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Last year I wrote about our experience with creating a retail merchandising business that we ran from home.Guide to Retail Merchandising Jobs

You may not be interested in the steps required to start a business.

We get that!

So here we are today to tell you what it means and how to get retail merchandising employment.

Having that extra responsibility of starting a business can be a burden at some points in our lives, or it may not be convenient to start a business at this time.

Whatever your reasons there are always other options.

The retail business is always growing, and there are always new retail merchandising opportunities available.

We decided to leave the business and are doing something relatively different where we can set our hours and place to work.

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If you haven’t read our blog on how to start a retail merchandiser business yet, then I should start by explaining what it is you would be expected to do.

Retail Merchandiser Job Description

In many cases, the duties resemble that of store stock person.

It is more than having to stock shelves.

The stock person is paid by the store themselves to ensure that the shelves remain full according to a set standard put in place with an agreement between the store and the product company.

The difference with a retail merchandiser is the role to ensure that not only are the shelves well stocked, but also ensure that the right product is on the shelf, with the proper signage, descriptions, and pricing.

Retail Merchandisers are hired by the product companies that are displaying their product in various stores.

The product may have new signs, new prices or new packaging that need to be on the shelves within a set timeline to coordinate with multiple promotion periods. That is a big part of the retail merchandiser’s role when visiting the various stores where the companies product is displayed.

Retail Merchandiser Employers

Most retail merchandising jobs are provided through marketing agencies like Sparinc or Acosta.

A company like Acosta has over 17000 retail merchandisers in stores every day with more than 70000 visits per month. That is a huge demand for human resources.

Some product companies or manufacturers will hire their retail merchandisers. Before we

Before we embarked into our retail merchandising business I worked for a soft drink company called Canada Dry.

Yes, I live in Canada…Eh!

That company would not only deliver the product to the stores but would also have their merchandisers either ride along with or follow the delivery trucks route to stock up the shelves and update the displays according to their current marketing campaign.

Canada Dry soft drinks was a smaller competitor in the soft drink business so they offered this extra service to win over some business by providing a more local and personalized service.

Large companies like may be more inclined to hire large merchandising agencies to do the same job.

Retail Merchandiser Salary

In Canada, the average or median salary is $13-$14 an hour.

Generally, the salary working through an agency is lower as they need to take more to earn a profit for the agency.

If possible it is recommended to work for companies that hire and provide the retail merchandising services directly. Like my example with Canada Dry

Similar to my example with Canada Dry, companies that provide retail merchandising directly tend to pay more in the range of $16 to $17 an hour.

Here is a real example of a current retail merchandising position with an agency:

Merchandiser Job from agency salary

Here is a real example of a current retail merchandising position direct from a company:

Retail Merchandiser Job Company Salary

Where to find Retail Merchandising Employment:

One of my preferred Job Search Site is Indeed

Jobs from Indeed


jobs by Indeed

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