat and telephone communication skills but there are some that can be separate.

See below for a handy tool powered by "indeed" that may help you find the job that best meets your level of skill and experience.

Jobs from Indeed

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