Retail Merchandising Tools

You will need the proper tools if you are planning to move ahead with starting your retail merchandising or visual merchandising.What is needed for retail merchandising tools

Retail merchandising agencies or companies will likely provide you what you need to complete the job.

When working for yourself or an agency that does not provide you with the tools needed when you will need to prepare to set up a point of purchase (POP) or visual window display

As a retail merchandiser, you will be expected to set up a point of purchase displays, visual window displays, or even booths at events.

All these various tasks demand a toolbox that has a number of tools that can complete various tasks yet be light enough to bring from one job to the next on the same day.

Some displays may be lightweight and not require much in the way of tools. This is seen mainly with cardboard POPs. They may take a little practice to open and connect, the same way as putting together office storage boxes. Follow the instructions on the cardboard box and it will go up in no time. Add a little duck tape here and there in hidden areas, and you are good to go!

Follow the instructions on the cardboard box and it will go up in no time. Add a little duck tape here and there in hidden areas, and you are good to go!

The more complex displays of metal and plastic will require a number of different tools.

Here is a list of tools that we brought with us when going to the big box stores every day.

Retail Merchandising Tool List

  • Steel toe boots or shoes ($100)
  • Tape – duct and /or packaging tape ($3.00)
  • Nylon adjustable straps/cable ties, various sizes, and lengths ($10.00)
  • Utility knife and scissors ($10.00)
  • Permanent Markers – various sizes and colors ($5.00)
  • Razor sharp scrapper ( mainly to take off old labels, price stickers) ($5.00)
  • Screwdriver, manual and power with all available bit types and sizes ($50)
  • Flashlight ( you would be surprised how many dark areas I’ve worked in) ($10.00)
  • Adjustable wrenches – my preferred is Vicegrip ($30)
  • All in one toolkit (screwdriver bits, ratchet, sockets, wrenches, Allen wrenches from a reputable brand) ($100)
  • Duster and /or portable rechargeable vacuum ($75)
  • Rags and dusting spray ($10.00)
  • Clipboard, paper, pen, pencil ($ 5.00)
  • Measuring tape ($10.00)
  • Level ($10.00)
  • Smartphone with camera (take pictures of before and after to show the company rep) ($0 to $800)
  • Name Tag with y our companies identification (most stores will also have you sign in and have you attach a vendor’s identification) ($2.00)
  • Trolley (most times we would just use the store’s shopping carts) ($50)
  • Van -ideally a van that is economical on fuel yet have a lot of space to bring advertising materials, displays, and your tools. ($0 to $50, 000)

So there is a quick list of tools you should consider getting to complete your tasks before starting your retail merchandising business.

Here is a convenient link to Amazon to provide you some estimates on how much these tools will cost you.

Tools to Promote Your Retail Merchandising Business

As always you want to promote your own business and always keep an eye for new prospective companies where you can provide your service.

  • Business Cards – yup they still work
  • A website, my #1 choice is Wealthy Affiliate (WA) to help you set up your online part of the business.  I also like WIX but they just don’t have the same support or options as Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. You can read my review on WA here ==> Wealthy Affiliate review
  • Smile and always be courteous to customers and staff in the store…you never know who is watching and may refer you to other companies.

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4 comments on “Retail Merchandising Tools
  1. How To Build A Business Online says:

    That’s a lot of tools. If I bought every item on that list, please give me an idea of total cost?
    How long have you been doing this? I think I’m going to try and stick with an online business as I’m not that much of a handyperson. Would you say this skill helps in the retail business world?
    Thanks for this, very interesting read.

    • Paul says:

      It is hard to say how much it would cost exactly as many people already have many of the tools listed and some are not absolutely required to be a retail merchandiser.

      In general the total cost should not exceed $500, minus the smartphone and vehicle.

      Obviously you will need a vehicle for this line of business but if you lease you can put that lease fee towards a tax expense, or if you bought a vehicle then you can put the payments towards the tax exemption, of if you own a vehicle already then you can claim the depreciation plus all the fuel and maintenance costs of course.

      The same would be for a cellphone, if you do not have one already then you can get one and use the expenses towards your income tax.

      We had our reatil merchandising business for about 7 years. Now we work online and focus on affiliate marketing.

      The experience of being a retail merchandiser certainly did help towards us being better online marketers

      The same can be said that the knowledge and experience acquired through Wealthy Affiliate will certainly help in many marketing businesses other than online.

      Thank you for the questions and I will certainly look at adding the prices for the different tools to help others have an idea of how much it would cost to start a retail or visual merchandising business.



  2. Eddie says:

    I found this pretty interesting. I really didn’t know what retail merchandising was, until I read through the page.

    I like that you include the list of things you take, so if I ever decide to set something up, I can just print this list out and make sure I have everything I need.

    Very good information.

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